Friday, June 17, 2005

Baathist On Aoun/Franjieh List: I Need An Explanation

It's confirmed, and perhaps it might be a bit late for a piece of news, but no one has written about it in our blogosphere: Aoun's FPM has just allied itself with a "Baathist" candidate in the first electoral district in the north, Shehade Al-Ali.

Please can someone explain to me how this move illustrates the principles that FPM stands for?...

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Charles Malik said...

Sorry, I'm out of the political loop at the moment given that I'm now covering politics in a Kingdom.
I can't explain the relationship. But I assume that Aoun is willing to compromise on his list now that Lebanon is out of foreign hands. Whatever the politician's political beliefs, he is still a Lebanese force.
However, I bet Aoun would put a fist to his face if he ever called for a Syrian re-occupation.

Anton Efendi said...

This is the same as allying himself electorally with the SSNP. We've been through this before. These same guys allied themselves with Hizbullah-Amal in the South and the Bekaa.

Doha said...

C'mon, Tony...Baathist? I mean for God's sake, Qanso did not run for elections. I think this is just taking tooooo far.

Anton Efendi said...

Hey, don't ask me! I'm not voting for Aoun!

Cheers said...

Unfinished Business:

Aoun left 14 years ago with three unfinished businesses, militarily.

1- The Liberation war against Syria.
2- The Eliminiation war (Ilgha) against the rest of the Christians and becoming the sole leader.
3- The War against Jumblatt (Souk el-gharb)

Of course, they must be done with politically.

He finished the first one from exile.

He almost finished the second one upon the third round of elections (Metn and Kessrouan-Jbeil), and this weekend's fourth round for true and complete elimination.

He is working on the third using all the dirty weapons available.

Looking at the damages (Qornet Shehwan, reconciliation between Christians and muslims, reconciliation with the Lebanese Forces,...), I could only say that his startegy uncovers his deep hatress.

In short, his plan was well prepared before coming back from exile, and he knew very well how to take advantage of all the mistakes the opposition made.

I wish I have the time to elaborate on all the details but I am sure you will find the justification quite easily.

Looking forward, I can't see any light at the end of this dark tunnel, as of yet. But I could conclude that he is not a man of peace, unity or national reconciliation.

God help us.


Cedar-Guardian said...

Actually Shehadeh el Ali is a Syrian Baathist, you are right. However, i don't see his addition to the Aoun/Frangié list that problematic, because the "political choice" in the narrow Alaoui community is very limited.
Also, in the South, Bahia el Hariri did not mind to run on a list including a Baathist. Now that Syria is nearly out, we cannot eliminate Lebanese people with Baathist LP said, they are finally Lebanese citizens.
Also Doha, don't forget that Abdel Majid el Rafei (Iraqi Baath) is on this list as well. Seeing Iraqi and Syrian Baathists on the same list might be theoretically more weird than FPM/Syrian Baath; isn't it?

Abdel-Khaleq Qahtan a.k.a. AK Blogger said...

It’s hard to believe that Saad-an the monkey businessman with a pimpish goatee beard a la Fahed Iben Saud has the nerve to accuse general Aoun and Omar Karameh of having a soft spot for Damascus!…

But after all, the Saudi-appointed collaborator is a good friend of Herr Jumblatt, the feudal Kurdish (war)Lord who lives in a 17th century castle and drives a Bentley, but passes for a “Marxist democrat” (whatever that oxymoron may mean!) in some pseudo-intellectual circles…actually he also passes for a “patriot” even though he has burned the Lebanese flag in public more than once during the civil war- but I guess I’m digressing a little.

Let’s recap: when the Syrian regime was real strong in the early 1990s, Hariri and Jumblatt competed aggressively for the title of “favorite Assad lapdog” and helped Syrian intelligence officers loot Lebanon and siphon away hundreds of millions of dollars- not to mention their condoning the mass killings and imprisonments of Lebanese resistants “Aounist” or otherwise.

Now that Syria is on its knees, Hariri and Jumblatt give interviews to Newsweek and Paris-Match where they pontificate shamelessly about “restoring Lebanon’s sovereignty” and “fighting against corruption”!!

Saudi cash combined with brash Gerrymandering and alliances of circumstances allowed these crooks to steal the first round of the elections in Beirut, but last week voters in Mount Lebanon gave them a lesson they’ll never forget… On Sunday, Northerners will show Saad-an and his accomplices that TRIPOLI stands for “Traitors, Renegades, Infamous Pimps Out of Lebanon Immediately”

Doha said...


I'm not comparing Bahia Hariri to FPM and saying if this person did that then it's okay for the other person to do the same. I"m just focusing on FPM's stands, what they believe in and then asking myself whether such a move represents FPM's principles. We got accustomed to FPM as being anti-Syrian. But I guess now they're breaking it to us (not slowly) but abruptly their new stands after Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon....

Anonymous said...

Give me a break, Lebanon will never ever be a real viable democracy. The lebanese are taught racism and ethnocentrism from the second they're born. Lebanon and the Lebanese seem to have already forgotton their past even though the war only ended in 1991...they keep repeating the same mistakes.

You claim that the enemy is syria, but in reality, the enemy lives inside you.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you to a certain extent . I hope with the Syrians out things will change a bit. We have NO ONE to blame but ourselves from now on. It is up to us to change it. I am mildly optimistic that cooler heads will prevail after the elections.

Anton Efendi said...

Members of the People's Will list were unable to agree on an Allawite candidate, with the FPM uniformly rejecting Baathist candidate Shahady al-Ali, whose rumored connection with Syrian intelligence had upset many local citizens, according to Shaar.

Anton Efendi said...

The Alawite running on the Aoun list is Ahmad Habous

Anton Efendi said...

For Tripoli that is.