Friday, January 20, 2006

Aoun: Vague Stands For A Presidential Aspirant

Do we all recall when Aoun said back in the summer of 2005 that he agrees with the Future Movement on 90% of issues? Yesterday he said to a delegation from the National Council for Information that he considers the closest ally to him in Lebanon is Hizbullah, especially in the matters of reform, mass graves and internal issues, that they hold similar views on reform and corruption.

I am confused by Aoun's stands. It seems that he holds similar views to many parties in Lebanon, yet not.

What about the recent talk of closing ranks with the March 14 forces, especially the "cozying" relations between Aoun's parliamentary bloc and Jumblatt?

It's clear that Aoun is playing the balancing role of being "in the middle"; the role of a Presidential aspirant.

Nevertheless, I must concede that his statement yesterday that any entity disarming needs the Lebanese to be empathetic towards it as it transforms itself into a solely political force, of course implying Hizbullah, was a statement of a President's caliber...but despite that, vagueness has shrouded Aoun's stands since his arrival to Lebanon from exile in Paris. We are most of the time left unclear about what his views are towards the government, the March 14 bloc, Hizbullah, Syria, and many other issues...if he wants a true popular backing for President, Aoun must seize to remind us in his rhetoric of the vague statements coming from Baabda.

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


fadibou said...

only thing clear on his agenda is that he wants to become president and he agrees with anyone who can help him and disagress with anyone who doesnt, regardless of their agenda or policy or past.

vox p said...

Well he's not lying. He does agree with Mustaqbal and his best ally is Hezbollah.

What he's saying is that he's allied to people he doesn't agree with; and he's not ally to people he agrees with.

Typical Aoun! What a shame!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that if you agree with someone on some issues you have to be their true blind ally! Wrong!!

He may agree with some issues as u mentioned above with HA and others with Harrir or Jomblatt or LF such as demarcation of border, international trial whatever. One cannot throw themselves behind another blindly because they happen to agree on a set of issues. Depending on ones stance, that will determine whether i agree with them or not.

By the, what is wrong with the general aspiring to become President!! He is the MOST deserving politician in Lebanon for that post. He does not have enemies, maybe apponents but thats democracy, he has over 70 percent of the chrisitna vote (perfect for a seat reserved for a maronite), and he also appeals to Muslims and druze.

Yalla General MAbroook Salaf!!!


Doha said...

I don't have a problem with Aoun becoming President. If you read my post, you will actually see that I do praise his empathetic statement towards Hizbullah. But Aoun's stands to many are vague and not clear.

Anonymous said...

Aoun is far from deserving his post! He left like a coward when Syria invaded Lebanon, he took along a couple of millions just to make his stay cosy!

He barked once in awhile from Paris, while his poor naive followers were getting tortured and killed.

And then he cmes back like Rambo having struck a deal with Lahoud and Syria!

And know he has become the closest ally of Syria, the same Syria that he was supposedly against!!

All Aoun wants is to be President, and he is willing to sell his soul to get there!!

Let us all pray that he decides on going back in exile in Syria, his new best friend!!

Anonymous said...

TO Ananymous;

Bhaneek 3ala hal fihm wil ro7 al seeyasieh.
No further comments

Danny K

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of a Aon presidency is that he has proven beyond the shadow of any doubt his utter incompetence as a poltician.

If elected, we will be deadlocked for 6 years....He will not compromise on any anything, and will simply bicker endlessly with everyone who does not agree with him. He will be better than the current jackass, but label me a dreamer..I think we can do so much better!

Anonymous said...

Charbel, the president is a leader of all lebanese, not just christians. And besides, we as christians have made some pretty pathetic mistakes in selecting people in the past...dont ya think??? So..hold off on your the time the elections come along, I'm not sure he will have more than seven (not seventy) percent of the vote..


Ramzi S said...

I think Lebanon is now fighting for its survival as a viable and independent state. In such a situation is there such a thing as a center??

That is a question Aoun supporters have to ask themselves.

I think it is best if Aoun was part of the March 14 umbrella and they can debate political positions from there.

By being outside the March 14 camp he is a shoulder for Hizb and Syria to lean on and benefit from, in their aggressive campaign against March 14 politicians and parties.

Lazarus said...

ramzi - shouldn't you debate positions before you join a group?

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Aoun is not fit to be president of this country. He lack the political skills. I am fed up with the generals. It is because of Aoun that Lahoud is still there.

The guy is endangering the country because he can't see anything except of being president. If there were elections today, he would lose them. Let us not kid ourselves, Aoun and HA are Syria #1 allies at the moment so they can both go to hell as far as I am concerned. But HA is allied to Syria because of ideology, and Aoun is allied to Syria because of personal ambition.

