Thursday, December 07, 2006

Why Another Mass Rally?

No political settlement yet, but a new development: the Opposition has called for another demonstration in Riad Solh Square starting Sunday with the aim of toppling the government.

Why do that, when there is a genuine search among all parties to reach a compromise and a solution to this political deadlock?

At any rate, the government has three demands it will not compromise: 1) a national unity government, yes, but not that which gives the opposition 1/3+ of the Cabinet seats, 2) early Presidential elections, and 3) the international tribunal; there is a verbal agreement to the tribunal but the government has not seen this agreement operationalized in Cabinet meetings.

In my assessment, the Higher Maronite Council's statement yesterday, seems to provide a roadmap out of the impasse right now.

Aoun has sent a delegate to Bkirki in support of this roadmap. But if this is the case, then why is Aoun still calling on his supporters to head en masse to Beirut for a renewed mass rally on Sunday? Is it just a verbal agreement?

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


FGA said...

Doha, just like Pavlov's dog upon hearing the ring, Aon's ears popped up and his tail started wagging when he heard "presidency"!! wwwoooooofff woooooofffff wwwooooooof!


Solomon2 said...

Why? Because last week Nasrallah declared an "open-ended" rally and it failed! Apparently too many anti-government demonstrators lost interest. To keep its star from dimming rapidly the "Opposition" must act quickly to regain momentum.

The risk, of course, is that a "renewed" rally of smaller numbers than before will simply be a demonstration of weakness, not strength, and thus will accelerate the political decline of the anti-Government forces.

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