Monday, February 28, 2005

Now that Karame is gone

Some questions that are on my mind:

1. Will this new optimism and patriotism continue... or will the opposition quench it now that there is no more use for it?

2. I wonder whether this is really a change in the Lebanese mentality and political chessboard. The politicians say that they want Taef to be implimented to the fullest. Will it be so?

3. I am specifically interested in the creation of "Senate" or Majles al Shuyukh. If it is created, then the sectarian distribution of the parliamentary/"House" seats will no longer apply. I can run as a Lebanese if I wanted to. Ibelieve that other positive consequences will also come about.

4. How many Syrian politicians will be thrown out of parliament once real elections take place? I really hope Qandil gets the boot. Ialso hope Qanso gets arrested. But, I am afraid that these two have real constituencies.

5. How long will Lahoud last?

6. Will the investigations continue? Will there be justice?

7. Once the political system is purged (if it is purged), will the remaining leaders be able to play the game of politics without Syrian tutelage? It has been going on for so long, and as far as I know, habits do tend to die hard.

These are all questions that put some weight on my heart. From my vantage point, I can only pray that our leaders play their roles with the benefit of Lebanon in mind. I was born in 1980, two years before Beirut was invaded by the Israeli Army. I became aware of my Lebanon as a country that was occupied by Syria and depressed in all meanings of the word. I heard about a golden era of freedom from the previous generation. But all I could do was dream about it.

Are we on the threshold of a new era of Lebanese vibrancy? Are we on the threshold of regaining our Leadership in the Arab world? I've noticed that we always lead.... We led in economic growth and development prior to 1975. We led in sacrifices for the Palestinian cause after 1975. Now, I hope we continue that habit and lead again. Lead the Arab world into the 21st century. Lead the world as an example of Muslim-Christian fellowship. I hope that our leaders understand the weight of their responsibility and take the steps that we expect them to take.

We are a great people. We deserve a great leadership!!!

Congratulations everybody.
Congratulations for the fall of the puppet government
Congratulations for the victory of the Opposition
Congratulations for the rise of Lebanon's people power
Let us all pray that things don't just stop here.


Tempest said...

lol Raja...

Qandil has a constituency? Maybe in Damascus, but definitely not in Beirut!
Qanso is a Syrian puppet. Even his party, as we all know, diverged from it's original policies in order to accomodate this blind support for Syria.

These aren't national leaders or politicians, they sailed into power on a wave of Syrian support, but as soon as Syria's gone, they'll deflate...

No, it's not these two that we should worry about... The loudest are usually the most harmless...

Raja said...

Inshallah ya Tempest! Qanso and Qandil may play on sentiments and fears to get elected. You know very well what I am referring to.