Monday, January 02, 2006

Lebanese of the Druze sect have begun to pay their dues

The Lebanese Lobby News Website brought an article published by Deutsche Presse-Agentur titled Lebanese police defuse bomb in Druze shrine to my attention. The article declares that

Police in Lebanon on Monday defused a homemade bomb inside a Druze shrine in the western Bekaa valley, an area of Lebanon where anti-Syrian Druze leader Walid Jumblatt enjoys a high level of support, Lebanese security sources said.

A bottle full of highly explosive material and pieces of metal was hidden inside the shrine of Sheikh al-Fadel in Rachya, the sources said, adding that it was found by a shrine guard.

'The shrine and the sheikhs were saved by a miracle,' said a Druze sheikh who requested anonymity.
Efforts to destabilize the country have shifted into a new gear. Sunni, Orthodox, Maronite and Druze leaders and personalities have been targeted thus far. Christian neighborhoods have also been targeted. Now, sacred Druze shrines appear to be the new target. What can I say?

The world of undercover operations and covert wars are exactly that - covert and undercover. To those of us in Lebanon, the first impulse is to blame Syria. That is my own impulse, and I believe it is well-placed. What is more important though, is the law of unintended consequences.

In Lebanon, our salvation lies in that law.

  • Hariri's assassination brought about March 14.
  • Other assassinations brought us closer together rather than farther appart.
  • The political elite's desire to foment popular support rejuvinated patriotism and discourse on democracy like never before.
  • The drive to bring Bashar el Assad and his clique to justice, as opposed to simply attempting to overthrow him, has probably hammered in a new idea of justice to Lebanese and (hopefully) Arabs.
These unintended consequences, as well as others are what I am counting on for Lebanon. Hopefully, this attempted murder of hapless Druze sheykhs and sheykhat, will bring us even closer together.

The war continues.


gus said...

wellcome to the club

Anonymous said...

Raja, while the source of this latest story seems quite obscure, I do share your sentiment that it is likely that this latest mission was carried out by those holding a grudge against the Druze for demonstrating a progressive,leading role in our drive towards freedom.

This unsuccessful stunt seems to be as impotent as the criminals who attempted it!


carine said...

well, here's a less "obscure" source:

thanks for your post, raja... as i reflect on the past year, i keep hitting this same idea-- amazement (and gratitude) at how all these tragedies managed to piece together to forge a stronger nation.

i still hope, of course, that 2006 will usher progress through less devastating means!!

Hani G. said...

Raja I am not too optimistic about 2006! Things will get worse before they get better. Lets just hope the better days last longer.

The dues about to be paid by the Druze may not only target the Lebanese but also the Syrians in Jabal al Druze. They pledged their allegiance to Walid Beyk only a few days ago.

I haven't read or heard of any direct reactions to this incident, but I have always been convinced that anything Walid Beyk may say will be rejected outright by Talal Arslan and We'am Wahhab. His white is their Black and vice versa.

What will they say I wonder if and when God forbid the dues paid by the Druze are extended to the assassination of Walid Beyk?

I don't know whether history will forgive or have mercy on these two, but I and the majority of the Druze in Lebanon and Syria certainly won't!

I am so ashamed of calling them Druze, but then again such is the objective of our democracy. If we want a democracy, we will have to respect it and abide by it.

Instead of fighting a losing battle, Arslan and Wahhab must heed to the will of the Druze in Lebanon. If for tribal means, Arslan manages to withhold the few that support him, he should accept that Walid Beyk has been supported democratically also!

I apologise for this bitter thread, but I am getting tired of this tit for tat behaviour directed at Walid Beyk by these two! As if their sole purpose in the sphere of Lebanese politics is to attack him and his bloc!

The Druze Sect is too small to also want to fit apparent adversaries or to endure a rift.

They should both learn from one former MP. Mr Anwar El Khlail, he left the stage when his time was up. He comments only on issues regarding his town and area and refrains from the petty barrage of insults advocated by the famous Arslan/Wahhab duo.