Saturday, July 22, 2006

Iraqizing Lebanon

As more Lebanese leave the country after the Israeli aggression on Lebanon intensified, we're starting to hear more and more stories from the "inside".

One person who is out of the country now told me that following the shelling that northern Lebanon (mainly Akkar and Tripoli) sustained, groups of religious Sunnis got out their guns from their basements and were getting ready to head south to fight the Israeli Army. The Lebanese Army's Intelligence Force stopped these groups at the last minute.

I did warn in one of my previous posts that "Israel has opened a can of worms (when it bombed the north and killed some 9 soldiers); many parts of Akkar are very conservative Sunni. Why is the IDF messing with a sleeping beast????!!!! Why?"

Moreover, a number of trucks filled with ammunition was sent from Syria by Rafaat Assad's son (President Assad's first cousin) to Jabal Mihsin, a dominantly Alawite area in Tripoli. Again, the Military Intelligence managed to intercept the shipment.

Unfortunately, the Lebanese Army is being targeted by the Israeli Forces, further weakening a Lebanese state institution that is tirelessly trying to put a cap on a boiling pot, which is ready to explode at any minute.

Abu Kais from Beirut to the Beltway wrote that an advisor to the Israeli Defense Minister said that the Sunni Muslim world expects the Israeli Army to fight Shiite fundamentalism and "we are going to deliver." Little does he know that the Israeli offensive on Lebanon might just make of Lebanon another Iraq.

Addendum: Read what Chercheuse D'Or has to say to Israel.

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


shlomi said...

lebanon should fight hizballah they are your enemy !!!

6 years since the israeli army left lebanon. what has lebanon done during this period ? instead of disarm this organization or to control it lebanon has ignored from its actions and now we can see the results.

this terror organization claims day and night that his goal is to destroy israel - in other country this organization was illegal, but in lebanon they are in goverment !!!


if you love your country get rid from hiz' and you will enjoy it more than enybody else.

waiting for peace

Doha said...


for the past 6 years, the Lebanese were not able to face Hizbullah because of Syria. The Syrian military-intelligence apparatus officially left the country last year. so we only had a year to deal with the issue. i'm just amazed at how some people blind themselves intentionally to some truths and only believe their own story line. it's my country that's being destroyed now, and so I think I can claim that I know more.

Tjex said...

I'm sick and tired of hearing people say "You had six years to fix this"


We've had so far one year, and during that year we started to get some work done on solving the HA situation. Prior to that, we were under Syrian control.

Before you start writing your comments shlomi, it would be good to educate yourself on the subject.

'nuff said/


Tjex said...
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Anonymous said...

“Unfortunately, the Lebanese Army is being targeted by the Israeli Forces...”

Unfortunately Lebanese government officials have stated that the Lebanese Army will fight with Hezbollah against Israel. Unfortunately Sunni Lebanese have joined Hezbollah forces fighting against Israel. Unfortunately Iraqi Shiite militia leader al-Sadr wants his thugs to join Hezbollah forces.

Unfortunately, far too many Lebanese can’t figure out what side of the bread the butter is on. Their hatred of Israel is over riding common sense, prompting them to give Syria and Iran exactly what they want, raising Hezbollah to the status of the only legitimate government of Lebanon.

Unfortunately, Lebanese are committing suicide.

God help them, they can't seem to help themselves.

Doha said...


Whatever you're saying is just out of this world. You wrote that "their hatred of Israel is over riding common sense."

Listen man, it's not hatred, and killing civilians is not "overriding common sense." It's not hatred out of the blues. If there is animosity towards a country that occupied us for 22 years and has become less apparent in the past years, then targeting all of Lebanon, in a collective punishment style, does not help make us feel any closer to peace and only makes those with animosity towards Israel more justified.

This is what's killing all the liberal Lebanese. Will we have any place in the country? The whole March 14 movement that called for closer ties with the West and that bet on the West for the success of the Cedar Revolution has been put to shambles now. Why? Well, because the West is watching the country go down to hell in a hand basket. So do you think after all that we the liberals have a say?

Poul said...

> Why is the IDF messing with a sleeping beast????!!!! Why?"

because this "sleeping beast" is helping hezballah. do you remember the lebanese army radar helped hezballah to hit israeli ship?

if they want to grab arms and come to fight israelis, let them. they'll be as dead as dead hizballah terrorists. and lebanon will be all the better fot it.

Poul said...

>>We've had so far one year, and during that year we started to get some work done on solving the HA situation. Prior to that, we were under Syrian control.

ok, you had one year. why didn't you call international help in disarming hezballah? i am sure french, saudis etc. would gladly help.

assuming that israel will jsut sit there as impotent idiot and absorb losses is asisine.

Amon Ra said...

Action provokes reaction in world history and that will be the result of the prolonged and indiscriminate attacks of the last days.

But for some reason, after reading this blog for over one week, i realize why some things will never change... And how could they when human mentality remains always the same.

I dont have anything else to add

Good luck to Lebanese regardles of religious of political position. Two friends have visited Beirut in the past and they had given me the best references. I wish it will be again the same sometime in the future....

Tjex said...

There is no proof that the radar helped HA. For all you know it is an excuse to take out the installations.

Bombing the TV and cell towers, the grain silos, the gas stations, the lighthouse... must I go on? less we not forget all the dead civilians..yeah.. this is how you make friends.

If anything Israel is going polarizing the country and is creating a much more difficult future for itself.

Israel will never be able to disarm HA. Only the Lebanese can. But with the indiscriminate bombing and now land invasion, I'm afraid they are digging themselves a hole.

Tjex said...

Poul you try disarming a fundemantalist group in 1 year without causing a civil war. I know it might be hard for you to understand but this CAN take LONGER than one year to do.

This are never as simple as you might expect them to be.

We don't want war and we certainly don't want HA taking over the country.

Anonymous said...

Doha, I hurt with you. All seems so lost, but there are two paths open. Side with the eventual loser (HA) or with the eventual winner.

What would happen if the majority of the leaders of Lebanese government told the Lebanese Army leaders to join Israel in fighting Hezbollah?

What would happen if they asked Israel to fight alongside the Lebanese Army against these terrorists?

Would this send the message that the Lebanese wanted to rid themselves of the terrorists among them, rather than the current message which is, “We support what Hezbollah has done and is doing.”

Both sides, Lebanese and Israeli have killed innocents, and continue to do so. It is war, the way of war, and it will continue from here. It is maddening, shocking and ugly... but it is unavoidable.

What is avoidable is chosing the wrong side to support.

peace_head said...

tjex, doha:

it's a shameful situation, really, but even without being an expert on the subject of israel, one can understand why israel did not decide to wait for the slow disarmament of HA.

lets assume that you were the israeli PM for a moment. would you entrust a mission of safeguarding your citizens and north border to a lebanese sect, to do so at their own pace, with no guarantees of success, in a country that barely manages to run a fragile democracy with a history of a long and bloody civil war?

worse than that, it seems like no one can deliver this objective. the israeli army cannot truly defeat hezbollah. even if nasrallah is killed and most of its arms removed, it will simply re-emerge with another leader and another armament stock, like a phoenix from the ashes, even more fueled with anger by the last rounds of bombing and crisis.

as for the lebanese people: walid jumblatt said a lot of harsh words against HA lately. but as i think of it, an image comes to mind, of a militant poking Jumblatt in the shoulder with his AK-47 saying "hey, got the army to back that up, buddy?". With no armed forces that can dismantle hezbollah, and with the lebanon army being comprised of quite a lot of Shiia, an order to dismantle HA, if it gets passed by an amazing feat, will do nothing more than instigate another civil war. the army will simply not comply. just like nasrallah orders siniora to negotiate but report to him later. i don't know whether to laugh or cry...

is there any hope for lebanon?

Tjex said...

peace_head, I don't disagree with you. Keep in mind though that the 30% lebanese army will have a hard time turning their arms against HA.

As well, nothing can be resolved through violence. History has taught us that much. The latest example is the IRA. They finaly disarmed not due to force but through negotiations.

There is a way out of this, through negotiations as bombings will only drive the lebanese away from the table and more towards complete and utter hatred of Israel.

MaxZurich said...

Well, by the blogs I read yes, there's hope for Lebanon.
I find more and more bloggers who realize that expecting Israel to die silently while they manage (or not) their internal problems isn't going to help them clean up the mess... Now it may be time for the Israelis to better explain what exactly are they trying to achieve!

3li- said...


It does not seem that you have the spine or willingness to tell those warmongering Israelis who keep talking down to you and ask, nay demand, you to fight your countrymen on their behalf to go f*ck off.

Your half-hearted pleas and flimsy excuses only works to encourage them. How many times have they "bled for" and "felt your pain" while they f*ck your country?

They sense your weakness and smell your injuries, and are ready to pounce on you.

The stench of your collaboration is nauseating "you nice Israelis did not give us time to get rid of is just not fair...Please stop f*cking us."

Why don't you tell them that the Hizb's arms is our problem and we refuse to let another country invade us and detroy us to solve our internal problems?

I am sick of you, and refuse to let you speak for us. Have enough dignity, and stop acting like a dumb ass...

Ariya said...

Too bad "Military Intelligence" couldn't do a damn thing about Hezbullah. Is it becasue of ability or will (lack of)? I think deep down we all know the answer.

tjex... you cannot compare the IRA to Hezbullah. Other than the fact that they are both terrorist organizations, their motivations are quite different. To the extreme.

peace_head said...


why should nasrallah bother to discuss disarmament with anyone when he's the guy with the guns and the funds from iran?
i don't think any amount of negotiations will disarm him.
and HA could probably defeat the lebanese army by itself even if the implausible happened and the army would turn as one against HA.

and why should israel negotiate with a party that cannot give guarantees, and even if it wanted to, it wouldn't have the power to back them up? israel is as entraped as the government of lebanon.

Haustat1 said...

If this Israeli garbage talk were not so outrageous, it would be utterly laughable! As a Sunni Muslim myself, I can tell you that Israel's barbarism against Lebanon will rally Sunnis to the side of their heroic Shi'a brothers and sisters like never before!! Personally, I believe that 1 Shi'a Muslim in southern Lebanon is worth more than 1 MILLION Sunni Muslims in Lebanon itself! Personally, I think my "fellow Sunnis" in Lebanon are worthless, beginning with the Zionist-US puppets named Sa'ad Hariri and Fouad Siniora. They are garbage. God bless the heroic, courageous and brave Shi'a Muslims of southern Lebanon. We all admire you and are with you against the enemies of Islam FOREVER!!

mikealpha said...

