Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New website?

I don't know if I was late in discovering this website, or if it is new. However, I bumped into Libnen.com earlier today while browsing the net. It's motto is "Lebanese news that matters." I'm not too sure about what matters in Lebanon, but they do manage to highlight events and issues that don't get too much attention.

One particular story I found interesting has to do with Lebanese driving. It appears that Lebanon was represented in an A-1 race (read junior sibling of Formula 1). Wanna guess how the race ended for the Lebanese team??? Check it out!


Raja said...

I'm so surprized people have not commented on this post yet! I thought the picture of the flipped car was hillarious! I don't think I'll ever find a better analogy to Lebanese driving for the rest of my life!!! :)

YL said...

I came across those pix on Sunday... between writing about May Chidiac and the flipped car, I chose the prior obviously... if only we had a dozen more hours in the day!