Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Chapter VII UN Security Council Resolution Against Syria?

I've just read that the US, France and the UK are circulating a draft resolution among security council members. In my opinion, there is nothing objectionable in its content. I'm not too sure the usual obstructionist countries will be able to justify vetoing or voting against it. It basically calls for:

  1. The Syrian authorities to allow the commission to interview Syrians that it considers relevant to the inquiry "outside Syria and/or outside the presence of any other Syrian official if the commission so requests."
  2. It also calls for anyone designated by the commission as suspected of involvement in Hariri's assassination to be subject to a travel ban and to have their assets frozen.
  3. I believe that it requests that Syrian authorities detain those individuals the commision percieves to be suspect of playing a role in Hariri's murder.

From a standpoint of justice, there really is nothing so controversial about these demands. In fact, it could be extremely embarrasing for any member of the Security Council to vote against it. The controversy will probably sorround the "chapter 7" nature of the resolution. Chapter 7 is different from Chapter 6 in the sense that it legitimizes member states to use force to impliment the clauses written into the resolution. Will China and/or Russia accept such a resolution to be passed against Syira? Here is where I predict most of the wrangling is going on in current to near future.


Anonymous said...

It legitimize member states to use force to impliment the clauses written into the resolution.

Are you sure? Doesnt that require a 2nd resolution?

JoseyWales said...

Re a veto: You think the usual idiots will ever come out and say: "Russia and China are only doing their interest, not that of Lebanon."?


BobW said...

I am concerned that Russia will block ANY attempt to get Syria to cooperate. Why? Because I feel that Putin wants to curry favor with Syria, and doesn't care about what happens to the Lebanese citizens.

A crime has been commited, so let us see justice.

I wish you and your countrymen the best (those who are not willing to sell out their fellow countrymen to foreign powers)