Sunday, January 22, 2006

Traces Of Memories

A Swiss friend of mine, Mathias, is working on 'TRACES OF MEMORIES' about Lebanon, as an elective diploma project and it is very much worth checking out. It would also be great to hear your comments on the work he’s done so far. I’m starting with this: a photo he took in Gemayze. It’s right under the balcony of a good friend of mine, and an FPM office, which I pass by every day on my way to work. The thing about it for me? The first time I went to Gemayze itself was in 2000, when I met this friend.


Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

According to Nasrallah, Jumblat is to blame for Hariri's death.

"Who killed Hariri? This is the question that runs through Hassan Nasrallah's interview with al-Hayat. Nasrallah, the leader of Hizbullah, absolves Syria of responsibility, but he also tries to explain the context which led to Hariri's murder. He blames Walid Jumblatt's intransigent refusal to reconcile with the Syrians in December 2004 and join a Hariri government under Lahoud for leading to Hariri's death. It is in this context that Hariri's murder, according to Nasrallah, becomes understandable. In his explanation of the context, Nasrallah elaborates the "Syria Pushed to the Wall" thesis."

Anonymous said...

Lebanese bloggers, are u dead?

Hello? This is Houston do you hear me? Please answer