Monday, October 03, 2005

Some Recognition

It appears that reporter Naoki Tomasini of Italian e-journal interviewed both Mustapha and I for a report on the May Chidiac assassination attempt. It is interesting to notice how the both of us gave her almost diametrically opposed views. I must say that I was pretty ticked when I wrote her an e-mail in response to the questions she sent.

A few words on the article though. I originally responded to Ms. Tomasini's questions in English. The author then wrote her article in Italian, and it was then translated into English by Michael Cullity. Therefore, the final product is not a totally accurate reflection of my words. The most flagrant example is the last sentence of the article, where I was quoted as saying:

"Although it must also be said that in this country only Christians have the means to make similar donations." (i.e. donations of a million dollars)

Of course, such an assertion is ridiculous. But just for the sake of clarification, I originally intended to say the following:

The means in Lebanon exist for Christians to donate to Christians and Muslims to donate to Muslims - whereas there are very few secular charitable institutions that take money from all sects and distribute its resources accordingly.


Hassan said...

That did need to be cleared. Thanks.

Lazarus said...

Congrats on the interview! And thanks for clearing it up. Maybe you should contact her for a correction.

Raja said...


I have. The problem is that the Italian version has been published for about a week.