"Meanwhile Hezbollah and its allies both in the region and in the West are and will be waging the mother of all propaganda wars. The task assigned to the propagandists is to stop military operations so that Hezbollah survives , international interventions fails and the Lebanese Government collapses. A war of images, photos, mudding, internet, and media will explode in all directions. Operatives helping Hezbollah, including many with Christian names, will be waging an indiscriminate propaganda offensive against Lebanese, Arab, Western and obviously Israeli figures to spread confusion and psychological collapse in the international community. Objective: Obstruct the implementation of UNSCR 1559, trash the March 14 movement, criticize the Arab Government, and incite for Jihadi violence." Walid Phares on

Doha said...


i am offended by what you just said to me. why don't you start your own blog? i think it would be a great idea. i usually don't like to insult people, that's why i appear "spineless" and a "dumb ass" to you. you're just right now exposing our dirty laundry to others. 3an jad 7aram!

Doha said...


What a stupid idea: to call for the Lebanese Army to fight alongside the Israeli Army to rid us of Hizbullah? Are you serious?

Hizbullah is a Lebanese party; how many times we need to repeat the same thing. It is made up of Lebanese poeple. And so when the Israelis attack us, you think we'll turn against Hizbullah, ie, other Lebanese? This would be civil war.

Truely, some people who comment here should just read and learn and perhaps then venture out and start commenting!

peace_head said...


it doesn't take a genius to see that HA's arms are becoming israel's problem, with the arms pointed against them, and with the lack of an even remotely viable option of disarming them, in the near or forseeable future.

simply put, it's a problem israel believes no one else can solve.

you tell me - even in your best dreams - who will solve it, how, and what guarantees would it provide.

lebanese army? okay, lets pretend that a miracle happens and siniora manages to pass a decree to mobilize the army. and then lets pretend another miracle happens and the shiaa members of the army do not split to aid HA. even so, the lebanese army would be easily defeated by the HA militia with one hand tied in the back.

israel? aside from the fact that you don't want it to, there's no chance on earth israel can do it, even if you wanted it to. as simple as that. israel's been trying to do that since, what, 1982?

foreign intervention force? name one neutral or supposedly neutral nation that would be willing to get into this mud, be powerful enough to disarm HA, remembering that the world's strongest super-power failed and has bitter scars from their stay in lebanon.

right. HA is here to stay, israel is here to stay, lebanon is here to stay, and civilians, as always, are here to be cannon fodder.

i better go to bed. i'm tired and sad just thinking about it.

Doha said...

"The stench of your collaboration is nauseating."

Ghada, this is exactly why fellow Arabs are sickening to me. And this is why you should find another blog "yfishillik khil'ek", because you won't find it here. I didn't invite the Israelis to comment here but if they do, then what am I supposed to do? Sit and comment on every single comment that is written on this blog? I just ignore. Bas wallah, your insults cannot be ignored. They anger me, because you know what? I don't want to speak for you, nor for anyone. Can I speak for myself? Do I have the right to?

Seriously, please don't come back here! Go throw up somewhere else!

I'm not "collaborating" with anyone. I'm just writing my "FREE" mind!

Doha said...


Can we for once try to solve OUR problem? Can you stop thinking for us? Can people just leave Lebanon alone?

Jay said...


you are a wise person, being a free thinking intelictual does not make you a traitor, it makes a value member of the human race. this blog has been good for many people and you have made some wise comments that have helped understand many issues I have had problems with,

Amon Ra said...


Peace be with you and your fellow Lebanese.

The fact that many not directly- interested people participate in this blog is the proof you have done a great job and the discussion enabled many issues to be clarified.

Of course i understand your anger and i do not suggest (like anybody else) that i help by expressing my thoughts... We are strangers but some of us are quite scared.

Tjex said...

Israel wants to show that this has nothing to do with the Lebanese?

Then once this mess is over, I would like to see Israel be the FIRST to offer assistance (monitary or otherwise) via the UN (or other neutral party) to rebuild all the damage that was done.

If they don't HA will do it with all the money they get from Iran!! It will even further strengthen their grip on the Lebanese population.

So lets see how Israel likes to help pro-democratic governments now that they've managed to almost destroy it.

As for my IRA comment I don't see how it doesn't apply. Force didn't make them disarm, dialogue did.

Shmulik said...

The IRA was a irish movement period, with no other agenda and almost no support from other nations. Hizbollah is lebanese but also has pan-islamic aspirations and wants to destroy (or help destroying another country. I don't recall the IRA saying England doesn't have a right to exist. I think a better comparisom is the Muhjahedeen. They were resistance-fighters in Afganisthan against the soviets but than exported their war to Iraq, former Yugoslavia and ultimately the entire world. That's exactly why they can't be disarmed peacefully by the lebanese government (or any other power).

Unknown said...

As an American, I am greatly saddened by the destruction suffered by the Lebanese civilian population. Like civilians all over the world, all these people want is to feed and educate their children, be gainfully employed, and live happy lives. But as is often the case when such violence erupts, the needs of the people have been hijacked by fanatical zealots, and it is the people--not the zealots--who suffer.

Even though the Lebanese people are suffering, the Arab world must accept that this suffering is caused by the continued tolerance by Muslims of the radicals amongst them. To blame Israelis for this pain is to attack the symptom, not the cause, of the destruction. Israel has attacked Lebanon because of the presence of Hezbollah. I accept the argument that Lebanon has its hands tied when it comes to eliminating Hezbollah because of Syria. But this merely shifts the source of blame from Lebanon to Syria. Does Syria not care about the consequences Lebanon suffers because of its support of Hezbollah? It obviously does not. But it must. What will force Syria to change its mind? Perhaps this destruction and devastation will. And that is exactly what Israel is attempting to do. When thought of in these terms, Israel's offensive does not seem so senseless after all.

3li- said...


First-My name is not Ghada. I am not a woman.

I am also sorry for my hurtful words. Although, "this is exactly why fellow Arabs are sickening to me," is objectionable as well and is not necessary, and is on par with my own immaturity.

I have my objections to your opinions. I was however also greatly distressed to see that the Israeli warmongers amongst the posters will pounce on you for the perceived ambivalence on your part.

I was only making the point that the issue of the Hizb is an internal issue. And no country on earth has the right to destroy us and pretend to want to save us, not when this very country is one of the biggest violators of human rights and international law on earth. They cannot preach to us civility when they, as we speak even, are slaying the defenseless and the weak in Gaza. It is simply abhorrent.

Again, I apologize for my words and my tone. I had no right to accuse you as I did, and you have every right to shoot back as you did.

fern said...

I just found this blog thanks to a post on The Well.

I'm an American of Jewish descent and I can't believe the stupidity of the Israeli government and army. What you wrote is how I've been feeling. Israel says they want the Lebanese army to occupy the border area as they bomb the army, destroy the infrastructure that would be needed to make that possible and, above all, make all Lebanese their enemy.

My God grant that some sanity returns to the region before we see even more horrible things happen.

May God grant that all of you in the middle stay safe.

blogagog said...

I'm an American not of jewish descent and I can't believe the brilliance of the Israeli government and army. What you wrote is not how I've been feeling. Israel says they want the Lebanese army to occupy the border area and take back their country from the Hezbollah terrorists, and some people think that this is a bad thing.

My God grant that some sanity returns to the region and Hezbollah is utterly destroyed before we see even more horrible things happen.

May God grant that all of you in the middle stay safe.

blogagog said...

Let's be honest here. All of the hellish problems that are currently falling on Lebanon's head are the responsibility of Hezbollah. Lebanese people have done nothing but suffer for 31 years or so, and it's time to let them live in peace and find prosperity!

The only way to do that is to remove Iran's Hezbollah. Otherwise you will always have an aggressive problem with Israel, and even more people will die than are dying now. Israel wants to be left alone. Lebanon wants to be left alone. Iran wants a war, and pays Hezbollah to make one. End Hezbollah, and peace ensues. Allow it to continue to exist politically or militarily, and both sides will get more of the same (ie lot's of dead people).

Hezbollah. Gone. The only solution.

Haustat1 said...

I was just thinking about the foremost Sunni Muslim Cleric, or Mufti, in Lebanon. His name is Mohammad Qabbani. He hasn't been seen or heard from lately, so I was preparing to add him to my "Silence" list of wretched filth that I call the Zionist-Crusader's "fifth column" in the Arab World. I am a "Sunni" Muslim who is more than delighted to heap scorn on any Muslim leader, Sunni or Shi'a, who is in bed with America and Israel as they both launch their joint war of extermination against the Muslim World. Fortunately, I just read an article in the Daily Star indicating that Qabbani has joined other Muslim leaders in Lebanon in vociferously condemning the heinous, monstrous, savage and barbaric cauldron of destruction and genocide in the Middle East known as Israel. Now all Qabbani must do is openly condemn and dissociate his followers from the other barbaric enemy of Lebanon 10,000 miles to the west. That "other" enemy is currently rushing weapons - tanks, planes, missiles, cluster bombs and more - over to Israel to help it slaughter the Lebanese people and turn Lebanon into complete rubble. We all know who that "other" barbaric enemy of Lebanon is.

Lirun said...

WOOOOOHOOO a peace rally in israel already waiving cedar flags.. i had no idea.. or else i would have been there.. god bless my countrymen with a conscience..

must stop reffering this as a war.. its giving everyone an excuse to draw it out..

come on peace - come through baby.. waiting for you


blogagog said...

But lirun, your countrymen with an actual conscience are working very hard to make sure there is peace on the Israel/Lebanon border forever!

Is your 'peace now' goal just to have peace for a couple of years? That is not enough. Peace forever! A quick end to Hezbollah (which requires all nations to denounce them) is the only answer. So go to your peace rally, but remember to chant "The End of Hezbollah!"

Itai said...

Nobody expects you to join forces with Isreal.
Nobody expects you to like Israel.
Do it for your own sake.
Do it for your country.
Do it because a soveriegn state has ONE army.
Do it because it's your right to live in a functioning democracy.

Lirun said...

blogagog.. i think you're confusing me for someone you know/own/manage.. i'm quite certain you dont have any authority over me.. and ill chant what i like and attend what i like.. you can save your approvals for those who know you and are subject to your authority.. i for one am not.. you can decide for yourself and ill decide for me.. i am very envious that you have possession of a chrystal ball and can tell how the future will be and what the chain of causation is to achieve peace.. thats great.. almost as great as your arrogance..

my posted comments are varied.. in some i explain the sources of complexity of our situations.. in some i justify our actions and in others i express my sadness.. in none of them do i ask for your consent..

take care and good luck

wishing peace to our region as a matter of urgency


1earth said...

Doha is starting to sound like Baghdad Bob. Is she on Hezbollah's payroll?

