Friday, October 28, 2005

The Army Assuming Its Role...Like Never Before

This is what I read today:

Troops closed all illegal trails from Syria with huge earth mounds and sealed off all supply lines to the four besieged bases of Ahmed Jibreel's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command and Abu Moussa's Fatah Uprising...All routes of smuggling gas and livestock from Syria have been shuttered for the first time since the Syrian army evacuated Lebanon in April...The army command in Yarze said the Bekaa operation would be called off only when the killers of a civilian topographer shot dead on Tuesday are handed over to Lebanese authorities..."The army's weapons will not be used in the interior against anyone," Defense Minister Elias Murr told reporters.

The Lebanese Army for the first time is exercising its rightful role, which is to namely protect the borders of Lebanon. Their first step was to move forward with ensuring that the illegal routes to Syria are secured and the hopes that our Army be also able to fully deploy on the borders with Israel.

Our Army is not only assuming its role (for the first time since I was born...), but also I value Murr's statement that the Army's weapons will never be directed towards the interior. I believe that this is the way business should have been conducted in our country. But there's always a beginning.

Moreover, the tight stance that the Army's leadership is taking towards the party that shot the innocent topographer on the border is impressive (...the Bekaa operation would be called off only when the killers of a civilian topographer shot dead on Tuesday are handed over to Lebanese authorities.

For the first time (and how many times have I been writing this phrase these days?...) our Army is showing us what it can really do, that it's above and beyond the petty concerns that it would split and that it's incompetent. I am a proud Lebanese!

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


JoseyWales said...

It's a good start Doha, but we need more quickly.

I got a post on that:
Army Response: Better, but not Enough

Anonymous said...

Nobody is fooled by this display of misplaced force.
They should have started deployment on the Israeli border.
Instead they are just driving the Syrian more crazy.
Anyway I really feel sorry for this poor army.

Doha said...


Why do you feel sorry for the poor army? and why do you think that this is a display of misplaced force? It helps to explain your point.

Anonymous said...

anon, you're wrong. The army should deploy everywhere. South, East, Camps and even the southern suburbs. This is their job.