Monday, June 13, 2005

Enough Double Talk!

One of Aoun's slogans is to do away with political fuedalism: What do you say to Franjieh and Karami? Enough of political manuevering! Enough of double talk! Tripolitans need change!

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Anonymous said...

doha, aoun is playing all the right cards to secure his seats in parliament. karami and franjieh (or murr or arslan) will never be strong enough in parliament to oppose change. but all of these are powerful local zaims who can get votes on the street. he needs them to get his own people into parliament and at the same time give hariri a run for his money. notice how he used elias el murr in the metn to secure his list and throw out the others: murr is a master election player, and has never lost an election. true he has been staunchly pro-syrian, but more for personal gain than ideological reasons, i.e. he will go where the wind blows, but unlike hizbollah and amal, saad and jumblat's election allies, he never organised a pro-syria demo just after hariri's assasination. aoun joined forces with arslan in the chouf to weaken jumblat, or at least to show him that he is a force to be reckonned with.
yesterday's elections results showed that he was right in his strategy. today's tripoli meeting is in preparation for next sunday, and eventually all these "alliances" will be, as you said, double talk, but necessary double talk and i wouldnt hold it against him at this stage - love him or hate him, try to imagine the situation without him: an extremely single-sided parliament that decides who the president and the prime minister are, and who then okays every single decision by the PM, a situation that is possibly even worse than the last parliament, as it is akin to totalitarian power. even with all the goodwill in the world, this would lead to potentially disastrous decisions going totally undiscussed.

Anonymous said...

Very well said, took it out of my mouth. Amen.
Finally, Aoun became more more clever, politically.

Doha said...

I'm with democracy; I have nothing against competition. I'm just focusing on the double talk; Aoun cannot say any longer that he stands for the end of political feudalism. On another note, anonymous 7:14, you say that Murr goes where the wind reliable is he then? Will Franjieh or Ahmad Karami stick to what Gibran Bassil dictates when it comes down to deciding on important issues that will be fielded in the Parliament? Perhaps...let's see.

I personally think that if Aoun was to get the support of many more, he would not espouse the double talk. If he's against political feudalism, then he is against it. But now that he actually took Franjieh to Karami's house for a pragmatic "sulha" to bolster Aoun's election results in the north, I'm left with the question: why? If he's really in tune with the "sha'ib", he'll know that Tripolitans want change and are tired of old, rusty politicians, just like Kissirwanis voted for new fresh faces yesterday.

Anonymous said...

More Double talk: (sorry If I can't remember the exact words)

Aoun: I will not ally with el fased even if it costs me less seats in the parliment ... alliance with michel el murr to get more seats.

Jumblat: (June 9 Marcel ghanim) Let michel Aoun win , ahla w sahla, we wish he had been our leader in the opposition if he wanted so ... (June 12 - Marcel ghanem) Aoun wants war, is extremist, Syrian agent.

Saad Hariri: On why there was no one from tashnag on their list : our allies are those who were in 14th March rally, tashnag were not. On why there was someone from hizbollah on their list : We want to take the feelings of shia into consideration.

And finally from Futur TV : Jumblatt announces electoral alliance with Hizbollah to counter Aoun and his pro-Syrian allies

Which probably (just a guess) was announced on LBC as : Jumblatt announces pro-Syrian alliances to counter Aoun and Arslan's alliance