Lebanese aggression is what woke the sleeping Israeli beast. Israel is bombing all over Lebanon so the Lebanese from the north have a harder time fighting against Israel as Doha proved all Lebanese want to. LB towers get bombed because Israel can't distinguish between Hezbollah's television towers and anyone else's towers. All of Lebanon will pay a heavy price for using Hezbollah in Lebanon's proxy war against Israel.

peace_head said...


if israel had any hopes that the people of lebanon would solve the situation, it would probably act differently. but right now, it just doesn't look like anyone can solve it. if one says "i'll solve it!", they'd needs to show willingness (something quite hard for lebanon to do), capability (something even harder for lebanon to show at its present state) and give guarantees (something impossible for lebanon to do).

otherwise, it's just a lot of wishful talking in a country full of arms. i used to feel encouraged at the vigilance demonstrated by peace lovers of both sides, but now it just depresses me even more, to seem with their hands tied.

the next time someone says "it's our problem", he's gotta show his solution. that's for both israel and lebanon. and both of them don't have an answer, i'm afraid. all the cards lie with nasrallah, iran and the USA.

1earth said...

Doha is getting stupider by the day or playing dumb. The Lebanese Army was attacked as punishment for the Lebanese army helping HB attack the Israeli ship. Then the Lebanese Army said it was going to attack Israel. But Doha's crying when the Israeli army responds to that threat? The Israelis are giving the Lebanese army a reason to just stay down and do nothing, which is what the LA always does.

Lebanese are stupid. They want prosperity which comes from peace, but they also want their ego boosting national pride they feel when their shiites army raids Israel. Dumb Arab pricks then bitch about the consquences of Lebanese aggression. Newsflash Lebanon: You shouldn't have started a war you can't win.

BaHaar said...

and does Isreal or US Care as long as out come will be muslim killing muslim or arab killing arab ? for sure not ! they done mind to make every part of middle east another Iraq .
does the bloodshead in iraq take the lives of arab-muslim citizens or US troops ? of cours 99% of casualty are normal citizens.
Isreal wishs lebanon or any other part become Iraq . I hope not.

1earth said...

Bahaar actually peace is in the interest of the USA. It means cheaper oil. Other than that nobody cares about Arabs one way or another. If the USA or Israel didn't exist you would still be killing each other over something. Nobody cares if you live or die. Arabs don't make that much of a difference on the world. No great Arab inventions or science in the last 500 years, very little great Arab literature in last 500 years, nothing worth caring about Arabs for. Just stop your terrorism against the West.

iHABnz said...

Guys? Have you ever heard this said " Most people are so ungrateful to be alive " nice one isn't it? well! guys I don't know but I feel this said works on you, you're so ungrateful to be a live, Hizzuallah has free part of your country & now you're against them!! How string you are? I just can't imagine how ungrateful you are! Hizzuallah is part of your Government...

Shame on us! Wake up world!!

BaHaar said...

for all the pro-isreal`s who write or say " peace" :
will ever ur goverment able to rais a debate whithin it for PEACE with another country if the other country Bombard u harshly and killed hundredes maybe thousands of isrealies and destroy isreal to the last tree on it ?? will Isreal accept peace with that country ?
then how u expect that any goverment in lebanon after this "OPEN WAR " will be able to tackle the nation in to a stayble peace ?!

its easy to keep say and write " PEACE" when u r in the safe side of ship

Joe41 said...

There are close to 40% of Christians in Lebanon that are, along with the innocent Muslim groups, getting killed and their livelihood interrupted by destroying the infrastructure of Lebanon and causing billions of dollars in damages. How is this a solution?

The Israeli response is not limited to those that committed the first act (Hezbollah) and is helping those that are behind it (Syria and Iran). They are applying collective punishment, including the innocent. In the process, the instigators, Syria and Iran, are profiting from the misery applied on the Lebanese. There were close to two million tourists in Lebanon and most of them now are in Syrian hotels and the country is in ruin. The world was close on acting against Iran nuclear ambition and now the attention is dissipated by the disproportionate action in Lebanon and by not limiting the response to those that triggered the event.

To see the destruction of Lebanon, go here

Warning, graphic

1earth said...

Joe41 Where are the HB military bases? Where are their officially designated weapons caches? There are none. HB uses the civilian infrastructure. HB's soldiers don't wear uniforms, their weapons are hidden in peoples homes in villages.

So by destroying Lebanon Israel is responding to Lebanese aggression. It's that simple. Every Lebanese villager killed is one less HB fighter, every house destroyed is one less HB fortification or rocket storehouse. F Syria and Iran, you Arabs always refuse to take responsibility for your actions. In the end it comes down to the fact Lebanon is 30%-40% Shiite and HB is comprised of Lebanese that need to pay the price for their aggression against Israel.

And STFU about your proportionate responses. Proportionate responses lead to stalemates. If a dog in a pack of strays bites you do you just bite the dog back? No you destroy the whole pack. Lebanon must be destroyed before it is allowed to live and attack Israel again.

BaHaar said...

I have a quastion and will be greatfull if some of these pro-isreal visitors answer it.
let us presume that HA will be destroy to the last person . let us presume that peace in lebanan-isreal will be achive on Isreal terms. then what?
will isreal and US accept a Strong Lebanies army , in the border and over lebanon ? will they give lebanon F-16 and long distance Missiles ? will they support and help lebanon to bulid up an strong army ? or they just want some lebanies with " Ceder" on the borders AS army ?
is it only the right of Isreal to have a strong army ? or u support ur niebours who are in peace with u to have strong army as well? I Wonder !

Shmulik said...

If peace was achived I think Israel will have no problem that Lebanon will have an army that befits the size of the nation )if you build cruise missils and nukes it would look a bit suspicious. As long as peace will reign the the less we care what you do. More ever I think (although I am not sure) that a Siryan invasion of Lebanon will be met with deadly force by Israel and/or the US especially if asked to help.

anothervoice66 said...

It's time to put a stop to all this, sooner the better.
The suffering of the Lebanese people is far surpassing the damage to HA. I don't see how this is helping us Israelies in any way. I do not care who's right and who's wrong, soon it won't matter at all. I am not willing to pay with more of my soldiers blood for this, nor can I sit and watch anymore what is happenning to the Lebanese people.
Not to mention that everyday that passes they are turning more and more against, and that is so damaging in the long run...why are we giving HA that joy?
Time to step back, and let the international community to intervine, ASAP!!! before it is realy too late!

yuri said...

The war is war of US and Israel against Iran and Syria. Lebanon is only battlefield, cheap to rent. Sorry.

Lirun said...

voices of reason finally..

peace is the only way forward..


shlomi said...

israel wants that lebanon's army will be strong enough to stop terror . we have peace with egypt and jordan and so we can have with you but you must control those organizations who wants to destroy us.

israel has strong army because there are so many radicals in the arab world who wants to destroy it .

u dont need such an army but u must be strong enough to confront the his'

Lirun said...

Has anyone seen this?

funded by my taxes or brave woman?


you decide for yourself..

i just want peace..


sara said...


BaHaar said...


niether jorand nor Egypt have armies,If someday isreal decide that they need to destroy " ekhvan moslemin" in egypt ( for instant ) they can easily destroy Egypt to the last stone.
so what u suggest is that all your niegbors need that amount army to garantee only Isreal peace they dont need more in case Isreal decide to attack them. they army is legiment as long as they keep Isreal safe from his enemy . which OF cours are Radical muslims !
who will garantee the peace for other counries againes Radical Jews ? (which plenty of them exist)

Shmulik said...

you are misinformed. The egyptian army is very strong, very large and uses American F-16s and M1A1 Abrhams tanks.

Tjex said...

Couldn't have said it better:

Ariya said...

lirun, you keep repeating "peace is the only way forward.."

Do you think Hezbullah will listen to you? Do you know what their idea of "peace" is? A world without Jews. Is that acceptable to you? Is that acceptable to anyone here?



I'm curious... how about everyone give an answer?

BaHaar said...


yes then,I agree,I misinformed.
However i still would like to see every other country in middle east have military forces equal to Isreal and every other country have so called "have the right to defend his self" as Isreal does.
when equality of military Exist we will see no more bloodshead and wars. there will be only political solutions ,compromiseing and negotiations.

shlomi said...

dear bahaar
if lebanon will have the power to control hiz' u will be the first one to enjoy it .
the hiz' is a bigger problem to lebanon than to israel.

to evry israeli attack in the history there were always previous provocation from a country or a terror organization

about the radical jew :


and israel had never said that our goal is to terminate other country

we only want to live in peace with our neighbours without afraid that terror organizations will attack us

MaxZurich said...

Only for those who want to think …who admit that while any war is terrible, solving terrible problems requires to put passion aside, rationalize and be brave… Hopefully those who like to use inflammatory rhetoric will stay at home… Yes, I know, it’s usually the other way around…

The facts are:
The war started after HA sent rockets to civilian areas in Israel, entered into the internationally recognized area of Israel, killed Israeli soldiers and abducted Israeli soldiers, in this order.

The Lebanese knew about the massive arms being shipped to HA and did nothing to stop it, or the HA’s use of them against Israeli civilians over the years.

The HA is a private army of a legitimate Lebanese party, probably stronger today than the Lebanese army. I’ll take is as a fact that it’s been funded by countries outside Lebanon, Syria and Iran, thus hijacking Lebanon’s sovereignty.

By all views, Israel has the right to defend itself. It would also make sense for it to defend itself such that this won’t happen again.

Given the number of Israeli bombings I find the number of Lebanese casualties (terrible by itself when referring to non-HA people) an indication that Israel is rather careful not to hurt civilians. Of course, in a war – especially with terrorists who intentionally mingle with civilians – you can’t guarantee that civilians won’t be hurt. Rhetoric will only add to their numbers...

So the only questions are whether Israel is following the right road to achieve its goals, especially given the possibility that Lebanon can’t rid itself from HA and that Israel can’t do it on its own, simply by military means, and whether the Lebanese are working towards a credible new situation.

I do believe that if all parties – and there’re many even without counting far-away interests – agreed to reason and rationalize based on these facts, instead of listening to blood-thirsty fringes from both sides, the first real step towards a credible solution will have been made.

So far I read about the Israeli demands for cease fire, demands that would guarantee Israel’s security without hurting the Lebanese’s; I haven’t read anything like that in any of the Lebanese blogs…

To be further honest, I don’t expect anyone in Lebanon to go out to the streets now for anything that may be seen as an understanding of Israel: this simply doesn’t happen in time of pressure. I think that the Israelis are lucky to have a parliament with Arab representatives who keep them thinking by always voicing the other side’s view: pluralism is strength as long as it doesn’t degrade into anarchy.

BaHaar said...


I refer u to a comment left perviously here by:"1earch"said...
peace is in the interest of the USA. It means cheaper oil. Other than that nobody cares about Arabs one way or another.Nobody cares if you live or die. Arabs don't make that much of a difference on the world. No great Arab inventions or science in the last 500 years, very little great Arab literature in last 500 years, nothing worth caring about Arabs for. Just stop your terrorism against the West.

