Saturday, July 02, 2005

FPM - Future - Cabinet

Aoun's discourse has surprised me lately - I'm impressed. He's calm, composed and conciliatory. A more important development has been his claim that both FPM and Future share at least 95% of their agendas. I see them as the most natural allies in this new cabinet (I say this as neither a member of Future nor the FPM). Assuming that both entities want the best for Lebanon, economically and administratively, they could not be better suited for each other.

I'd also like to add that Hizballah could also be placed in that category. I'm totally against politicization of any religion, and I don't think I would support Hizballah's agenda for Lebanon. But Hizballah is not the agenda-setter in this cabinet, and could bring honesty and professionalism with them to it. I look foward to seeing what the party's ministers are able to accomplish.

Political competition between all the groups is definitely going to play a role in the machinations of the upcomming cabinet - so are regional developments and considerations. I am confident however that it could very well be the most productive in our post-war history.


Charles Malik said...

Hezbollah has the reputation of being incorruptable. Maybe we should see if that is true.

Giving Hezbollah any major policy position is frightening. Definitely don't want them in Defense, Interior, or Foreign Affairs. But a smaller ministry will give them the chance to prove themselves in administration.

Hezbollah's speciality is rhetoric. Let's see what they can do when given a tangible, nationwide, non-sectarian asset.

This would also provide a nice foil to Berri. Although it would not be totally fair, everyone would immediately compare Hezbollah's portfolio to Berri's. Perhaps it would make the latter more accountable.

Raja said...

Agree with you on every point!

An interesting question:

Would anyone support giving Hizballah the Defense Portfolio if that was the price of incorporating Hizballah's "militia" into the Lebanese Armed Forces?

Anonymous said...

Giving Hizballah the Defense portofolio is tantamount to going to war with Israel (I do realize we are still fighting occupation, but what I'm suggesting is a full scale war). I don't think that is the ideal way of resolving the remaining issue of the Shebaa farms... perhaps someone with more of an inclination towards political solutions would be more suited for the post?

Anton Efendi said...

One of the reasons behind Aoun's newest image is that he now has the support of the Patriarch. QS has lost his cover.

Anton Efendi said...

As for hizbullah and corruption, let's just say that they're demanding the services portfolio. Gee I wonder why. Remember what I wrote about the crucial importance of weapons and patronage networks (the "social services") for them.