Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ooooof... the entire arab world is turning against us! has published an article titled, Regional views supporting Syria on accusations of Mehlis report. I read it, and eventually experienced heart palpitations! Very few people piss me off as much as the average Egyptian who is so gung ho about "anti-imperialism, Israeli, Europe, Westernism," and the list goes on, yet who's government has signed a peace agreement with Israel. When you raise that point, the person will look at you and say, "ya you lebanese are lucky, you get to elect your leaders, but we don't!" I never respond, but deep inside I say, BULL S..T!!! The only reason they are so anti everything, is because they can be so, and not pay the consequences. It's almost like my Communist cousin who used to get dropped off to school in her dad's Audi A8.

Why am I saying this? Well... check out what the Egyptian press is saying about Mehlis' report:

Egyptian newspaper al-Akhbar denounced on Tuesday "claims and sayings," repeated by some Lebanese newspapers over Syria.

In a column, the paper noted that the timing of repeating these claims is a "conspiratorial fatal timing," that came a few hours before the UN Security Council session on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

"Do the [rioting and provocations against Syria in Lebanon, which also deteriorate the situation in Egypt by raising sectarianism], come in the framework of the so called policy of creative chaos that some have talked about in Washington," the paper asked.

Oh yeah! This is the kind of journalism and logic that the Egyptian press offers the Arab world and beyond. The exact same type that claimed that 9/11 was a conspiracy that was carried out by the "US Mukhabarat." Egyptians! From now on, everytime somebody makes a dumb comment, I'm gonna tell him that he's such an Egyptian! I've had enough of the nonsense that comes out of that country!

As for our other favorite Arab countries, go read the article to find out what they have published in their propaganda (oops, sorry, I meant news) papers.


JoseyWales said...

It's OK Raja,

If the Arab gvmts/press/mainstream intellectuals ( I repeat myself) are against you, you must be on the right track.

Anton Efendi said...

Now they also have an additional source besides Tishreen and Al-Ahram. It's called Syria Comment!

Anton Efendi said...

And I love how Egypt's sectarianism is Lebanon's fault! I love how all these countries who have serious sectarian problems, like Syria and Egypt, love to bash Lebanon (and now Iraq) on sectarianism, meanwhile it is only in Lebanon (and Iraq is on its way) that everyone is represented in Parliament (and even in cabinet to a certain extent), and not treated like a second class citizen, like the Copts are in Egypt, or where all power is in the hands of a kleptocratic family of thugs like in Syria.

Mona el-Tahawi laments Egypt on this very issue.

Charles Malik said...

As long as Saudi and the Gulf are on the side of Lebanon, nothing else really matters.

If Egypt stopped thinking ideologically, they would start pressuring the Lebanese government to changed the Syrian sponsored laws that limit the number of Egyptians who can work in Lebanon. Egyptians build practically everything in Jordan, and supposedly work for less than Syrian workers.
Lebanese businessmen would happily employ cheaper laborers from a country that stopped oppressing Lebanon in 1970.

khaled said...

what do you expect from countries who blame every thing on US and Israel, even if some guy caught a sexual disease, they will say US and Israel sent the woamn to infiltrate teh Arab youth..

it reminds of our famous proverb "El hak 3ala el telyan"

Anonymous said...

At least things have evolved. When I was a student (at IC) my communist friends used to drop themselves up in their own "Charger RT" (in case your're too young to know, Chargers were what we called Muscle Cars, more american than that does not exist).

Ghassan said...

We need to educate these people instead of complaining! Last summer I went to Egypt and I started conversation with everyone I met and the first topic was the Syrian occupation. They were surprised to hear it from a Lebanese because of the B.S. Arabism!!! Also, when I went to Jordan. The people started to tell me about how Israel and America are interferring in the Arab's (B.S.) business. I replied with asking them if they have a daughter or a sister who is married to a guy who is beating her up everyday, are you going to go and interfere in THEIR business to stop the abuse? Everyone said sure I will interfere acutally a lot of them said I will kill him! I told them we had the same situation. Our brothers (B.S.) came and started to humiliate us and we had enough so we kicked them out but after we (Lebanese Muslims and Christians) got united!!!

Another issue, why don't we send letters to these newpapers informing with the real situation!

Last but not least, freedom must be earned by sacrifing and willing to stand up for justice! You want to elect your leader, demonstrate and demand it!
God protect Lebanon!

Amerabian said...

I believe that we shouldn't blame anybody for what their leaders do.. the whole world is based on ditatorship.

We also must have some respect for our Egyptian brothers. Man, these guys did miracles in Sina, and you know what I'm talking about... Barlif.

I also respect your point, but I think that we shouldn't waist our time blaming each other the whole time.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Arab against Lebanon? why do I get a feeling of déja-vu?

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Anyway, LP is right, we have the gulfies with us. Nothing else matters.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Gulfies, US, UK, France and Germany. Nothing else matters.