Now u tell me.. doesnt it sound like Peace from isreal perspective means World with no arab/muslims?

unfortunatly Jews still living ww2 post drama and phobia of being athnic cleansy !

BaHaar said...


ISreal DO NOT NEED TO SEND THEIER KIDS . they let thier kids write over thier bombs and send thier pilot to Kill others by that bombs .
not to kill 1 or 2 or 3 not 10 or 20 .. 350 of them and more

PS 1: I try to stop myself to get emotinal or debate here, im afrade " Doha"( the blog owner) get upset .
PS2 : tanks doha for giving all of us a space to write
PS3 : im not arab ( living in arab country though)

Shmulik said...

1) The military reality in the middle-east is not as unbalanced as you might think, altough Israel is probably stronger than any other country in the region, together the arabs+Iran might overpower Israel.
2) About WWII phobia. Let's imagine that Iran/Hizbolah/ any jihadist group conquers Israel. Do you honestly think the treatment I'll get is better than the one my family has recieved from the nazis??

dunes said...

Ariya: dont expect lirun to give you a stright answer as he is a patronizing small minded cowerd left wing man who cannot see past his fears. as i am sure he was in the demonstration last night in tel aviv i can tell you
that a stirght answer you wont get , but you will get mindless chatter about peace and moral values which im sure he doesnt know anything about.

Red Domino said...

To shlomi.

What you fail to understand that lebanon will not have the power to control hizbullah as long as our country keeps bombing out their cities and viliages, if they do try it, while lebanon is under attack, they will probably be marked as traitors.

When we aim and attack civilians, even on places where hizbullah never had a support base before, we are becoming no better then Hizbullah, which is claimed to be a terrorist cell, which might be true, but what the air force imposed is state terroism of it's worst kinds.

Please do not bother with denial and spreading out cheap prodagenda - the entire aim of the operation was to target the civilians so they will create pressure on the government and Hizbullah.

It's not that most israelis support killing the innocent - many are just brainwashed by the mainstream media to believe we are "moral and just",just like you, Ron and Shlomi, but a growing number of us resist the war, at least the way it is conducted:,7340,L-3279792,00.html

Shmulik said...

Red domino
I am sure you can make an everlasting peace agreement with the hizballah. Please, save the day, go to Beirut and i am sure your vast diplomatic talents will show the light of pacifism to nasarallah. BTW you might check your life-insurance before you do that. BTW 350 civilains and militants dead (as painful as it is) is very very low for the kind of air campeign going on and I'll be happy to site examples.

Lirun said...

I am not seeking to make peace with the HA.. i am seeking to make it in spite of the HA and inspite of the bad people on either side of the border who are fearful (yes they are afraid) of the uncertainty involved in peace.. this is such a crazy paradox that some people are more afraid of peace than they are of war.. surely anyone who is in control of their intellectual faculties can accept the unequivocal anomaly inherent in such a sentiment.. hehe (sorry i actually find this insanity amusing - people on both sides are actually afraid of peace)

i know very well the values of which i speak.. my good friends who include many jews.. arabs.. muslims.. christians.. hindus.. buddhists.. atheists of all races etc all know and live by these values and i am blessed by peace with them too.. i refuse to subscribe to the hatred you taunt..

i wasnt at the demonstration last night because i didnt know it was on.. but i am proud of the people in my midst how have the courage to not hide behind a website and against a lot of public opinion state their minds in the streets for everyone to criticise.. these are not people of fear.. these are heros.. just as the people behind the cedar revolution were heros and champions of peace.. i salute all of you..

dunes.. your discussion of left and right is irrelevant.. israeli left and right has nothing to do with international left and right.. if your broaden your horizons slightly you might find this out.. our left is riddled with intellectual snobbery while our right includes a lot of people who would hate a traditional right wing economic policy to take effect..

furthermore.. my nickname is my name - and you can learn all about me in my profile.. i am not a coward hiding behind some cryptic nickname that describes only a non-commital lump of sand and dust.. on the contrary.. i am brave enough to speak my own mind even though i know i wont win popularity.. and i have set up my own blog to do so..

there are many ways to promote peace.. not all of them will always coincide with putting down your weapons immediately.. but it sure is easy to spot those who have no interest in it whatsoever.. because they seek to create conflict where it may well not exist..

i exercise my right as member of this region and as citizen of the state of israel to express my desire for peace.. whether you like it or not..

and i repeat..

i wish the region a comprehensive peaceful arrangement that allows all to live together as peaceful neighbours..


regevn said...

yuri said...

To BaHaar
..they let thier kids write over thier bombs and send thier pilot to Kill others by that bombs .

The story of writings:

Putting things in perspective

dunes said...

lirun : for once i agree with you "there are many ways to promote peace.."
some of theme maybee not what you had in mind .
as i supported and still support the pullout of gaza strip im well aware of the situation in hand
and i do know that the time for talk has ended and well in war people do get hurt unfortunently
and as for your remark of hiding - the name i cary Dunes is and have been my nick on line for 14 years . i donot hide
behind it , and dont even assume for one second that you can assume anything by it.
and as for the left wing right wing disscusion - its not my goal but rather a way deomonstrate a point
in which you have fallen in - you call me to "broaden your horizons" - perhaps but dont be a fool to think that
you are right , as in real life its not a question of black and white. its a question of the path you choose .
and right now the path choosen by both sides is war , and if you have nothing but accusation to israel , i suggest you check your ways . and if you have something usefull to add then say it but dont stand idly by and shout hollow suggestions.
best regards.

Red Domino said...

To shmulik:

I do not believe one can achieve a peace agreement with Hizbullah and it's extreme leadership, but since we do hold the government of lebanon accountable for Hizbullah actions, and rightfully so, it makes perfect sense to me that before waging such a war, which is destructive for both lebanon and israel, in terms of life and economic cost, we should have attempted to solve the crisis by diplomacy.

I believe that by offering the government of lebanon the release of prisoners and retreat from the Shabba farms, would have allowed them to create consensus to secure the southern border, and eventually disarm Hizbullah.

It seems like an acceptable offer, and if the government of lebanon would have refused(which i doubt the would), one could resort to use of military force.

In any case, since the air force has weapons which are much more reliable then Hizbullah, i would have expected that the number of dead civilians will be much lower. regardless, the war should have never target anyware beyond Hizbullah base of operations. clearly, following this rule could have reduced the number of dead greatly.

lebanese prisoners and retreat from Shabba farms

SadLebaneseGirl said...

To ariya
you are so very wrong and misinformed, hisbolla does not want a world without jews, he wants palestine without jews, as ultra-orthodox jews want palestine without palestinians, but majority of israelis know it can't was hitler who wanted a world without jews, and europeen collaborated in deporting jews to concentration camps, not hizbolla.

Lirun said...


a. you dont make the rules

b. you dont control other people's opinions

c. do you come here to listen or only to speak

i wont be responding to anymore of your posts - waste of time

seeker said...

Dunes and all Israeli war supportes,
"in war people do get hurt unfortunently" So what reasoning you have for this war to justify all this death and destruction, do not wave with an axiom that both sides wanted war, Justify why you think this is the only solution.
I am an Israeli and The Lebanese side calling for the end of war is much much more convincing. This is lunatic what we are doing and it leads noware except more violence.

Farthermore, many are so tired right now and start blaming each other this leads to antagonism and dead end, and to exactly the opposite outcome than what you wished (Unles s war and destruction is what you need).

"BTW 350 civilains and militants dead (as painful as it is) is very very low for the kind of air campeign going on and I'll be happy to site examples."

I usually like your reasoning, but this time you try to tell this to a family that lost a member (Even one is too much if it can be avoided)

All Lebanese
"HA is an internal problem"
An internal problem that launches mortar on neighboring contries does not stay internal for a long time.

All pro Israel actions
Sounding Critiques on the Lebanese actions (Disarming HA) is unfair, patronizing and again creates antagonism, Especially in these god forsaken times where they are being systematically bombed and after being oppressed for so long and achieving so much in so little time and it is all GONE NOW without any assurance that it will ever come back. I for one am convinced (I read a lot since the beginning of all this) that they were quite busy and acheived quite some tasks that we didn't in our violent approach.

To all justifiers of any sort
You can fight for your reasoning and die for your reasoning but it does not solve the problem, Let's concentrate on what solve the problem and not about being right.

The number of protestors against the war (In Israel) has increased by more than 500% in 3 days, and still I don't see any pro-wat that can explain why this is the best appraoch without reiterating that it's Israeli right and HA is a threat.
I hope it ends soon
Peace and tolerance.
Keep safe

Shmulik said...

Red domino
1) The Hizballah is a lebanese organization yet, it is also a pan-islamic organizaton supported and indoctrinated by Iran. A close parallel would be the mujahedeen of Afganistahn. They were freedom fighters agains the soviets but later, even though the soviets were driven out, continued to fight in former Yugoslavia, Iraq, 9/11 and ultimately the world. Hizballah will never disarm peacefully and the lebanse goverment will never risk civil war for Israel's sake by trying to disarm it. As you know this is not the first hizballah attack since 2000 and the israeli government has repeatedly warned Lebanon about letting the hizballah carry on with this attacks.
2)I am not sure how much you know of military affairs (I am not an expert my self) but I can assure you that after almost two weeks of attacking terroists insinuated in civilian population 350 civilians AND militants dead is a VERY VERY low number. As comparison you might check out the air-raid on Hamburg and dresden in WWII for what real attacks against civilians looks like or NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia for a closer parallel (and in Yugoslavia the army didn't try to hide behind civilians.

Shmulik said...

It's really easy to give into rage and despair in such times. Yet, it is exactly such times that reason and correct judgement of the situation must prevai. Each death is a tragedy. In hebrew there is a saying that if some one has saved a single human being, than he has saved the entire world. All this said, for an air strike against combatants that hide among civilians there are very few innocent dead (we must look at the bigger picture here) and it shows real restraint by the IDF. War is horrible, unfair and tragic (that's why we don't like it) yet history has shown us that's sometimes it's the only way left. I am stil waiting for some one to convince me that thee is another way.

Baroon said...

To yuri

I read THAT perspective in " lisa"`s blog 3 days ago. if putting in perspective will make wrong doings Just therfore hundreds of perspective is out there to make suacide bombers right !

seeker said...

What I still do not understand is what can we gain by bombing HA and killing civilians (as well as armed resistence or whatever). I follow this blog since the beginning of this conflict and I noticed the following

1. People that are blamed get defensive
2. People that are attacked get aggressive
3. People that got hurt use any means to get at the otherside (half truths, lies, blames, rightous statments and declarations of wars).

Back to real life
Can you see the analogy, what could be a reasonable outcome that we can achieve with our campaign?

Dharmapala said...

