Saturday, January 21, 2006

Assad's Latest Speech: Nothing Has Changed!

Bashar now says that the call to demarcate the Lebanese-Syrian borders around the Shebaa Farms is an Israeli demand! He compared the Shebaa Farms' size to the complex he is delivering the speech from, to basically ridicule its tiny size.

He also said that present in the Arab lawyers' conference in Damascus are Lebanese lawyers, who came from the alleys (zwereeb) of Lebanon onto the Arab Highway leading to Damascus!

Please, silence this man!

More to come on his latest speech...

The March 14 bloc has responded by saying that despite how tiny the Shebaa Farms are, they detemine Lebanon's destiny. Moreover, the bloc said that those parties condemning the internationalization of Lebanese affairs, have also taken part in such internationalization by visiting Damascus yesterday, meeting with Iran's President Ahmadinejad, and bearing witness to the Iran-Syria consolidation of regional policies.

More strikingly, the bloc declared Berri's visit to Damascus as that which has undermined his position as a House Speaker who has initiated national dialogue as a national leader, to that of solely the leader of the Amal Movement. I agree with that point.

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Anonymous said...

Berri is hardly respected by anyone, including the Shia community. His clownish attempts to portray himself as a lebanese leader are just that -- clownish. Amazingly, the Shia support for Berri is almost identical to that of Sfeir's hesitation to let go of is an obscession with the right of a certain sect to control the promotion and demotion of its 'leaders'. What is sad and pathetic is that Berri has done as much to help the Shia community as Ahmadinejad has done to promoting the sale of hootie and the blowfish records Tehran.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

I want proportional vote in Lebanon including in the Shia community.

Now unless Hezbollah is 100% of the Shias, there will be some acceptable Shia political figures to negotiate with.

zwixo said...

first i agree with anonymous.
but who listens to Bashar anymore. He already softened his accent by 50%, next time his speech will practically be: "Let me stay in power, pleaaase"... on the other hand, the march14 bloc didn't discover gunpowder, instead of analyzing foreign speech that bare no consequence on us, start the f**king dialogue.

zadigvoltaire said...

The banner behind Assad as he spoke today read: "Defending Syria is National Right and Duty". (for picure go to
Who is Assad's sign writer? He should blow him up.
How credible are Assad's words if he says them under a flawed syntax.
I thought the tall-geeky-dictator was educated in London but then again he spoke of "treeessson" with Christiane Amanpour on CNN when he meant "treason".
His "I struck a deal with Kissinger and the Israelis to stay in power" dad stuck to Arabic, mini-Assad should instruct his mustachoid fans at the ministry of information to that effect.

Lula said...

Vox, even assuming HA was 100% of the Shia, which they're not, who decides who is an "acceptable" political figure? Who decided that Saad Hariri or Walid Jumblatt were acceptable (to whom?)? In the Lebanese model, isn't it every figure "chosen" by people in its sect/group? So when you say acceptable, to whom do you mean they should be acceptable?

Lazarus said...

well, i agree with this. berri isn't a national leader. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for someone to qualify as a national leader.

Ghassan said...

Any link to the speech of stupid Asad in Arabic?

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...
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Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...
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Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Lula, any Shia politician who doesn't want to put Lebanon under foreign boots is OK for me.

I wouldn't have so much problems with HA's weapons if they were there to defend Lebanon rather than the evil Syrian/Iranian axis.

It's not about opposing the Muslim world or the western world. It's about what is best for the Lebanese people. Saudi Arabia is even more backward than Iran but their influence in Lebanon is positive.

I don't like Berri, but if he's willing to burn his ties with Syria than he's ok for me.

I accepted Jumblat, I can accept Berri as well.

Lula said...

So as long as anyone "burns" ties with Syria, they are ok? Or, to use your earlier word, "acceptable"? That's the criteria?

And you think Saudi influence on Lebanon is positive? Is Saudi Arabia any less "foreign boots" than Iran? How do you come to this conclusion? Hey, it's the Saudis and Hariri who made the deal with the Syrians in Taef - which was never meant to be totally applicable - and handed over Lebanese sovereignty to the Assads.

So I'm not sure Saudi is good for Lebanon.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

First of all, not everything that comes from the outside is negative (unless you suffer from xenophobia).

PM Siniora, Saudi Arabia's ally in Lebanon support policies that help economic growth, is not trying to start a war against Israel and do not have plan to install an Islamic state in Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia never abducted and tortured Lebanese citizen and did not engage in a full scale war against this country for 15 years. Saudi Arabia is not trying to occupy this country and recognizes Lebanon's independence.

Saudi Arabia has allies in Lebanon, while Iran/Syria have slaves.

So yes, as long as Saudi Arabia doesn't change its policies I will regard their influence as positive.

Anonymous said...


The Saudi's are not planting bombs, planning and carrying out assasinastions, robbing our banks, installing dummy (and I mean DUMMY) presidents, and takign hostage our freedoms. The Syrians are. So please do not equate..

Dont worry, Lebanon will never adopt the Saudi lifestyle, if that's what's keeping you up at night.

Anonymous said...

nicely said, Vox populi


Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard anything from the dim-wit we call president lately? He has been am amazingly quite.


Anonymous said...

There are rumors that this dog is depressed (which is not surprising considering that everybody despise him).

Anonymous said...

No, the saudi's don't do the dirty work-they just finance it