Thursday, June 01, 2006

Urgent News

It seems Hizballah supporters have taken to the streets to object to LBCI's "Basmet Watan" making fun of Nasrallah. Al Jazeera posted a newsflash. Check things out as the story develops.

Update-1: I called a friend of mine who works in a local TV station. There doesn't seem to be any violence so far. Whether this "midnight rally" will remain peaceful remains to be seen.

Update-2: It seems Charbel Khalil, one of the show's makers and main characters, issued an apology and said he respected Nasrallah a lot. Also Hizballah issued a call for the people to go to their homes.

On another hand, there seem to be similar events in other parts of Beirut, namely near Phoenicia Hotel, Ain El-Mreisseh. It is unclear whether this is a retaliation or a continuation.

Update-3: I was with some friends when I posted the original post. I got a call from one of them, who lived in Ashrafieh, saying that some guys were gathering in Sassine Square. I don't think there is much truth to that. All seems ok and calm. I trust you will find all news in the local papers in a few hours. You may also want to follow this "exchange of thoughts" as it seems to be updated quicker than the blogs. Or just stick to Jamal. He says it well. Good night.

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