Saturday, April 02, 2005

Lebanese Marines

Their argument is that Syria shouldn't leave Lebanon because we don't have the means to protect ourselves. Well... these guys look pretty professional. In fact, I'm sure I wouldn't want to get on any of their nerves!

If the Syrians continue with their delaying tactics, I'm really gonna start looking forward to actually seeing these guys in action...Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

be more cool please

Don Cox said...

Who do you need protecting from?

Raja said...

from "rogue elements within who wish to rekindle the civil war."

Or even better, from the Zionist-American Imperial Conspiracy that seeks to convert all of us into slaves and, who knows, maybe even pigs!!!

Anonymous said...

Where are you living guys? on Mars?
The Lebanese people need to build a full blown republic, and I mean a true republic, not farm lands and ranches that belong to this or that!
Protection? yes, like any other country in the world protects its interests. We have the right as Lebanese to have our own INTERESTS that comes before and above any other interest. At least take into consideration the $35 Billon. Either we sink altogether or we stand united and defy the whole world. Our sons would not forgive us otherwise.

Raja said...


you have to ask the question: what are "Lebanese interests"? It seems that every community defines Lebanese interests in a different way!

In Lebanon, we seem to have Iranian, Syrian, French, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Egyptian, US and Russian interests

We have every single interest in the world, except Lebanese!

If I can allow myself to be really cynical, I'd say that all our local politicians' do is basically translate these diverse interests and make it seem that they came up with them!

We need much more unity than what currently exists in our country. And I don't just mean physical proximity... I mean proximity of perspectives! I also mean a respect for the nation that still really doesn't exist. i.e. there must be red lines, which if crossed, could be considered treason and punishable by death.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that politics in Lebanon is not local, but global. If you have a fair election you can elect who ever you want to deal with, to take care of whatever you want. Isreal will not be a threat to a free republic in the Mid-East. <-I hope that is not a rude label.

LebaneseMarine said...

One lebanese marine can kill three Israeli´s, no question about that.