Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Honor And Arms!

Short of sending thousands to the U.S. embassy in Awkar to protest American "tutelage" over Lebanon today, while hailing Hamas and the insurgency in Iraq, Hizbullah's Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah declared that "the arms of the resistance (silah al-mouqawama) is the sanctity of all sancitities. It is like honor ('ard) and we are oriental. I cannot stand anyone meddling with my honor and the resistance arms are our honor!"

Note that it is not the resistance that is sanctified, which to me is a noble endeavour, though I believe in peaceful resistance, but Sayyid Nasrallah is declaring the arms of the resistance to be sanctified...which entirely shifts and rearranges, at least to my understanding, all that has been negotiated on...or perhaps I've been blind and deaf all along.

This means that Hizbullah can never be disarmed if it does not deem it time to do so or else it would put up a fight (which refutes what Hassan is claiming in his comments on my previous post that Hizbullah's arms will never be used internally). This means that all this talk about internal dialogue to disarm Hizbullah was a waste of time. How did Hizbullah agree to the Cabinet policy statement which stated that Hizbullah's disarmament is an internal issue to be resolved through dialogue? Were they lying to others? And why now are they choosing to delete any mention of disarmament in the Cabinet's policy statement? Do not tell me it is because of Jumblatt! This would be a petty excuse!

I demand to know the truth; I demand transparency!

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Hassan said...

They already said ages ago that they will put up a fight if someone tries to disarm them through military action. But I fail to see any chance of their putting up a fight if, as you suggest, political talks fail. You see, the political situation did get too bad from Joumblatt’s side and the only response they made was to attack him VERBALLY. I keep hearing about how Hizballah will use its weapons internally if things deteriorate and then things do deteriorate, but they only use this to gain political leverage.

Unless you really expect them not to use their weapons if they are attacked militarily? In this case, I don’t think any local side is dumb enough to attack them, yet.

Doha said...


How can someone negotiate on their honor?

Hassan said...

I think you take his words too literally. The actual weapons (machine guns, grenades, mortars, heavy artillery, Anti –Air guns, Anti-Armor weapons, Surface to Surface missiles….) are not his honor. Remember what ignited this in their point of view and think how extreme the reply had to be.

The way the arms are used is what’s actually meant by “honor”. So what they can negotiate for is an honorable way to disarm which is a certain eventuality. They don’t aim to keep dying forever.

Anonymous said...


Stratfor made some comments that may put HA's rhetoric and actions lately into a new perspective; not sure what their sources are, but I posted my comments on theirs a few minutes ago - http://blissstreetjournal.blogspot.com/2006/01/iran-to-hizbullah-what-about.html

zwixo said...

We all demand transperancy, but all we have is hypocrites; Hezbollah, Future and Joumblatt have shown a gigantic deal of hypocrisy these days that nothing they say is even bearable anymore: Hezbollah on arms, Future on dialogue and Joumblatt on everything!
I dont think all these hypocrites have an ounce of honor or transparency in them.

Anonymous said...

Hizbulla thinks they have more rights than anyone else in Lebanon. They think they are braver, smarter and more than all other Lebabense.
They have to decide on many things before they start talking politics:
1. Are they Iranians, Syrians, Shiaas or Lebanese?
2. Are they willing to help build the economy but keeping a peacefull neighbour to Israel to encourage better business and economy in Lebanon?
3. Will they continue to get their education in AMERICAN University of Beirut and Lebanese American University and then go and make riots when they see an American envoy.
4. Are they going to defend Lebanon from Syrian Intervention or defend Syria from American intervention?
5. Are they toys for "Iranian and Syrian Wissayeh" or defenders of the Labanese state and Republic?
6. If they keep their weapons and its not negotiable, why dont we arm Jumblatt, Lebanese Forces, Kata'eb, Michel Aoun, The palisestinians and start the war again.
7. The honor for Lebanese people should be peace in their country not the weapons of a party who was once a terrorist organization who actually killed civilians and kidnapped planes and attacked other Lebanese people inlcuding AMAL, or did we forget the war Between Amal and Hizbulla?

I am a muslem and shia and I am living out of Lebanon because of those who chose to fight instead of educate and build.

Anonymous said...

I demand to know the truth; I demand transparency!

who care about you..?!