Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Parliament: Skeletons and Debates

The focus now will of course be centered around the heated debates that took place in Parliament the past three days and all the "taboo" subjects that were brought up. And that focus will again of course be used and abused negatively and most probably will be cast in a sectarian light.

But as I heard the Prime Minister address the Parliament before he gained his Cabinet's confidence, I am only comforted at a person who is processing what the Lebanese usually take as negative and look at it in a different light, more positive one. He expressed his belief in transparency, in saying it all, in putting everything out on the table even if it is discomforting and this is all in order to move forward.

I agree with Seniora. For the first time the Parliament is fulfilling its role, namely being the ultimate forum for debate. And yes, the Lebanese Parliamentarians are opening Lebanon's closet and exposing the hundreds of skeletons that have been hidden there for so long. It is not a pretty sight, but this should all have happened a long time ago...

Our fellow blogger from Lebanese Political Journal, Lebanon.Profile, once brought up the point of whether the Lebanese political process can incorporate one-issue advocacy. I believe it is looking clearer to me that there are many issues that will split the Lebanese and provided that we pass through this critical period peacefully, we will move towards a situation where positions on issues will become more articulated by politicians and hopefully will lead towards electoral programs that are based on issue politics.

In his speech after gaining the vote of confidence, Seniora promised to hold monthly sessions open to the media that will relay to the public the progress of the government in moving forward with their Policy Statement. He also noted the weaknesses of the Statement expressed by many MPs and acknowledged their concerns and promised that their constructive advice will be taken into account to further bolster the government's agenda.

I am waiting for the upcoming monthly public session and also awaiting the outcome of Seniora's visit to Syria today...

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."

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