Monday, September 12, 2005

Naharnet and its pictures... What's the deal????

I've always been intrigued by Naharnet's choice of pictures! Every English article has an accompanying portait published along with it. Ever since I noticed that Bashar el Assad's picture was one where he looked cross-eyed, I knew that the selections were neither benign nor the first result that popped up in a google query.

The selection of Jumblatt's pictures have been interesting. I've seen pictures that showed Jumblatt staring ahead, as if day-dreaming. I've also seen pictures that have shown Jumblatt apparently in agonizing pain, with his hands on his head (I wish Naharnet had archives so that I could publish the other pictures too). Today though I see the following picture (which was published in an article titled Paris Turns into Alternative Political Capital of Lebanon):

So my question is: What is Naharnet's editor trying to convey??? Is s/he having fun? Is this some kind of message which only the most loyal Naharnet readers can decipher with time? I don't know... Whatever the case, this play with portraits is definitely intriguing and a little funny. What can I say? Another quirk courtesy of the one and only Naharnet!


Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Well the guy is the boss of Tueni's uncle so that should tell you something.

I think Jumblatt looks like Gollum in lord of the rings.

My Precious!

carine said...

jumblatt also bears an uncanny resemblance to papa dolmio

every time the commercial comes on tv i have quite a good laugh :)