Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Silencing the Noise: Equality Before Justice

Yesterday, PM Seniora addressed the Lebanese public by letting them know that all Lebanese are equals before the law and justice. I must say that I started to believe that for the first time.

Reading today about Nassir Kandil made me for an instant remember former Minister Wi'am Wahhab. Where is he these days? He used to be all over the place, in Baabda, in Rabieh, in Salim Hoss's house, in Bkirki even. Where is Talal Arslan? Where is Assem Qanso?...

Suddenly I'm getting the feel that all those who were emboldened enough to spew hate words, emboldened enough to undermine the significant strides taken right after Hariri's assassination, emboldened enough to mock an international investigation into the February 14 massacre are no where in sight. Somehow the fear that justice will take its course, that in fact everyone is equal before the law has rendered them absent from our TV stations on on the pages of our newspapers.

Someone like Wi'am Wahhab did feel that he was above the law. The same goes for Nasser Kandil. Interestingly enough, in Kandil's TV appearance at the Syrian-Lebanese border, he sounded emboldened, so above it all, defiant to say the least. Right after his release past midnight, he had nothing to say except attesting to Mehlis's professionalism and neutrality.

In the hope that this mantra "justice above all" will silence the stray unpatriotic noise. Isn't it too good to be true, that at one point in our history everyone will be equal before the law?

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Raja said...

for just one case. However, the more assassins are sent to the Hague the more people start to think twice before doing stupid things.

I hope that this sets a precedent.

Anonymous said...

this is besides the point, but reading an article from Le Figaro (French daily)on the arrest and interrogation of Jameel al Sayyid, I was startled to find out that (provided he is not held any further) he plans on opening a centre for strategic studies in Lebanon...."strategic"? this word can justify a thousand things!!