Sunday, September 25, 2005

Why her???

These guys are going too far! This is really getting disgusting! What the *%&@ did she do in her life to deserve this??? Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Because some people prefer to kill you rather than allow you to claim that you are different.

Anonymous said...

Yet more anti-Nasara sectarian killings in our country.

No matter which bunch of cowardly fundamentalist thugs did it, be they Wahhabi murderers à la Hariri or Hizbullah-style Persian infiltrators, this has to stop now!

Prime Minister Seniorita and Saad Hariri are directly responsible for this horrendous crime: after all they now control all security/police apparatus and can’t blame it on Colonel Rustom, General Alcazar or Inspector Clouseau: they must tender their resignation immediately, and agree to dissolve this highly incompetent Wahhabi-controlled puppet Parliament.

Dr Vic

Raja said...

thanks for your input vic. Yeterday a "wahhabi" transported May in his personal convoy to Hotel Dieu. Another "wahhabi" (who I dislike bitterly, by the way) offered to take Ms. Chidiac to wherever in the world would offer her the best treatment.

Does the fact that Mehlis just returned from Syria ring any bells that head of yours?

Don Cox said...

What did all the victims of car bombs in Iraq do? The sooner the Baathists are all in jail the better.

Raja said...

nothing, don. nothing. the middle east is currently a very ugly place.