Monday, December 12, 2005

Gebran Tueni is murdered

I do not know whether to curse on this entry. It is 4:40 AM. Hani G. sent a message that woke me up. The SMS message read as follows: "Tueni is dead."

A couple of months ago, Hummbumm conveyed to all of us that Gebran was in France because the Syrians made him aware that he was on the top of their list. Hummbumm knew because he is related to Tueni. My condolences, hummbumm. My condolences.

I wonder how Gebran's father feels. I wonder how Marwan Hamade feels. I am numb. I have become numb. It is hard to keep in touch with my emotions after so much killing.

Now Hassan Nasrallah is not the only prominent Lebanese political figure who has sacrificed his son to the "cause" of Lebanon. Ghassan Tueni now shares this honor. Ghassan Tueni will now burry his son.

The Damn Syrians! DAMN SYRIANS!!!! They don't know how to do anything else!


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna throw something out there.Let's see what people think. I was thinking about that bomb planted in Bekaa Valley that was "supposed" to kill a Sr. Hizabollah official. Now, will all these tech. advanced car bombs that have been going off not only in Lebanon, but around the region doesn't it seems coincidence that the bomb went off just as the guys were inside the house? Now, if I was hizbollah and I knew that this was going to happen today to Gebran Tueni, or even in on it. I would plant this bomb so later this week I could say "Hey, they tried to kill us to and missed. No way its Syria. It's probably the Israelis" Just something to think about. It's a strange coincidence. Another thing, I think this needs to be looked past Syria and to Iran. Everyone knows that there are Iranian agents in the South and that the president is totally nuts! Comments?

Anonymous said...

May hs soul rest in peace alongside all Lebanese Martyres.

HE left us with a "Kassam", we shall remember it ...

There might be a sit in tonight in front of either the embassy of Lebanon or Syria...


Raja said...


please keep us all informed. I will post an entry in the blog.

Anonymous said...

When did Ghassan Tueni's son and daughter die, and what was the cause of their death?
May God comfort him and his family, now that he has lost his wife and all three children.
It is terible when we burry our parents but much worse when we burry our children