Sunday, October 23, 2005

Christian Science Monitor advocates for sanctions against Syria

In an commentary titled, Bush's tipping point with Syria, The Christian Science Monitor declares that recent developments concerning Syria have culminated into another test of the Bush Doctrine, which among other things, calls for "drying up support for terrorism by democratizing Islamic nations."

  • The article briefly surveys recent developments with regards to the Mehlis report
  • It articulates what appears to be the Bush administration's current strategy towards Syria: "Trying to play relatively good guys off bad guys within the Damascus establishment to either buy time or instigate an internal coup."
  • And, it highlights the fact that American military resources and international good-will are stretched too thin to allow for force to be a feasible option.

The commentary is sound up to this point. It's conclusion though, is considerably disturbing:

International economic sanctions would send a message to the regime as well as to Syrians that they, too, can help lift the Arab world by relying on ballots instead of bombs.

Okay never mind the fact that a "Christian" publication is advocating for economic sanctions as a foreign policy tool (a tool that not only failed to accomplish a similar policy objective in Iraq, but also lead to the deaths of thousands of children among tens of thousands of civilians); it also assumes that the tool will actually succeed in "helping to lift the Arab world by convincing 'Syrians' to rely on ballots instead of bombs."

That statement presumes that the Syrian people prefer bombs over ballots!!! It also implies that had it not been for ten years of murderous sanctions on Iraqis, they would not have chosen to vote in recent elections and referenda, but would rather be killing each other with even greater intensity than what we are whitnessing today.

That, my friends, is shoddy thinking coming from what I otherwise consider to be a respectable publication.


Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

The CSM is not a religious journal, despite its title. It's a quality journal.

I think that sanctions against Syria must target the regime, and not the people or the econonmy. I propose:

-travel ban on the people involved with the regime
-freezing the foreign asset of the people involved with the regime
-embargo of weapons
-propaganda war against the regime, put antennas on Syria's borders, and broadcast the truth on this regime.

And maybe:
-elemination of medium and high-ranking Mukhabarat to put increase the pressure on Bashar

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Actually the article is excellent, except for the last paragraphe that you quoted, who spoils the whole thing.

May said...


Has anyone in the blogging world been to the opening of the World War 2 museum in Khiam?

If so, would appreciate your general opinion.

Anonymous said...

What museum?

Has anyone heard of the new Hezbollah channel BTW?

Suha said...


Isn't the site just great? I was happy to discover it when our office was working on the design a couple of years ago. Surprised to learn that all the locals knew about "il-Mustashfa 'l-Inklizi", the (literally) buried gem. Unfortunately, I left before the design was completed. How did it turn out?

The youngsters must be pissed, though. It was a popular making-out spot in the area.

Raja said...

popular making out area in the heart of Hizballah land! :)

who would guess???

May said...


Sorry to disappoint you but i am currently not living in Lebanon so i can't give you any updates.

I sent the question after i had read about it in Angry Arab's blog and USAID'S website -seems like USAID is funding it. I thought if many people read this blog at least someone could have been able to go to the opening. Seems not.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to look into more information yet. :)