Thursday, July 14, 2005

...And The Confrontation Continues

I read the Friday headlines of the Lebanese press: Seniora's allies, Jumblatt and Qornet Shehwan, disagreed with Lahoud's decision to opt for a government made up of Technocrats, which led Hariri to succumb to their demands. They believe that our country needs right now at this historical juncture a government made up of a strong team.

Seniora will be meeting with Lahoud a couple of days later to submit yet another Ministerial lineup (not sure if either another national unity government or majority lineup) and if Lahoud yet again turns down the lineup, Seniora will consult with his allies and will either resign or wage a full confrontation with Lahoud.

There are talks (especially in Al-Mustaqbal's Thursday editorial) that stalling will continue until the UN investigative team uncovers its report which is about to be concluded....

More will be upcoming...

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


ThinkingMan said...

I thought it was Seniora that wanted a technocrat gvt from Day 1.

It could be a good thing, as the Parliament will play a bigger role in handling the big issues such as 1559, Hezbollah's status, Syria's relations, etc...and the government will focus on running the services and economy, industry, finance.

For e.g. having a strong and effective internal police and security should have nothing to do with any party.

Let's hope they can give us a government that is effective and respected- that's all I am asking.

Doha said...

Actually, I'm starting to get tired of all of this. It's seriously like a show. Like you said, can we just have a government? Following Lebanese politics day by day can give someone either high blood pressure, heart problems, or insomnia--it's all the roller coaster rides that our politicians take us through.

On another point, I speculated in my other posts that most probably what Lahoud wants is a technocratic gov't headed by Mikati. It just seems we're heading towards there.

ThinkingMan said...

As an update, I understand now that technocrats won't fly because of Jumblatt, Hezb-Amal, LF and FPM vetoes which is a dead deal.
So, Seniora is back to a mix of parliamentary/non-parliamentary that gets 105 supporting votes, according to Naharnet (without Aoun).

Doha said...

TM, I think is a bit sluggish today, I actually posted early morning a Breaking news post on this topic but it did not show up on the forum.