Friday, April 22, 2005

The Silver Lining Is In Sight

Washington DC is gloomy and rainy today, reflecting the sadness in many of our hearts for losing Dr. Fleihan. The funeral service was moving. He must have felt peace listening to the warm eulogies praising his soul. I skipped half a day of work to watch it through; spent my morning in mourning. Mourning is overcoming grief; we must do that in order to follow in his path of loving Lebanon till death.

...And in fact, there is cause for rejoicing today despite all the pain: Jamil El-Sayyid and Ali Hajj have resigned and PM Mikati confirmed that elections will be taking place before the 31st of May.

The silver lining is in sight...

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."

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