Saturday, July 16, 2005


Syria Seizes 5 Lebanese Fishermen & their Boats

Syria has arrested five Lebanese fishermen and seized their two boats after they strayed into Syrian territorial waters from the northern port city of Tripoli.
The association of fishermen staged a sit-in around Tripoli's government house on Saturday, demanding that the detained fishermen since Friday be allowed to return with their two boats home.

Public Works Minister Adel Hamieh called his Syrian counterpart Makram Obeid by telephone Saturday and asked that the stray fishermen be released.

Hamieh also issued a warning to fishermen in north Lebanon to avoid Syrian territorial waters.

An Nahar


Firas said...

Oh...add this from todays Washington Post... Tell me they are not banning the small water bottles with the sports caps...i can see potential for many racist jokes on this one.. ;-)

"A Lebanese mineral water company was banned from exporting to or through Syria because its metal bottle caps have six points, which resemble the six-pointed Star of David on the Israeli flag, and the water distributor in Syria has been jailed"

Here is the link to the article by Robin Wright today

If it needs a login, tell me and ill post it.

MalikElBatata said...

i have been feeling guilty lately towards upsetting syria and causing this humiliating closure to the syrian question in Lebanon. i suddenly am not guilty anymore~ i'm actually thanking god these misfits left us alone. turns out they didn't leave us alone. this is a time to have a more pro american stance especially when it comes to ousting the Syrian regime. Amen

Hassan said...

Which mineral water company would that be? Any idea? I don't recall any such caps?

JoseyWalse said...

They'll go as low as the supine Lebanese will let them go. Heard any one officially complain? (other than some "imperialist" US official).

Oh, sorry, I forgot: saying something would play into the hands of the zionist enemy who wants to divide the Arab brothers to rule he planet. Shhhsh

Firas said...

Think its the white sport caps that come the small bottles you take to the gym. A number of mineral water companies have them... ya3ne how silly can silly get i dont know...

acrobat said...

"If it needs a login, tell me and ill post it."