Monday, August 01, 2005


The famously free Syrian press is continuing its campaign of slander against Lebanon and its leaders. Here is the latest as published by the Syrian weekly Al Iktissadiya:

-A baby Saad Hariri crying because his father was killed by the Syrians
-A Jumblat with many masks hanging out of his pockets telling a baby Sa'ad Hariri "the Syrians killed your father."
-A Sharon embracing Jumblat telling him "Syria killed Hariri"

This one depicts Lebanese Prime Minister Sanioura receiving commands by phone from the United States and Saudi Arabia. His assistant is also telling him of commands from the late Rafic Hariri's wife and sister.


Firas said...

1st- International diplomacy, state relations, and Lebanese-Syrian "brotherhood" aside, how rude do you have to be to mock the death of fallen leaders?!

2nd- I guess the Syrian regime finds it acceptable only when Lebanon's Prime Minister is dictated by Syria's commands. They forgot that they used to intervene in all Lebanon's affairs, from the extension of Presidential terms to the appointment of village councils.

I truly advise the Syrian regime and its media outlets to get a grip. Lebanon is for the Lebanese, not yours nor Israel's!

Raja said...

Really nice post, Firas. Thanks for the nuanced translation/explanation.

Ramzi S said...

I think its pure jealousy. Here is Lebanon, the smallest country, with the weakest army that has the most freedom and democracy in the Arab world and is moving toward a fully independent future.

If I was Syrian I would be furious with jealousy and blame it all on the West favoring Lebanon over Syria. When really we Lebanese are always scolded for our mistakes but are never credited with our successes!

Anonymous said...

da first is kinda funny!

momo said...

there is a saying on the lines of when people like you they dont talk about you. people speak bad of you when they are jealous.... when the syrian regime retorts to such comments that tells you to what humble stataus they have been reduced to.
this idiot Wadah abed rabo who is the editor of the Al iktissadiya ( and a great free economy syria has!) also called for the excution of Hariri and Jumblat in return for the 37 workers that syria claim died after the assasination of the man whose is worth more than the entire syrian regime past present and future!
the fact is that syria has been humiliated for good and tha baath regime is not able to coem to terms with the reality. such aregime is doomed sooner or later becuase they cannot modernise or repair or evolute on their own.

Doha said...

Their humor is lame; that's all I could say.

Khaled said...

Guys to be fair.. these cartoons were piblished before the visit of PM Sanyrao..
RIP Martyr Hariri and may god be with you Shaikh Saad

Anonymous said...

I think all this shows that Syria has major internal problems and are trying hard to deflect the focus and show they are still in control.
Time will tell.

JoseyWales said...

The humor is lame if you can call it that.

This stupidity is yet another manifestation of what is well know:

1) Syria thinks it is entitled to Lebanon and to running it.

2) Syria can't utter a serious, or "funny", or even irrelevant statement without it involving Israel. It's pathetic, like the time "one-semester-western-educated" Bashar thought he would endear himself to the Pope by saying the jews had "betrayed " Christ.

These people are totally out of touch, and infantile, but carry tremendous and murderous power. Very scary.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:42 wrote: da first is kinda funny!

da!!! no Blinglish please ! :)

Anonymous said...

Lebanon is Syria's nightmare.
Lebanon has to live with a neighbour
gone amok.We the Lebanese have to
understand we cannot cuddle a pitbull.

Anonymous said...

Haha, oh so true! RIP Martyr Shahid Sayid Doctor God Rafic Al-Hariri, we love you man. You were a man of the people, living like one of us, you felt our pain, and now we feel yours. p.s. you owe us $35 billion.

Firas said...

Well no doubt reconstruction took a heavy toll on Lebanon and could have been achieved at a lower cost.

Yet, I would like you to point out who else could have accomplished such a task, let alone at what price.

There were policies of the late Hariri that I had reservations on, but at least he didn't steal from the government and put in his pocket like all other politcians. He has a vision for Lebanon and brought a team to implement. I need not tell you who prevented that from happening and increased the costs.

yaman said...

This is absolutely disgusting.

But, ah, the irony! Boohoo, the foreigners are meddling in Lebanese affairs! Wait--wasn't that us a few months ago?

Who's the crybaby, really?

khaled said...

Just for the record.. the whole consttruction process inclusive the following:
building new:
Public buidlings
etc. etc..

costed less than 5 Billion... so please do not say that the reconstruction costed lebanon this much..
Just some points for you all to ponder about..

Army costs 2 B per year.
Electricyt Loss of 0.75 B per year.

if you just add thes above figure and multiply for the past ten years you will know how much they have affected tge public debt.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Yes but was Hariri and Siniora responsible? True he was prime minister but most of the policies were not decided by him.

Was it Hariri who put Hobeika at the ministry of energy? Was it Hariri behind the al-madina scandal? Do you think that Amal, PSP and Lahoud were not part of the governement?

Hariri is partially responsible for the debt but blaming the whole thing on him is unfair.

Hassan said...

Thanx for the pictures Firas, but I think you got an inverted sequence of dialogue baloons in the first.