Saturday, September 10, 2005

Draw your own Conclusions!

Countries that have higher Human Development Indexes than Lebanon:

Columbia: Continues to suffer from a god-knows-how-long civil war today
Boznia and Herzogovina: We all know what this country went through in the 1990s
Macedonia: a less well-known civil war took place here in the late 1990s
Thailand: Don't Lebanese import domestic helpers from that country?

-Overall, Lebanon is ranked 81 out of 177 countries
-The country is considered to be part of the "Middle Human Development" category
-It lost one spot from last year

If you'd like to take a look at the PDF file with all the scores, click on this link. Warning: site is not for the faint-hearted!


Mustapha said...

"domestic assistance" is more appropriate than "servants" buddy.
change it and delete my comment :)

Hassan said...

I am reading the original file with all the scores, so this isn't a 100% real educated question yet. I am not sure this is actually calculated in those rankings, but how much money did we use to get from planting hashisheh/cannabis? :)

Columbia does suffer from a civil war, but one that has become a by-product of the new "Columbian Identity". Granted, this may be an “unseen” income or what ever you economists call it, but I am sure that it would add a considerable sum to our national income if we consider it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Afghanistan was up on the list before Lebanon. Oh I forgot the money does not go into that country, rather to the Taliban and/or CIA, depends who your favourite experts are.

Weed rules!

Lazarus said...

Well, the index for Lebanon does seem to have increased from 1990 till 2003. Our illiteracy rate seems to be pretty bad compared to other countries ...

Raja said...

willdo Mustapha. I really struggled with that one.