Sunday, December 03, 2006

Friday Meets Sunday In The Grand Serail

I am a bit speechless. Just how on Friday, Mufti Qabbani headed a Friday prayer in the Grand Serail in solidarity with the government, today a Sunday sermon in memory of Pierre Gemayel has been held in the Serail as well, headed by Bishop Mattar of the Beirut parish, in the presence of PM Seniora, the Cabinet Ministers who are staying put in the Serail, a slew of March 14 politicians, inluding Jumblatt and Amin Gemayyil and his family, and other media, industry and society figures.

This is the Lebanon that should be.

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Anonymous said...

"This is the Lebanon that should be."

A country where legitimacy comes from religious leaders?

serge said...

I don't know where their legitimacy comes from.I just know that they are totally
unaware.It sounds so ridiculous.
What will be the next step?
Transcendental Meditation for all?
At least that could eventually help!

3li- said...

Over-blown sentimentality over a an expedient ephemeral political alliance dos not a nation make, neither does it insure justice or equality. We know what these same leasers were doing just a decade ago.

Lebanon is broken. It will take compromise, sacrifice, and sweat, blood and tears. Stop reveling in fake circumstance.

Doha said...

This is not about the religious leaders, it's about coexistence. Not Riad Solh Square versus Al-Azarieh!

Anonymous said...

One mass for the Aounists,
One mass for the LFs,
One sayyid for the Shias,
One mufti for the FM,

And In the land of Persia, where the shadows lies,
The one asshole, to bring them war

Anonymous said...