Monday, September 26, 2005

the time for talking is over!

We've all talked. We've all protested. We've given this government and parliament the strongest mandate of any in Lebanon's short history.

Politicians and politicking are one thing. Administrators and management are another. The security situation will be solved when this government does what it is supposed to do: administer and manage the affairs of government.

The solution is there. I know we cannot get there now, but again, the solution is clear: The time for protests and politics has passed - our role is over. Now it is the time for the government to step up to the plate and do what we have mandated it to do.

I want to see arrest warrants followed by detentions and trials. I want to see announced lay-offs in the ISF, and other security apparatuses. I, and all who are whitnessing this insecurity, want to SEE these developments. This situation has created a crisis of legitimacy in the apparatus of the state itself - it is no longer a battle of wills between different political groups.


Doha said...

Well, this issue Raja at its core has to do with accountability. Who should be accountable? Anyways, tomorrow as I just read in the news the Parliament will be holding a Government Accountability session. Let's see what will come out of that. The last thing I want to see is attacks on the government to score personal political gains (I"m imagining Berri and his latest statements towards the gov't.) Let's wait and see this through.

Anton Efendi said...

The Berri/HA attack on Seniora is part of something larger I think. I'm hoping to post on this soon when I get the time. Lots of interesting rumours and reports, esp. about Saad's visit to France and reported advice given to Seniora and Saad by French and American officials regarding HA and other related issues.

Anton Efendi said...

By the way, once again, Jumblat playing the most destructive role, like his father in the late 60s early 70s. My parallel is what Kamal did with the PLO his son is doing with HA. But the Sunni leadership and the Sunni "street" of the 70s and today are very different. This time, and Jumblat is right on this (though not in the way he puts it), there is no "outside" Arabist backer (a state or movement). No Egypt (Nasser), no PLO, and certainly no Syria. This time, the only ones talking "revolution" are HA). Also, unlike Kamal, Walid doesn't want to overhaul the system (the opposite is true, he wants to reestablish the Syrian era without the Syrians). So it was at once a good sign, but not quite surprising, to see Seniora and Saad tell them to shut up. I'll have more in my post hopefully soon.

Anton Efendi said...

Also, I wonder if Aoun's request from Berri is meant to cut the road on Berri and HA from bashing Seniora just for the sake of bashing. Again, my hope is for that center I've been talking about which is based on the FM and FPM. Again, more to come in the post.