Hello, guys.
I'm an iIraeli. Usually I dont like to be involved into different blog discussions, and to discuss about political issues. But everything we see and experience these days came far beyong political issue.
First of all I happy to see that guys from both side Israel and Lebanon found a common ground to speak and hear each other. May be this is an only positive result of this war. I happy to see that you talking as human beings and not as enemies. Please, keep this good tradition now and after, when in our contries peace will prevail. Please. Thanks for all of you.
I live in Israel almost 16 years and all this time I try to decide for myself how to relate to all this endless violence between people. In a beggining I thought that only peacefull negotiation will bring peace. I thought Israel should bring back all occupied territories and so on. After few years I failed in opposite extreme - Israel should fight enemies till they will tire. I thought only war and fear that Israel cause to its neigbours will bring peace. Both of two extremes were caused me by wrong understanding that war is always bad thing and peace is always good. Of course, in ultimate, absolute sence this is correct, But we're not in a situation where this works, guys. The conflict still exist despite of Israeli decision to leave Lebanon in 2000. And conflict will still exist despite of all this war. Whatever.
May be all this things looks very philosophical, but that's true, my dear friends. Nor the only war and nor the only silence will bring us a peace. Not exactly thing are looks goog are good and not exactly thing looks bad are bad. This is very high view.
The only thing that will bring peace here is a WIZDOM. The wizdom should be beyong suffering or wish to revenge each other. According to this wizdom may be sometimes a war as positive thing and may be a silence not so good. OK?
We are not politicians, we are a ordinary beings. Both of us talking here. But wizdom must rely on respect a basic concept of this human world - value of precious human life. Most of the people of Israel respect this value. I sure that most of the people of Lebanon respect it too. And this is a common basis for us to coexist and enjoy the life. The only force that do not respect it are terrorists, because for them human life is not so precious and important as their religious and political interests. And also their faith more important for them rather than lifes of other people. That's why people die and suffer. Thats a true, guys. Each one of us must to think and decide for oneself: does the precious human life really so valuable for him? Then all of us who agree with this should feel that we are together, and really no matter, do we live in Israel, Lebanon, Gaza or Tel Aviv. And if Israely government or Hizb will decide the war is only solution, we can trust or untrust depands on each own view, but motivation based on respecting human life itself will help to bring peace.
I see from my balcony how rockets blust my city and see how people from Lebanon suffer too and I don't know how to stop this war. I only hope that if the war already started, it will finished with positive result. Positive result is a peace, long and strong peace.
For all of you talking hear with no difference (Lebanon or Israel, Jew or Arab, Shia or Sunni) I want the peace to everybody. I happy to see we are talking each other, I wish you be safe and happy, trust each other and may be one day we will meet together in some pleasant and beatyfull place as Jerusalem or Beiruth as a friends. OK? Lets be together at least now, while the guns talks, our good motivation and uderstanding may bring peace. But if somebody decides that human life is not precious, he will suffer a lot till one day he will learn another. This is a low of our world.
Sorry for this unclear long letter. But my feeling is sincere. Be happy, guys.

Shmulik said...

While I am not sure how this will end (If i could see the future I would bet on horse races and get rich)but I think the operation has several achivable objectives.
1) Remove the hizbollah from the border and as much of the south as possible.
2) Destroy as much of hizballah's missile launching capability as possible.
3) Weaken the hizballah enough so the lebanese goverment if so chooses will be able to disarm them.
No body believes that the lebanese will disarm the hizballah NOW, maybe later...
the best comparison is operation "defensive shield" that although didn't end terroism (no body thinks it could) made living in Israel much much easier.

dunes said...

to all lebanese supporters out there from israel and not from israel
as this situation is not going to end soon please be adviced about one thing
as it seems now the ball is in the hands of lebanon everything that has transpired will be on your heads
for good or bad.
this is not a game we do not play who has the bigger gun here this is a matter of life and death
you ATTACKED US if war in forced uppon us we will retaliate , the objective is not civillions.
so dont be coy with us this whole situation was unprevoked,
one last thing all i keept hearing in the news from HA, hamas and al-qaida is not death to the state of israel
its death for israelis so stop beeing hipocriths.

ps where were you when in late 2000 ha kidnapped israeli soldires after the withdrawll
nobody wants death but it seems as though we have no choice.
btw from all of you in here i still dont hear any suggestions for resolving the situations just
empty words about israel the killer and poor arabs. usless.

Itai said...

LOL. Most of this blog readers are Israelis. It became an internal discussion board.

That's the real invasion taking place right now.

Why don't you let the Lebanese post a comment now and then?

seeker said...

Have to read compare think and discuss later,

Short term worries:
1) Remove the hizbollah from the border and as much of the south as possible.
while creating a whole more HA supporters. While long range missile are still capable of reaching TA, nomatter how far we push them.
2) Destroy as much of hizballah's missile launching capability as possible.
I do believe that new orders from Iran are being filed just right this moment.
3) Weaken the hizballah enough so the lebanese goverment if so chooses will be able to disarm them.
I am convinced by the Lebanse argument that disarming HA is will not be done by force (I couldn't find any precedence in that field, can you help?), It can be done by suffocation of the HA (i.e eliminated local support), but at the moment our actions are achieving quite the opposite.

What you are suggesting is a short term relief when we risk the long term consquences (and that is if we are lucky), and gambling that in the future Lebanon will be strong enough to mitigate these consequences.

Shmulik said...

You could argue "defensive shield" would create more terroists but some how our security situation is much better now even with the legions of new terroists that are produced. Human psychology is not simple. The attack causes hatred to Israel but also hatred to hizbollah and fear of israel. If you will read my last answer to red domino I hope you realize that peacefull disarmament of hizballah is a fiction. There are many valid tactical arguments: the long range missiles are easier to spot and destroy from air, The hizballah will not be given time to fortify again in the south and so on. We all know peace is the best way but there are those that you just can't negotiate with.

Itai said...

Don't expect the world opinion to stop the war. It won't happen.
America is right by Israel's side.
They are more eager to see us win than we are. And America is the only thing that matters as far as the "World" is concerned.

Help yourself! Turn Nasrallah in. Return the kidnapped soldiers and this nightmare will be over.
Your country will become stronger and free from terror.

And to Hez sympathizers:
George Orwell once said:
"The quickest way to end a war is to lose it" - Lose the war quickly because you are going to lose it anyway. Spare your people end the war.
If you don't care about your people safety do you expect Israel to care?

Don't forget how Lebanon looked on June 12 2006, what happened that day and what happened since and who brought it on you.
Israel isn't a "nice" country we care for are own first, what did you expect?
Turn Nasralah in now, He's a P.O.S. and not worth it. Return our kidnapped soldiers.

shlomi said...

red domino
the bombing is not the reason lebanon do not confront hiz'

they could (and had to) do it long ago...

they did not even try to confront them
on the contrary , today the hiz' is part of the goverment

while Mr. Sayonara or what ever his name is cooperates with this organization , lebanon will never be free from its bad influance

i really think that lebanon could be a great country without the hiz'

this organization is a big problem for lebanon

Uri Kalish said...

Hizballah takes orders from Nasrallah and Iran.

Nasrallah lost a son in the previous war with Israel. All he wants is revenge and he has nothing to lose. Do you really think he cares if a few Lebanese will be killed in the process?

Do you think Iran will allow Hizballah to end this conflict so the UN will be able to continue its investigation of its nuclear plans?

Red Domino said...

To shlomi.

As you know, times of war can be harsh.

If Siniora would attempt to confront Hizbullah while the country is under attack - it will be easy to mark him as traitor, "how dare you confront the resistance while we fight the zioists enemy!" they'll say, and gain public support.

It's quite similiar to demostrating against the war in israel these days. you call for an end of violence, and people call you traitor, and try to attack you(like they tried to do to MK Barake) - In leabanon the situation is probably much much worse.

Now, Hizbullah may be part of the government, but if the Lebanese, specificly, the Shia, will be convinced that the arrangement I mentioned in the previous post will serve their interest - Hizbullah will have to either give up, or lose it's base of popular support.

sixdollarman said...

If what's written here is true then our IDF is making a grave mistake. We have no business attacking those who are not attacking us.

I don't believe IDF generals or Israeli politicans want to turn Lebanon into another Iraq. It's not in our best interest.

Omer (israeli) said...

I haven't wrote here for along time.

I hate HA just as any other israeli, but whats happenend in Lebanon in the last days is just horrific.
Israel used more the half a ton of explosive on this tiny country with no militiry or political gain. All we mananged is to kill civilians, while the HA is still at large.
I feel fustrated that neither the Israeli goverment nor the HA has the humnitiy to stop this madness. As both sides have the abillity (its just two soldiers). Instead both sides rather Lebanon pay the price.
But not only Lebanon is paying, today two people died and dozen injured in a katyusha attack on north Israel.
The Israeli army is getting ready for a ground strike, which may pave way to another useless occupition.
But one thing is for sure: Israel can't let herself being blackmailed by groups, espically groups which intend to "Destroy" Israel. since this Jidhist ideology stop at nothing, there is no hope for peace untill they are gone (=disarm). I mean holding an idealogy is one thing, but having a militiry wing to support it, is just unacceptable.
What is the solution? I lost any ability to answer this question in the last days.
But one thing is sure, I agree with Doha that Israel is creating more enemys.

Just frustrated.

Uri Kalish said...

I don’t think making a few people hate us a little bit more than they already do should guide Israel policy in Lebanon. I don’t expect any Arab to like Israel, and I don’t expect this to change in the next decades (e.g. Israelis and Germans) no matter what we do.

Uri Kalish said...

Maybe the solution is to make Nasrallah PM of Lebanon.
Maybe the responsibility will calm him down…

iHABnz said...

shlomi said...
"I really think that Lebanon could be a great country without the hizb allah"

Hey mr.Shlomi tell me, how would we free the north part of Lebanon if Hizb Allah didn't fight you for it? Who? The Lebanese government? You must be kidding! Lebanon has no army, pal! What? Diplomatically? nahh, wrong again buddy! Israel doesn't know what does this word means! Israel took the chance to have peace with Jordan & Egypt & yes Israel had it, but unfortunately Israel still hold on many Jordanians & Egyptians hostages + Israel kills more than 2 Egyptian grads on outline before a couple of weeks ago! Where is your peace?
Trust me everyone :) Israel believes in nothing but WAR.

Voyager said...

hn Smith said...

Maybe the solution is to make Nasrallah PM of Lebanon.
Maybe the responsibility will calm him down…

That tactic has worked throughout history - Hitler was much more moderate after 1933, and Iran has been quite settled since Khomeini; and I suppose if Al-Sadr gets to run Iraq and Nasrullah runs Lebanon they'll be as quiescent as Cuba is under Castro.............

Some people let us pay a high price for their quiet life

Uri Kalish said...

Yes I know.