Ramzi S said...


Everything Aoun is doing is fine under normal political conditions.

But currently the country is fighting for its survival against a very aggressive neighbor that doesn't even recognize it as an independent state, assassinated its Prime Minister and others. Lebanon is also turning into the playground for big countries to fight their politics i.e. Iran, Syria, USA, Europe, Saudi etc.

Under such circumstances there is no time to waste and there is no center. It’s practically a war situation.. or very close to the start of one.

If Aoun joins the March 14 group he wills strengthen them and further isolate the destabilizing effects of Hizb/Amal instead of helping them.

By staying in the center he is indirectly helping their positions. Also in the center he doesn't have the power to effect change as he would have within the March 14 group.

I hate having to corner Hizb/Amal as they are the current representation of the Shiite population. But what can we do. Time is on the Hizb/Amal side, not on the side of the March 14 opposition. Delay benefits Hizb/Amal and they know it.

Lazarus said...

Ramzi -

What if the March 14 bloc also has destabilizing effects? Would it still be a good idea to join them?

Ramzi S said...

Are you saying that March 14 politics are destabilizing to the country? What country?

A country which the army can only patrol a small percent of the country, one that there are two other armed groups. One that does not have a border with one of its neighbors and is in a state of war with the other??

If we are to build a country it must be done now. No more waiting around like we did between 91 and 2005. If discussing these issues is destabalizing then what can we do? It has to be done. The passage of time b4 solving these issues is the destabalizing factor.

I think it is clear that the actions/statements of March 14 groups and Seniora want to build an independent Lebanon. One which can negotiate the weapons away from the Palastinians and Hizballah. Some for their ego, some for their own profits, some for revenge. Whatever.. I dont care.

The March 14 group is not perfect. Far from it. But that is all we have now. Is Aoun able to move all of the March 14 groups under his banner? No. So he should move under their banner and work with them and influence them. Politics is the art of the possible.

Anonymous said...

Uncompromising March 14 2005'ers make it so hard for the FPM or anyelse else to join them. People like vox populi are convinced that they are 100% right and everybody should submit to them.

Lebanese need compromise not holier than thou attitudes like that.
Do you understand yet that the others also believe that they are right?


zwixo said...

vague, ok let's see the FPM's positions:
the government: impotent, thus very much undeservingly is this period where we have to prove action not passiveness.
the March 14 bloc: they are the governemnt, and after they were initially together, they threw him out of the government and took Emile Lahoud's men instead, real good.
Hizbullah: the weird thing is, the March 14 bloc are the ones who don't have an opinion on hizbollah, not declaring it a militia is hard to do now. Aoun clearly said: the only way to resolve this is on the table, and we want Hezbollah to surrender it's weapons peacefully to the gov.
Syria: it's not a priority right now, he said we can't fight the crimes here by blaming the generals in syria, find the perpetrators here first, disarm all illegal militias to contain the explosive situation. I think this is the best paractical thing the goverment can do to stop the explosions and maybe really help reaching the truth.
On the other hand, Joumblatt is insane, he wants the SS America to start pounding from the sea. The march 14 bloc want dialogue but are escaping from it. it's that easy: set a date and sit on a round table, no we go to saudi arabia and egypt. vague... maybe

Anonymous said...

The only sane, realistic and contructive politicians today in Lebanon are Sheikh Nasrallah and General Aoun.
They have the only one with a long term view of Lebanon's national interests. Compared to the hysteric and destructive declarations of Waleed Jumblatt and other 14 march wannabe politicians, both measure well their public declaration without offensing anyone personnaly. They dismiss all the perverse rumours that the press takes pleasure in spreading. Just read the exhaustive Nasrallah interview and you will realize how he analyzes thoroughly the situation of Lebanon in the context of the region's problems. Aoun, who should be totally opposed to Nasrallah, is clever enough to see in Nasrallah a logical, loyal and sane leader with whom he can have a dialog. The 14 Mars group was created by emotional fervor but has no rationale and a narrow view of the real situation of Lebanon in the regional conflicts.
I really hope that Aoun and Nasrallah are able to join with a sane sunni leader (I do not know which) to create the partnership and stablity all lebanese are longing for.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see the effect the General has on the people who are not used to transparency. He says what he means and you guys understand it the way you want, hey, you are not to blame, this is probably all what you are used to=vague answers.

How did I not see your affiliation? I don't know, it is plainly on your page, I guess I thought your blog is more Lebanese than it is, too bad, it is not.

Doha said...

Anon 11:59AM:

I believe that our blog is 100% Lebanese and yes we are apparently biased towards the March 14 bloc. It is the movement that inspired us to write about our beloved country Lebanon.