Monday, August 08, 2005

Celebrity moving to Lebanon!!!

I am sooooo excited! Have you all heard??? Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed has packed his bags and moved from London to Beirut! Whoopi!!! Beirut is definitely becoming the Paris of the Middle East... Just look at what kind of high-quality people we're getting!

You see Mr. Bakri is definitely high quality. He left London for Beirut because it just wasn't good enough for him! The corrupt and incompetent bureaucracy in London was simply making it impossible for Mr. Bakri to go about carrying out his daily affairs.

What are his daily affairs??? Well, just take a good look at the picture.

You see, Mr. Bakri feels the unquenchable urge to "fulfil the message of Islam." He once told the Washington Post that he'd “ to see the Islamic flag fly, not only over number 10 Downing Street, but over the whole world.” Oh how proud I am of the fact that this man somehow has obtained a Lebanese passport. I just can't wait to go back to Lebanon, so that I can join his party and help him post the Islamic flag on the top of the Grand Serail in downtown Beirut. Oh how excited I am! Lebanon is going back to the 7th century AD any time now!!! This is so cool.

Can anyone feel the excitement? Aren't we all so so happy? In the 1980s we got that wonderful toxic waste from Italy that we spread all over our mountains. And now we're getting celebrities too!

Update: It appears that two sources have claimed that Mr. Bakri is a "dual Lebanese-Syrian" citizen. Click here to read the Reuters article that claims that. Click here to read the Naharnet story that also claims that. Naharnet reports that he is "visiting his mother" in Lebanon.

The fact that Mr. Bakri attained a Lebanese passport is scandalous. He was born in Syria, and even though his mother might be Lebaese, Lebanese law stipulates that children of parents with mixed nationalities can only attain the Lebanese passport if the father is Lebanese. Where the &*^% is transparency??? What did the Brits give us for taking in this rubish??? I want to know!


mic said...

calm down. Please.

Anonymous said...

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Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

who the HELL gave a visa to this guy?

For once I'll be happy to coordinate with Syria. This guy must go from where he came from (syria). Let's give hime to Ghazi Kenaan.

Anonymous said...

Is he the guest of Saad Hariri?

ThinkingMan said...

If the Lebanese government had one spine in it, they should have forbidden his entry.

Abu Kais said...

I have read this post with much horror. According to The Guardian, the guy is originally from Syria. Get this: Saudi Arabia expelled him in 1986 for his extreme views!

And I would be happy if that idiot thought and reasoned like the scholars and thinkers of the 7th century!! Bakri and delusional people like him fell off the evolution tree a long time ago. There is no place on earth for him.

I share your shock. May Syria take him. I certainly do not want him in Lebanon.

Anonymous said...


you were quicker than me! I read the news yesterday morning and was horrified...The guy is supposedly visiting family in Lebanon, but of course, I think we canexpect him to be staying a bit longer...He was head of the Mujahidoon, an islamic organisation here in London, which was dissolved last year. There was an interview with his predecessor yesterday on Hardtalk (BBC). It was scary. The man expressed no feelings of pity or sadness whatsoever for the attacks in London. He refused to condone the attacks. All he said was that he would never criticise or oppose a 'muslim brother' (and that goes for Bin Laden too); he declared Britain and the whole world as 'dar el harb' (a place of war against infidels', and perceives all non muslims to be 'guilty of not believing in God'. Although he was born in London, he declared he has no allegiance to Britain. He accused all muslim clerics who condemned violence as government clerics (ie traitors of islam). Plainly put, he is one of those who most probably encourages terrorist acts. And the best part? well, he studied with Omar Bakri, and they are seen to share the same views. Let's hope the press and others in Lebanon raise their voices...

raf* said...

actually ...

... the guy on "hard talk" claims that the WHOLE WORLD is "dar al-harb". funny enough, he choses to live in the "harb-est" of all places - london. well, maybe the 2nd-most "harb-est" ... after the u.s.

the nice thing about bakri moving to lebanon & not syria is that the chances of him having an "accident" are higher.

should we coordinate efforts to make sure someone pushes him onto tariiq al-mataar?


Hassan said...

Annahar says he has a Lebanese passport. Can anyone verify? Thanks.

Hassan said...

Ok, I saw the updates. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Of all of the countries in the world that this cretan could have chosen to hide in, Lebanon gets the pick. Why? Why does Lebanon become the selection for hard core Islamo-lunatics? I guess because Afghanistan is no longer available. Therefore, is Lebanon then to become the new Afghanistan?

Lebanese Meze said...

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

That’s how the Statue of Liberty greets people.

Lebanon, If I can venture say, greets people like this:

Give me your hypocrite, your Islamist/Reactionary/Isolationist, and huddled masses of gangsters yearning to pillage free. Send these, the pilferers, and the rest of the assholes to our golden shore for we accommodate all.

Anonymous said...

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Firas said...

Syria accuses us of harboring islamists and what do we do? We invite Sheikh shish kabab over! A sound decision that reflects strategic thinking. Next thing you know Bin Laden will be visiting the whore houses he used to frequent in Hamra.. Sure...why not?! Did anyone say this a country and not farm?!

Firas said...

Turns out Sheikh batata aquired the Lebanese passport through the infamous naturalization decree in 1994 that bestowed the passport on thousands of Syrians in an unconstitutional manner.

Check front page Hayat for more details.

Raja said...

LOL!!! Sheikh batata!! LOL!!! Akh... Firas... good one.

Doha said...

oh, raja, you forgot, sheikh shish kabab!

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