Haustat1 said...

The criminal state of Israel carried out the following atrocities against the Lebanese nation today:

1) An agricultural farm in the region around Ba'albek established by 'Hizb Allah to help feed the people of Lebanon was bombed and destroyed.

2) A textile factory in Manara was bombed and at least 1 person was killed.

3) A Shi'a Muslim mosque in Sidon was bombed and destroyed.

4) A bus carrying fleeing civilians was bombed in the village of Ya'atar, killing at least 3 civilans and wounding dozens.

I asked a friend to define "Israeli army" for me. He stated that it was "a professionally trained group of Arab women and children killers".

Lirun said...

80 rockets land in israel today.. 2 people killed and 22 injured.. almost sounds like a miracle..

one guy whose house was smashed went back to play his piano in the rubble..

one of the murdered people was driving his car and was hit while in motion..

this needs to stop.. this is madness..


i happen tobe listening to "peace on earth" by U2 while i type..

hope you're all safe


blogagog said...

Lirun said: "my posted comments are varied.. in some i justify our actions and in others i express my sadness.. in none of them do i ask for your consent.."

And yet you still received it. It's like icing on the cake! Just a fyi, an ellipsis requires three dots.

Free Lebanon now! End Hezbollah's rule forever. Death to Syria and Iran if they won't leave Lebanon alone. Lebanon must be free. The Lebanese must be free! Destroy the buckets of scum that are Hezbollah. Never let them enter Lebanon again. Ever. Let the Lebanese people have generations of peace. Israel would benefit from that as well.

wintermotek said...

israel might benefit when HZA will be gone, unfortunatlly it will only lose by bombing lebanon like there's no tomorrow, it is just gaining more enemies by the moment.
war is SO old-fashion!


Lirun said...

haaretz reported one hour ago that Peretz (minister of defence) said that under certain conditions israel would agree to a nato force in south lebanon - providing it effectively maintained peace and was able to quash arms accumulation

hope this is sign that we are phasing in diplomatic efforts

constantly wishing for peace

shlomi said...

my dear friends in lebanon

israel do not want to fight you and the best for us is to live in peace with our neighbours

but there are some leaders and organizations in the middle east who want to destroy israel

the hizballah attack israel and kidnap two soldiers
what were you do in this case?

israel goal is not to kill civilians

if that was the purpose there were no warnings and there were much more deads by now(350 people in 12 days !- one jet can do it in one hour)

the hiz' is the problem of the two states and the source to this war

i hope that after the war this organization will be powerless and lose its support among the people in lebanon

Haustat1 said...

blogagog said, "Destroy the buckets of scum that are Hezbollah. Never let them enter Lebanon again."

The current silence vis-à-vis America by the pro-US, anti-Syrian voices in Lebanon exposes an egregious level of hypocrisy.

Over one year ago, this anti-Syrian contingent sang America’s tune loudly by heaping scorn and unprecedented condemnation against Syria before the entire world. Their vociferous display of mean-spiritedness and hostility against the Syrian people was fully coordinated with a demagogic, barbaric and tyrannical US administration that has been destroying Iraq and spilling the blood of tens of thousands of its people.

The behavior of the anti-Syrian camp, in retrospect, is disgusting for its streak of blatant self-serving opportunism. One needs to ask the anti-Syrian camp several questions. As you helplessly sit back and watch the despicable horror and terror that the criminal state of Israel and its US ally unleash on you, what has Syria ever done by comparison to Lebanon? Why aren’t you displaying even a fraction of the intense anger and rage against America that you’ve proven so capable of displaying toward Syria?

The pro-US, anti-Syrian camp, per America’s calling, apparently decided to convict Syria of a killing for which Syrian involvement has never - even to this day - been proven. The pro-US, anti-Syrian camp in Lebanon quickly decided to seize the ship of opportunism that America fielded its way and, in the process, chose to demolish the consensus of the Al Ta’if Accord intended to end the decades-old Lebanese Civil War.

The daily flag-waving protesters who dumped a barrage of anti-Syrian taunts while sailing Washington’s ship of opportunism were more eager to challenge pro-Syrian groups with counter-demonstrations than consider the implications of their actions on Lebanon’s future. They chose to entirely play the amnesia game and forget that Syria was invited into Lebanon by a Christian-dominated Lebanese government and ultimately remained there on the basis of Lebanese consensus for the sake of peace.

Even while Israel was just beginning its atrocity campaign in Gaza several weeks ago, Washington’s anti-Syrian allies in Beirut continued to show that Israel is not alone in its desire to oppress and finish off its Palestinian population. As Israel’s murderous arm descended on Gaza, the Lebanese government continued debating ways to intensify the appalling oppression, misery and marginalization of its own Palestinian community. Such debates have only served to heighten the vulnerability of Lebanon’s Palestinians to the savage, barbaric anti-Muslim Crusader Lebanese forces that exacted unforgivable atrocities on Palestinians in the past.

The anti-Syrian camp has even refused to allow a true memorial to be erected in Lebanon for the victims of Sabra and Shatila. As such, they have demonstrated a complete inability and/or unwillingness to look within themselves regarding past and present mistakes. By failing to look within - and by choosing to perpetually scapegoat others for Lebanon’s problems – it is difficult to envision how Lebanon can ever truly be whole.

The anti-Syrian camp continues to viciously demonize Palestinians, Syrians, Iran, etc. -- anyone except the United States. Sadly, while the anti-Syrian contingent remains mum, the war criminal US administration and the Zionist US media continue to cheer, gloat and celebrate as Israel relentlessly drops bombs all across Lebanon and mercilessly massacres her people.

Nobody should ask the Lebanese people to suffer for others. That is both wrong and it is unfair. But it is also wrong and unfair for Lebanese to jump on a ship of self-serving opportunism built on lies and false accusations and belonging to an enemy that is bent on destroying and slaughtering the Arab people.

And it is shameful and painful to watch Lebanon debate ways to make the lives of Palestinians in Lebanon even more unbearable and miserable than ever before while Israel wreaks genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

Lebanon should not have diplomatic relations with any country that is destroying Lebanon’s Arab neighbors and simultaneously helping Israel annihilate Lebanon.

The time for Lebanon to end all diplomatic relations with America is now. Period.

Itai said...

Omer (israeli) said..."Israel used more the half a ton of explosive on this tiny country"

half a ton??? half a ton is what F-16 carries in one sortie.
Israel executed more than 2,000 sorties like that already. that's more in the area of 1,000 tons of explosives.

also known as 1 megaton...

The damage for Lebanon and the collateral damage isn't that bad considering...

Some Israelis here are trying to find gentle ways, sphisticated solutions and diplomatic useless giberish of all sorts again and again.
Israel's new diplomacy is very simple:
Attack Israel, Sponsor terror against it or host terror against it - You are at war with us.
No goofing around. The message is loud and clear. The time for being coy, soft or for deluding ourselfs is over.

War with Israel...

Israel with the fourth largest air force in the world. 2nd in strength only to the U.S.

Israel with the seventh largest ground force in the world. 2nd by quality to the U.S. again.
(and don't lecture me about bragging or U.S. aid. I'm just giving you the basic facts)

Such war has grim consequences...
Especially if all you got on us are katiusha rockets, RPGs, AK-47s and some surplus soviet equipment from the 80's.
Israel IS being lenient with Lebanon after all...

Nasralah is quiet a moron, dont you think?
Destroying half of Lebanon for some Palestenian prisoners. Are you willing to pay that price
Remeber Lebanon on July 12 2006. Remeber Nasralah.

Ofcourse this message isn't meant for all you good people of Lebanon who comment here.

It goes to your government and to other enemies.

blogagog said...

"israel might benefit when HZA will be gone, unfortunately it will only lose by bombing lebanon like there's no tomorrow, it is just gaining more enemies by the moment.
war is SO old-fashion!"

The key is to continue the destruction until Hezbollah is despised as much as Israel is. To stop bombing before this happens would cause exactly the outcome you describe. It is heartless and horrible to do this, but there is no other option. All other options have been tried in the past 50 years, and they've all lead to death and strife in the region.

The attacks on Lebanon may be making some Lebanese people even more angry at Israel, but deep down every person in Lebanon knows the truth. This is all the fault of Hezbollah. End support for Hezbollah, and the war stops. Kick them back to Syria, and the war stops, never to resume.

Once Israel has Hezbollah beaten down, it will be up to all of Lebanon to insure peace in the region by evicting Hezbollah, both the political and the military arms, from their country. Only then can they have the same type of peace with Israel that Egypt enjoys. Sure, they don't like each other, but no one is dying over that fact.

Death and destruction to Hezbollah! Peace and prosperity to Lebanon and Israel!

Haustat1 said...

actually, itai, what I DO think is that israel is a barbaric war criminal entity and people like yourself who support and condone its actions are war criminal supporters. israel is a nation of self-righteous and cowardly genocidal women and children killers. the world is waking up every day to the wicked and monstrous face of this ugly, atrocious cauldron of murder and oppression against the Arab world that is known as Israel. Keep defending the indefensible. All the fascist weapons of America and Israel can kill Arab women and children and destroy civilian infrastructure, but it will never destroy the moral high-ground that the Arab world enjoys over their enemies. Be assured of that.

Itai said...

Haustat1 (anon 11:45) are you joking?

Syria armed and encouraged Hezbollah to instigate this war.
Syria caused this disaster for Lebanon knowingly in order to avenge its defeat to the courageous Lebanese who thrown them out. Syria even hopes to regain control of a post war, torn and broken Lebanon. Just like they did in 1982, remember?

And your denial of Syria's assassination of Rafik Hariri is outrageous.

Itai said...

blah, blah, blah...I'm not gonna sink to personal insults. It just shows you got nothing smart to say.

Rage is the virtue of the weak.
It doesn't make you right especially when you represent Syria. An evil, weak regime. Controled by a clown, dentist who gained his position because his brother got killed.

What about the 20,000 Sunis you murdered during one day in Hama in the 70's. Care to defend that.

Haustat1 said...

Itai, I don't think anyone from Israel is in a position to criticize how other countries' governments are established. After all, Israel was created at the expense of another people, whose homes were stolen from them, whose lands were stolen from them, who were forcibly expelled from their nation and dumped into refugee camps and whose citizens were raped, butchered and annihilated.

Itai, you're living a lie. You're drowning in your psychosis and delusions.

It's time for you to take an anti-psychotic medication. Try olanzapine or resperidol or plain old-fashioned haldol. And pass this recommendaton along to your fellow fanatical ultra-psychotic Zionist women and children killers that reside on stolen Palestinian lands, homes and properties.

Treatment of your psychosis is desperately needed now to save the Middle East - and the entire world - from impending annihilation because of the wishes and actions of artificial entity of 4 million people.

KSM said...

