Friday, April 29, 2005

an appeal to fellow bloggers Lebanese everywhere!

Fellow bloggers and Lebanese everywhere,

Over the past few days, politics back home seems to have degenerated into the usual sectarian bull**t that we've gotten used to for most of our lives. Let us not waste our precious time and effort analyzing and writing about the game the "political elite" are playing... let us play our own game.

Let us write about what we would like to see happen in Lebanon, and how we can make it happen. While the politicians back home bicker about how much power they want to divy up to each other, let us dedicate ourselves to creating wealth and power for all of Lebanon.

Yesterday, Reem wrote about adding value to Lebanon
Maya, also wrote about an association that we could create to identify with, freely associate in, and maybe ultimately become a real NATIONAL force for Lebanon as a whole.

This is the discourse that I want to flourish. Blogs are supposed to be alternative voices. Let's keep it that way... but we shouldn't just observe, we should also play our game.


Charles Malik said...

You're right. But the problem is that those guys still control us.
I'm waiting for these elections to see if we can overturn anything.
People are energized and motivated. A lot of people without wasta think they now will have more rights. Of course, people with wasta have no interest in seeing the end of the current system.

Maya said...

Thank you for your words of encouragment! Just trying to let everybody know that I have thrown in some new ideas about the potential Lebanese Abroad Association. Please check my blog for the latest info and be sure to give me feedback or volunteer.

Maya said...

Hi Raja.
Thanks for getting back to me. I understand whhat you are saying, and I know I am getting carried away... it's just so hard to know where to start! Please email me and give me some more feedback and ideas on how to make this process smooth and efficient. Appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Very good idea what we want to see for lebanon.

1- Eliminate Nabih Berry from power along with his thugs, allies, friends, offspring, relatives, and anyone related to them, that way you ensure not having CRIMINALS in power.

2- Eliminate the corruption caused BY berry and his thugs as well as other ARMED political parties PUSHING its thugs into government positions BY FORCE!!!!!!.

3- Eliminate ALLLLLL armed political parties !!!!! and removal of all weapons from the country.

4- Implement a VERY VERY difficult system of recruiting army members, police members in that country with an extensive limitations to their powers of taking decisions and with WAY MORE LESS benefits than what they have now from the TAXPAYERS MONEY and provide NO protection at all NOR any respect to the citizen that PAYS thier salaries!!!!!

5- automation and detailed documentation of all offered transactions in the country and eliminating ANY possiblity of bribery or the vicious circles a citizen has to go throug while doing a very simple bureaucracy transaction!!!!!!!....

6- eliminate the dominance of WHO YOU KNOW in education institutions, and stop ALL political parties from interfering with admissions to the various universities....even on the level of the universities themselves an effort should be made to STOP the effect of who you know in admissions and let people who KNOW take the lead....countries that want to develop should listen to its BRAINS not its weapons and thugs like berry, aon, gea gea jenblat and many others !!!!

7- eliminate ALL members ofr the parliament and implement a NEW system of elections based on the identity card that was supposed to have a BARCODE on it for that purpose ..BUT NOOOOOOOO the barcode was scrambled and that system never came to light, the old misplaced box of votes is the prevalent form of honest elections in lebanon ...yeaaaaa right.

8- in short, if these sound to extreme for you , think of how beautiful it is when you go to register an apartment you recently bought and how many ASSES you have to SUCK in order to get to the PERSON who will take you to the employee who would tell you which office to go to in order to do this ...and you have to pay them and be thankful and be humiliated to their service !!!!!! and mind you these services ARE supposed to be given IN DETAILS as a mandate !!!!!!!!! no one should have to go through such an ordeal and in the end pay a small fortune in bribes just to get his/her title deed cleared. and you want to know what shuould be done and what you want to see happen to lebanon ??????????

HOW about removing all the benefits from government positions like the CAR ( the latest mercedes 600 2006 , for the member, another for his wife, five to six maids, a jaguar for the daughter, trips and gasoline for free on the expense of WHO???? ) what did you do to the people to deserve all this when 80 % are below poverty line ....aren't those members of parliament who are supposed to REPRESENT the people humans too and at least BE among them ..and their LEVEL of income ....let the world KNOW what are the incomes in lebanon , let the people KNOW how much does a memebr of the parliament earns per MONTH and for what ...just to show up before election and then never HEAR from them again except with an appointment and be bounced from month to month then be given the third degree by the security ....

i;ll tell you what lebanon wants

it needs a total revamp!!!!!!!! a total revamp of all its politicians!!!!!!! let the people who are qualified and WORTHY of being in power stand in ....BRAINS.... ability , knowledge, good intentions....NOT weapons and thuggerie and immitations of movies .... if a leader is GOOD , he/she has nothing to fear and would not have to go with escort and 10 armored cars and all that crap ....someone who does that ...clearly has issues and has not one skeleton in the closet ..rather a MASS burial ground in the closet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!