Monday, September 26, 2005

Are We Aware That We Are Fighting A War Of Liberation?

So why May? Is it a message to LBCI or a message to every Lebanese, to all of Lebanon? Is it because LBCI was allocating more air time for Seniora's visit in the U.S. than that of Lahoud's? Is it because of what is happening on the Mehlis front and his visit to Damascus?...And the list of questions goes on.

I wish I was in Lebanon right now and today to be able to flock to Martyr's Square for the demonstration this evening. May Chidiac touched a sensitive nerve; so far all of those who have been targets for assassinations have either perished or came out alive, alive but whole. May came out alive yesterday but not whole and this strikes a bitter, angry, distressed, and painful nerve inside of me.

She is that nation that they want to kill inside of us; the Lebanon they want to amputate from our hearts, from our bodies. They have been twisting and twisting the tourniquet around our limbs for so long now. We are a nation in limbo. We are waiting for Godot, waiting for the Truth. And while we wait, the blood flow to our limbs is starting to weaken, just in time for amputation.

What can we do? The Lebanese blogosphere has been on leave for a while (include me on the list). While I wait for Godot, I have been found guilty of turning my eyes and head away from Lebanon; my heart still there, but excuse human nature that awaits an action to react.

If today no one shows up to Martyr's Square, perhaps then it would be time to pack the bags and leave the Lebanon. Is it too late? Is it too late for us, the Lebanese youth? Have we been desensitized all already? Will Hizbullah, Amal and FPM youth be there? Will they stand hand-in-hand with the Future, LF, and PSP and others to say "ENOUGH!"? To say that this is going too far, that Lebanon is being targeted, not only a person?

I wait with much anticipation. Mind you, that fear has sunk once again in people's hearts, fear of death, fear of saying the truth, fear of saying "Souriyya, Tla3i Barra!"

Even journalists today on TV had to make a decision, to say or not to say it all. I personally pray for Faris Khashan's life; he almost has put his life in God's hands as he lashed out fiercely and openly on TV today morning against "Al Kouloub Assawada'" (the black hearts.)

We are fighting a war here; are we aware of this? We are fighting our war of LIBERATION!

Allah Yihmeek Ya Libnan!

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


JoseyWales said...

We'd better wake up to that.

Of course it is a war of liberation. The problem is that a very sizable (and shifting) part , if not majority, of the population still wants to stick its head in the sand.

Some said "liberation" back before 75.

Some said it in 75-76.

Some said it in the 90s.

And some still do not want to see it.

Not to pick on Raja, but just as an example (which he probably did not mean like "that"). In the previous post Raja says this time "they" went too far.

What do you (generic "you") mean "this time"?

It was not too far when "they" started the civil war by killed moslems here and christans there?

It was not too far when, 30 years ago, "they" tortured Selim Laouzi, dipped his hand in acid and cut off his tongue before killing him?

No one said anything. So it never stopped.

Lebanese interests are still, to this day, being put behind Syrian and Palestinian interests in the security arena, which primes everything. As simple as that.

There will NEVER be security without Lebanese sovereignty over the whole of Lebanon's territory.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

It's finished, we won, the Baathi regime is fighting its last battle. They are already history.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

-- Dear Doha & VoxPop,

As Plato famously said: one must first “liberate” himself from his own illusions, if he is to free his brethren...

I don’t know who committed that horrendous crime in Jûniyeh yesterday evening…and, frankly, I suspect no one knows for sure at this juncture.

BUT I think US and Middle-Eastern chattering classes are simply too eager to peddle Saudi conspiracy theories involving inevitably sinister Syrian operatives such as Colonel Rustom Ghazaleh, General Ghazi Canaan or Chief-Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the “Amn-al-A’am!

Mainstream and/or Wahhabi-sponsored media are blaming it all on the decrepit Syrian regime, and as the barrel of oil stands above $65, most “independent” Arab and American journalists are sticking to this convenient canard… Not to mention the fact that moustached “Baathist butchers” make highly caricaturesque strawmen!

On the other hand, (what’s left of) pro-Syrian media in Beirut and Teheran are blaming it squarely on ubiquitous "Zionist agents".

I personally believe both theories are totally unfounded to use a polite word.

“Qui bono?” as Roman lawyers used to say: who benefits from these horrendous crimes targeting Christian journalists and intellectuals?

Well, based on that sound legal principal, I’d say Saudi Arabia and Iran are BY FAR the most likely suspects: I’d bet good money the former did it, using proxy executioners e.g. brainwashed Lebanese “Salafists” and/or Palestinian mercenaries trained in the Arabian desolate quarter’s terrorist camp(use)s.

ANYWAY, Prime Minister Seniorita and Saad Hariri are responsible for this horrendous crime: after all they now control all security/police apparatus and can’t blame it on Colonel Rustom Ghazaleh or General Alcazar: they must tender their resignation immediately, and agree to dissolve this highly incompetent Wahhabi-controlled puppet Parliament.

As for cynically self-appointed “truth seeker” Fares Khashan, I think you shouldn’t worry too much for him: hilarious clowns are seldom targeted by the powers that be- they’re simply too enjoyable to watch...

Anonymous said...

Intability in Syria is the only sure way for Lebanon to run its own affairs. Lebanon was its most independent when Syria had a leadership vacum in the 60s.