The brutal fact is that Lebanese civilian deaths are Hezbollah's strongest weapon. As Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, once said: "We have discovered how to hit the Jews where they are the most vulnerable. The Jews love life, so that is what we shall take away from them. We are going to win because they love life and we love death."

Thus Hezbollah places its rockets and other potential targets in homes, knowing that Israel cannot hit back without creating collateral damage. This does not relieve Israel of the burden of minimizing civilian casualties as best it can. The point is that if Israel has to operate under a code of ethics that renders civilian deaths unacceptable, then it automatically loses. The ramifications would be dire and ultimately aid the cause of Islamic radicals in such a way as to bring about many more innocent deaths over the long run.

Red Domino said...

To haustat1...

I hate to say that, but the Bush administration was correct about it's position regarding the syrian control over Lebanon.

Of course, they wouldn't back up the Lebanese if Syria had provided them with something they want, like Syria did in 1990 - They got help in the first gulf oil war, and you got green light to crush Aoun's government.

Please, let's skip over this double think "anti-imperialist" stand.

Haustat1 said...

red domino, i don't think you know what you are talking about. I could give you a whole history lesson about how the self-serving opportunist anti-Syrian contigent in Lebanon DEMOLISHED the consensus of Al Ta'f that was supposed to end the Lebanon civil war. But I'm not going to bother.

But 1 other thing, the same anti-Syrian thugs that opportunistically used Hariri's death to help America expel Syria vociferously criticized and attacked Hariri and his policies when he was alive. They include the hypocritical garbage of the likes of Walid Jumblatt.

Uri Kalish said...


This may come as a shock to you so get ready…
Although war is always ugly and bombs can never be 100% precise, the Israel army in Lebanon, as always, is doing its best to avoid innocent civilian casualties, maybe more than any other army in the world.
I didn’t hear it on Al-Jazeera, CNN, Israeli TV or any other kind of a second hand medium. I’ve been a combat soldier in the Israeli army for 3 years. I’ve served in Lebanon, the Gaza strip, the west bank, the Golan height and almost every Palestinian city in Israel. I always encountered army orders to avoid innocent Arab civilian casualties at any cost, often putting my own life under extra risk in order to follow these orders . Every combat Israeli soldier can verify this if you care to listen.

blogagog said...

Anti-Syrian thugs!?!? The whole world is anti-syrian except for Iran (who is using you as a pawn with devastating effect). It would serve Assad right to relocate all of Hezbollah into his backyard and allow Lebanon to be a free democracy at peace with the world. Syria, maybe you want to oppress and murder your people. That's fine (for a while), but don't spread your hatred to Lebanon. It's about to cost you dearly.

Free Lebanon from the yoke of Hezbollah, Syria, and Syria's owner, Iran! The Lebanese deserve freedom and peace. Hezbollah out, now!

Itai said...

Haustat1 said...mainly insults.

You can have your hate.
You can have the last word here.
In the real world we all know who has the last word. :-)

Anti psychotic pills? So you lock up the regime's opposition and feed them medication nowdays in syria? Sad really. I hope you'll get to live in a free country one day.

Haustat1 said...

Itai said, "I hope you'll get to live in a free country one day."

I agree with you on that point and hope so also. Unfortunately, that'll be virtually impossible as long as countries like today's America and Israel remain.

Haustat1 said...

john smith,

no i don't care to listen to you. if you served in the israeli army, you're a war criminal and an arab women and children killer. please go stand trial for your crimes and the offenses of your comrades.

dunes said...

haustat1 : wake up all the arabs countries are in a mess no education no future except a religios one . please check the facts next time.

"John Smith": i can verify all you said as i was in a special combat unit and all the orders given to us was not to involve any civis

Omer (israeli) said...

your hate is self consuming. Isreal was established by a UN 1948 agrrement. The arab world voted against. But since that didn't work' they attacked Isreal, and the PL's fully supported this attack working from within: attacking conveoys and blocking supply routes. So infant Israel with no-air force at the time, attacked backed. We were outnumbered and outweapond.
In 67 same story, out-weapond and out numberd, and won again. In 67 we also occupied terriotory, which if you noticed (but i guess propoganda in your country is rather strong) Israel was trying to return for peace (jordan, egypt, gaza as a first step).
Were just trying to live in peace.
And the Pl's will get a country. But if they like HA decide to attack Israel, then Israel will retaliate. what do expect? that we will say, "come, plz, murder us"?
You were the ones in the first place that didn't want us here.

I don't blame you for hateing me, as you shouldn't blame any Israeli if he hates you.

But don't you see that inorder to have peace we must all compromize.
The only other option we have is to keep fighting, and look where that brought us 58 years. Think we need more? go on ahead, well all be tired sooner or later...

Uri Kalish said...

You obviously don't know the first thing about moral dilemmas while risking your life defending your country against terrorists hiding in houses of innocent civilians. I do. I’m proud being a combat Israeli soldier.

Red Domino said...

To haustat1:

"red domino, i don't think you know what you are talking about..."

Then i should speak out loudly then.

As we all know, back in 1990,Syria joined hands with the U.S. against Iraq. clearly, Syria could not launch large-scale attack against Aoun without provoking Israel, a well known U.S. ally.

It doesn't take much to conclude that Syria would not join hands with the despised U.S. if they weren't given something in return, like speaking with the israeli PM to allow syria take over Lebanon.

If you still do not understand what i'm saying, please try to recover what you left in the memory hole recently.

Itai said...

Well haustat1 either way you sound like a very frustrated human being. If you are in America like you claim I suggest you go out and have some fun. The world is your oyster, Enjoy it. :-)

KSM said...

Haustat1 -

You seem to be very emotional. You seem to think that everyone who disagrees with you is intentionally evil. I think this is because you have believed too much arab propaganda.

If I had been lied to all of my life (and believed it), then I too would be out of touch, not only with historical facts, but also with civility.

I am fortunate to live in America, where we have many different independent sources of news, and a culture that does not love death more than life. We have made our share of mistakes, for which I sincerely apologize. But over all America has sought to be a defender and advancer of human rights and a helper of people in need.

Israel has a right to exist, per the UN's actions. Israel has a right to defend itself. If the arabas would only leave Israel alone, Israel would be happy to leave them alone. In fact, perhaps the countries could not only live in peace, but use the $$$ being spent on weapons on schools and hospitals instead.

Alas, the arabs insist on lobbing rockets and staging incursions into Israel from Gaza and Lebanon, even after a unilateral Israeli withdraw. Surely you must recognize how devastating thisis to the world's image of the arabs.

The USA is doing the right thing to encourage peace in the middle east by opposing terrorists. May HB and the other terrorist groups be wiped out, one way or another, as soon as possible, before another generation gets infected by their hatred of all thing civil.

Haustat1 said...

Omer, bag the nonsense and cliche Zionist "victim" myths that your country perpetuates to justify its barbarity. They're akin to the lies that America used to perpetuate its ongoing aggression and crimes against the Iraqi people. The Zionist victim myths are old and, like the claims used to attack Iraq, they've all been demolished.

It's useless talking with many of you. You don't get it. I think I'm going to stop here.

KSM said...

Haustat1 -

I would be happy to listen to facts, but you seem to be mostly writing opinions and insults.

If you can present me with facts to back up your views, I'll be glad to listen and converse. But if you only have opinions and anger, then perhaps it is best for everyone if we spend our time doing something else.

As an American, I don't have the detailed perspective of someone like you. Surely you are educated enough to explain your position to someone who is open to hearing both sides.

Omer (israeli) said...

No Haustat1,
Both sides "Myth" is over. Can't you see that!?!? Sure we weren't angels, but you weren't either.

I have a question for you, If israel lost in 48 or in 67, or in 73 would there be any Israeli left? would you weep for me?

Do expect us to jump to the sea while Ahminjad is clapping?

Look, we're people, like you. We just want a happy family, friends, to enjoy life. Like anyone, even you.

KSM said...

Haustat1 -
By the way - every Iraqi I have spoken to is in favor of what the US is doing there. Most non-iraqi arabs, on the other hand, have to ld me that the US should have left Iraq alone.

It is interesting how the vast majority of those living under Saddam were glad to see him deposed, but those more concerned with arab pride were not willing to lift a finger to help their arab brothers get rid of an evil dictator.

What the US is doing in Iraq is good. Plenty of mistakes have been made, and the sooner the Iraqis can defend themselves the better. But until that day, they need the USA's help, and I want us to give it to them. You should too.

Omer (israeli) said...

Born and raised on the "Evil zionist" theory.

blogagog said...

Haustat said...

"Itai said, I hope you'll get to live in a free country one day.

I agree with you on that point and hope so also. Unfortunately, that'll be virtually impossible as long as countries like today's America and Israel remain."

You COMPLETELY mispelled Syria and Iran. Other than that, I share your sentiments. Israel won't attack unless it is attacked. America might, but only with the goal of saving more lives than it costs and spreading freedom (this strategy hasn't worked very well in Iraq so far though!). I say don't even give America a chance to attack you.

It's easy to explain how, but difficult to accomplish. The secret? Don't allow terrorists or fomentors of hate to exist in your country. Hezbollah is an excellent example. Once Israel has blasted Hezbollah to smithereens, rise up Lebanon! Kick what's left of Hezbollah to the curb. You can have a peaceful country forever after as long as you don't allow groups that hate and kill to exist. Israel is not so lucky and will not get peace by the same methods, since too many people hate them. But Lebanon can have peace! Forever. Kick militant Hezbollah out. Kick polititians who support Hezbollah out.

It's for the good of all Lebanese. Hezbollah has to go. It's almost time to rise against them Lebanon. Get ready, and stay safe! God bless Lebanon.

SadLebaneseGirl said...

iraqis actually living in iraq?!!! i bet they live in the us ;)

chen said...

israel has withdrew from all of the lebanese lands in 2000 after 18 years of occupation, (that does not include the shaba'a farms because that is a syrian territory occupied by israel, as UN maps confirm.)
israel has 4 lebanese prisoners, an example to one: samir quntar, who in 1979 at the age of 16 murderred a father and his two daughters aged 4 and 2.
should he be released?? is he a freedom fighter?
lebanon has no legitimate claims to israel, they are however a sovereign state which should be held accountable for every thing that happens in it's territories.
what should israel have done in response to hizbollah's attack?

blogagog said...

Chen, remember that only Hezbollah is complaining about the terrorist prisoners. Not Lebanon. Lebanon is full of good peace-loving people. Once the Hezbollah scourge is eradicated it will contain ONLY good peace-loving people. Direct your ire at Hezbollah, not Lebanon.

Hezbollah, get out of Lebanon. You buckets of scum are destroying my people! Lebanon does not want your kind anymore. Go. Now. There is no option for negotiation. You must leave or die.

KSM said...

SadLebaneseGirl -

I've conversed primarily with Iraqis in Iraq, over the web.

