Saturday, April 09, 2005

hidden wonders & lost potential!

That's a picture of Nahr Ibrahim (Abraham River) ... right next to the village of Shehwaan. I go hiking there whenever I'm back in Lebanon. The trail is wonderfull; the water is fresh and the vegetation is fantastic!

Everytime I go there however, I ache! It has such potential to be a tourist destination for both Lebanese and non Lebanese, but the local municipality does nothing to keep things clean and provide services. For example, campers leave some of their trash behind because there are no signs instructing them not to do so, and no park rangers to enforce the rule.

I also see such huge potential for entrepreneurs in the village! The hiking trail exists, and there is a year-round flow of hikers. But it seems like only a few people know about it, and unless you meet them, you're not gonna know how to get there!

So much more can be done: street signs, advertizements, vendors, etc....

If I ever get around to it, and no one else does anything, this place is definitely one that I will do something about when I return to Lebanon. I see potential!!!Posted by Hello


reem said...

You're right Raja. There's a lot of potential there, and Lebanon could create its niche in the areas of ecotourism...During some of my hiking trips, I came accross small groups of French or German tourists, so the interest is there. We only need to reach out to this target tourist pool. Imagine the package: enjoying nature while staying in bed and breakfast, enjoying good Lebanese food and hospitality ;) count me in if you ever take up the project!

Anonymous said...

"so much more can be done: street signs, advertizements, vendors, etc..."
you worry me... what, and a McDonald's next?

Raja said...

I'd prefer village-owned & operated vendors... I believe I referred to "village entrepreneurs" in my post.