Monday, February 21, 2005

My Thoughts....

I just finished watching Marcel Ghanem’s talk show, Kalam Innass. Marcel during the show was trying in his own way to “mend fences” between the Opposition and the current government, represented by MP Samir Franjieh and Minister Elie Ferzli, respectively. He tried, but he failed. He ended his show somberly by claiming that he tried to build a bridge; he hoped that attempts at doing so would soon succeed. Clearly, the Opposition has refused completely any attempt at dialogue with the current government; they have chosen the Parliament as the only forum to rally for their demands.

As usual, Ferzli rambled on with his talk about the geostrategic threats, but what truly moved me was when he exposed his true self to us all on TV. He shared with Marcel, Franjieh and all of us his fears of a Shiite-Sunni armed conflict in our country. He said, “If the Sunnis and Shiites start to fight, where would I go, as a Christian?”

Despite Franjieh’s response claiming that such worries are unfounded and that the Lebanese are above and beyond armed conflicts amongst themselves and despite my personal belief in Frajieh’s claims, I frankly got worried for the first time. Is there any truth to Ferzli’s words? Or are his claims just another red flag that the Syrian-backed government waves in our face whenever there is a call for a Syrian withdrawal?

If I want to construct the scenario that Ferzli discussed during the show, it would then be easy to see how for instance Hizbullah might be a threat because it is armed. But can someone tell me how the Sunnis can be a threat in a Shiite-Sunni armed conflict? What Sunni party is armed?

I am simply not able to see what Ferzli is foreseeing. Is this just a cheap tactic? But I could swear that he was so real, filled with so much emotion when he was expressing his fears that Lebanon might see another encounter with blood and terror.

Where is our beloved Lebanon heading? I am personally filled with hope. But today as my companion, Raja, and I watched on TV the mass rally for Indpendence in Martyr's Square, a streak of fear filled my heart for a moment; I asked Raja: Where is the Opposition taking us and all those who are out on the streets? What next? Because I believe that right now there is no turning back…

I would like to see in the very near future a document drafted by the Opposition that will answer the many lingering questions: How are we going to resolve the question of the Sheba’a Farms? How will Hizbullah be disarmed and who will do so? What about the Palestinian refugee question?....Big, divisive issues indeed to which we must find honest and real answers. I believe the true challenge is not Syria’s withdrawal, but what will ensue after their withdrawal when we have to all sit together on one table to resolve those major, contentious issues on our own.

God Bless our beloved, sacred country Loubnan. May our happiness and high hopes today be vindicated. Ameen!

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