Some conversations were via chat rooms, other via blogs like this one.

Perhaps you've heard of or

yair said...

SadLebaneseGirl: The ultraorthodox are actually anti-zionist. The right wing charachters you are refering to are part of the non-orthodox community. I think in English called conservatives.

blogagog said...

Iraq is certainly a serious issue, but Hezbollah is more pressing at the moment. Lebanon, are we ready to rise up against them in a fashion similar to the Cedar Revolution? I'm expatriated, but I will not stand for any oppression of my people. I'm fully willing to go back to Lebanon for 3 weeks and help out (I will lose my job if it's longer than that). I want Hezbollah out of Lebanon. Now! Someone drop me an email if I can be of use in accomplishing this goal. Hezbollah must go, and they must go immediately. Iran blows, and we want no part of you.

awesome said...

I am reading a news in Turkish says hahams in some part of Israil issuing some kind of law that says Israel army should/can kill women and children in Palestine and Lubanon in war times.I do not want to believe first cause of media sometimes coordinate people on wrong way.I guess there is alot of people from Israel and i believe they can correct or incorrect this news.

Other than that, I am sorry for "both sides" loosing civilian lives everyday and I believe it is not wanted from people or civilians.Also I can not see any solution on the matter even though I believe peace in my heart.Hamas is a terrorist organization which largely blamed by Israel.If the people of Palestine choses them as a government with election, Israel is not processing any peace agreement as a counterside.Having sit on the table, dont you think there can be solution?Did you think Waiting for giving up guns, how many years can take? I understand Israel security feeling, have you think other countries people security feelings cause of having technical and largely financed Israel army which can make any excuse to destroy your country?

I do not know how many democracy type in the world.Same thing with Lebanon.If Lebanese people choses HB as a government or gives them strong role, would Israel accept the situation?As i understand matters, Israil wants to manupilate other country's domestics and want to shaped governments for their security needs even people of those countries do not want that solution.Getting in to peace in the middle east cause of that much hard and there is no solution.There will be always security problems for both sides and this can not be over with wars.Terrorism can not be solved with guns which Israel trying to do.If there is any soluted one terrorism case, please tell me in the history.All of them suddenly finished as their role completed or their meaning became meaningless by its people who long time supported.So if Lebanese people think HB is not helping their country by any reason or gives damages its people, it will be finished.But only if Lebaese people think or act.Killing civilians(which member of HB, just regular civilian lives in the country) or forcing people to decide that way can be end with no solution.It would became more supporter of terrorism against Israel.

Same thing with Iraq, would you think people of Iraq more happy now than past?The democracy work or will be work? I do not think so.

awesome said...

Need to correct:Killing civilians(which IS NOT member of HB)

blogagog said...

Let's all agree that Hezbollah must convert or die. Is that fair? By 'convert', I mean 'move to Syria'. Get the f out of Lebanon you scuzzbuckets! Beautiful Lebanon, the jewel of the Mediterranean, totally destroyed by you scumbags. I HATE HEZBOLLAH, and everything you stand for. I hope Israel blows you into dust. You've destroyed my nation, and now it's your turn. You will face an eternity in hell for what you've done, and it will not be enough. Die soon Hezbollah, and despair as your creator kicks you downstairs for your atrocities.

Did I mention I'm not a fan of Hezbollah?

Anonymous said...

Israel and sunnis on the same side....whats next...nudist beaches in Saudi Arabia?

Eddiesan said...

Does anybody think of a lasting peace solution? We humans are the only predator species in the planet.
Win-win scenarios do not seem to help our thirst for blood.
What a shame!

iHABnz said...

awesome said...

If there is any soluted one terrorism case, please tell me in the history.

I can help :), Israel is the main problem, do you know why? I'll tell you why, simply because Israel comes to our area & occupied an Arabic land; Israel should leave & go back to Europe & USA. I wonder how could Jews people believe that it's there land?? don't they have brains? Oh common guys it's a land in the meddle east! between 23 Arab countries! So how can a Hebrew country be here in the meddle of Arab Countries? it's simple like this! Believe me Israel could not stay here, all of your neighbors HATES & don't believe in you "HERE at least", Go back from where you come from! We "Muslims" Believes in Jews, moreover we used to live with them with peace in Palestine, but for that reason they thought they must have a country, but Jews hasn't & will never have a country (not to Insult) but that's the truth, Jews used to live around the world without a mother country (Jews is a religion not a Nation), I just want you to understand this.
If you want a country we don't have any problem with this (We will be happy for you) "I swear" but please not here, not our land, you CAN live between us Yes you can, just like in Yemen, Egypt, Morocco & Algeria, there are many Jews there lives in peace. If you want a country let Mama America give you part of it's land & name it ISRAEL :)

In the end, (Palestine was, still & will stay a land of the three God's religions on earth "Jews, Christians & Muslims").

Salam, :)

blogagog said...

Bah ihabnz. If you want to claim that Israel came to 'your' land, then you have to admit that you kicked them out of 'their' land a thousand years ago. That's hogwash, and believing it to be truth will only result in more death. The land belongs to Israel whether you like it or not, for the sole reason that they beat the crap out of whoever was their previously. Attacking them will only result in Israel beating the crap out of more people and taking their land as well. Quit whining about it and accept it. Don't give Israel more land. Fighting Israel will only give them more land and a justifiable reason for claiming it.

Think for a moment about the 20% of Israel that is arab. Why are they living so well, while the people in the West Bank and Gaza suffer so? You know the answer. They spend all of their available resources on attacking Israel. If they would stop, they'd learn there is more to life than hate. The arabs in Israel certainly know this.

Hezbollah, stop destroying Lebanon! Go back to Syria you sons of pigs! Leave Lebanon to enjoy peace and freedom, and take your hate to Syria. If I had any pig's blood, I'd pour it down the throats of every supporter of Hezbollah. Hezbollah is the suxx0r. I'm happy to see Hezbollah getting pwned by the IDF. Go back to Syria whimpering with your tails between your legs, Hezbollah! Lebanon deserves peace, so get out, and do it now. Scumbags.

albert einstein said...

There are only zionist fascists reading this blog?

what a waste of time, this is outrageus for any normal person

I'm from europe and I think Israel is the agressor, and here many people thinks so

The only solution for arab conutries to live in peace is not ask for the inexistent zionist godwill, you need very strong armies, you need weapons so strong to scare israel military-ruled racist society and force them stop killing arab people

Despite their propaganda, Israeli government and elites have no real fear of this old katiushas or the impotent palestinian bombs, these are so weak weapons to stop them and their american supported army. They do not want dialogue or negotiation because they don't need to talk with scared and weak enemies...

I think Israel will continue the agression and bombing of lebanon until they can achieve the goal of a civil war between their puppets and Hezbollah and others, they want you to kill yourselves so they will be free to continue the genocide in palestine without interference

chen said...

u do know that einstein was a supporter of zionism right?
well of course u do, because u r a person who knows his facts..

blogagog said...

Yes Albert, only in Europe could the people believe that the victim of an attack and kidnapping is the aggressor.

awesome said...

"Bush likened Iraq to Lebanon, saying both face opponents of democracy. But the president says the ratification of a constitution in Iraq was a "landmark moment" in bringing democracy to the region. He believes Lebanon's government can also succeed, adding that a "key part" of U-S strategy is to support it."

Last comment from Bush.I am afraid they brought up "democracy" as like in Iraq now.Every part of Iraq more people die today cause of this "brought" democracy.Making internal conflicts in the country and worsen condition much more than before.Even if democracy choses Hamas, it will not be called"democracy" cause of no matter what you voting for, if you are not choose what Israil wants, you are just stuck with your nonworking democracy.

Bondservant said...

Lebanon is reaping what they have sown, they coddled the terrorists among them and when you make a pack with devil he comes looking for his due sooner or later, when you sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas and disease. Time to cut out that disease. Lebanon's inaction against the terrorists was in essence teh action they chose.Now they cry they had nothing to do with it ?

sheer said...

Dear Doha

As a humanitarian, as a leftist in my country, as a father for three little kids I swear to you that the tragedy of people being killed and wounded really hurts me.
To see a mother loosing her son or supporting a horribly wounded baby is the most painful and hurting thing for me to see. I always see it as if I am there instead of them.
I'm trying not to say a parrot like words I hear from opinion makers and say things you hear the leaders say first and then all the people are repeating them. One thing I wish to express to you and all those who read these blogs: the people in Israel feel they are surrounded by dozen of millions of Islamic crowd who repeat one hymn for many years: destroy Israel, and send all the Jews to the see.
What should a human think to himself when he sees on TV the leader of Iran for example declaring day in day out the destruction of Israel? And many others say just the same for generations?
The Israeli people know they are fighting for their lives!!!
It's not like the European countries that conquered countries far away to suck their gold and all treasures!! The Israeli people know they cannot trust anyone in Europe or somewhere else, they feel they have to keep their little country because there is no other place for them to go.
This is a survival war for them!!!
Still you can hear so many voices in Israel who fight for peace, for negotiation, for letting the Palestinians have their own country, criticizing the right wing people for over reacting and being blinded by fear.
Why I can never see something like this in the Arab world? Never hear someone in the entire Arab world who is crying for peace, for accepting the right of the Jews for a land? Why there was not one demonstration during all these years of Arabs calling for cease fire in the Middle East, one single demonstration of Arabs who live for years out of the region calling for accepting Israel and making peace with the Israeli people?
Unless these voices of Muslims and Arabs will be heard, with demonstrations against their leaders, the voices of peace fighters in their countries and among their own people, the battle is not between equal opponents and it's like asking humans to negotiate with wolves or lions in the middle of the jungle.
You can't negotiate you have to kill or you have to run for your life.
If war tragedies are really hurting the Arabs or some of them, they should direct the anger, the big big pain- inward!! To their societies, to their people and leaders! To stop this crazy hatred against Israel! To stop war now! To seek for peace, respect and sanity here in the Middle East!!!
When you have continuous fight with your wife or husband there are two possibilities: to blame each other for years and then get divorced (in the better case.. sometimes they kill...) or to let the sufferings change their minds and change their approach towards each other and towards relationship, change their own mind and fix their soul to be a better human and a better friend and partner.
As wise people always said- love is the only way for good life.
You give hatred you get bigger hatred, you give love you get much bigger love from life.
I say the same things to the people I'm coming from for years, and I really don't take a side in this mess, all what I say to you is all what I say to myself, my family and friends.
Let there be peace upon us and upon the whole world.

Inshaala amen

Lalith said...

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Wow ! Israel, USA & UK is telling the whole truth, nothing but the truth.

Hezbullaos bombed the building after 8 hours !

Hezbullos placed the dead underneath the rubble.

White house just announced Condi is pregnent.

These are 100% truth.