Wednesday, September 28, 2005

We Are Left In The Dark: To Cheer Or To Drive Out

Now that Elias Murr detonated the bomb, namely claiming that he received death threats from Syrian intelligence officers prior to his assassination attempt, will Murr ever return to Lebanon while Lahoud is in Baabda? Will Murr ever assume his position as Defense Minister in this government? Especially after Lahoud was quick at lavishing Syria with talk of a"model" relationship with the "shaqeeqa" and is glad with buddy Yacoub Sarraf as Defense Minister substitute?

These are good questions to ask. I am indeed so interested in the details that we the public rarely get any glimpse of. There is definitely a power struggle between Elias Murr and his father-in-law. Is it possible that Lahoud has severed ties even with his son-in-law just for the sake of keeping his "stellar" ties with Syria?

What about when Elias Murr was assassinated a couple of months back, it was claimed that even pro-Syrians are being targeted? Well, after all, I guess it wasn't a message to a pro-Syrian; it was a message to someone who has challenged the Syrian tutelage and we didn't know about that then.

My question then is: what did Lahoud do to protect his son-in-law? He did nothing; of course he knew of the threats against Elias Murr, but Lahoud did nothing. Lahoud could sacrifice widowing his daughter for the sake of staying on. What about Mrs. Lahoud? What's her take on her husband's actions towards her family?

I still haven't heard the father, Michel Murr's take on his son's declarations. Did he put his father in a tough situation? Will Aoun change his stance towards Lahoud after all? I read that this time around with Chidiac's assassination attempt, Aoun did not go all out defending Lahoud.

On another note, we are still in the dark when it comes to what Aoun's representative discussed in his meeting with Saad Hariri in Paris. Shortly after, Aoun claimed on Assafir that he asks Seniora and his defense minister to resign. What happened in Paris?

We are left with so many questions; we demand the answers to issues that are shaping our political and national destiny. We are kept in the dark. We as youth demand to know the facts so we could be able to decide for ourselves whom to cheer for and whom to drive out of power!

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Mustapha said...

When i wanted to write about what Elias el Murr has done. I had, like you, a generally positive attitude to his brave act.
The responses i got however shows that a lot of Lebanese don't trust the motives of Elias. Some are even suggesting that the whole thing is a gambit to actually protect Lahhoud.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

As I said on ur blog Mustafa, there's something we don't know here. I doubt that Murr suddenly has moral issues with terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Here'e how i see things:

1. Rustom Ghazaleh is currently under house scrutiny in Syria because he has tried to commit suicide and has been heard cussing out Lahoud for his dire situation. (I.E. he as inncocent as OJ was).

2. Murr is no brave hero. He decided to come out with his story when he realized that Rustom is goin down, like a white rapper with no rhyme or rhythm. He would have been brave had he actually came out with his story BEFORE he was targeted!!! Had he done so, perhaps we could have averted a few bombs, and May would have had all her linbs still intact. Anyway, better late than never, but I'm not about to gain new respect for the dude.

3. Lahoud's speech today kinda demonstrates that he is: A. a total moron, or B. scared #$%#-less cause he'd be the first on the hit list if the Syrian regime gets in more trouble, since their falling apart is directly due to their decision to keep him afloat. I can almost hear their leadership singing Cher's "If I can turn back time"


Anonymous said...

There are chances that he's going to shoot two bullets in his heads and make a nice scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

The Murr Lahoud saga is another trick to
divert attention.Out of good heart we
credit Murr with good intention and
forget we are dealing with mafiosis.
Those people don't belong to our specy
and when we dream freedom and sovereignty they think:What is there
for me...
It has always been about power and money
nothing else.
Mehlis investigation will show that
Hariri elimination was motivated by
greed rather than politics.
Two Mafias have been tearing the country apart for the last twenty years and mafias conflicts end up in
blood bath.

khaled said...

Ghazale is under no house arrest, he is still practicing his duties as head of syrian intelligence in the outskirts of damascus