Monday, June 20, 2005

UPDATED: North Election Results & Numbers

Here are the election results for the north, after being updated:

1st District (Akkar, Dinnieh, Bsharri), 11 seats

Akkar, 3 Sunni seats:
Mohammad Mrad 85,265
Mostapha Hashem 83,302
Azzam Dandashi 83,046

First losers:
Wajih Ba'arini 52,243
Talal Mirehbi 46,600

Akkar, 1 Alawite seat:
Winner: Mostapha Hussein 87,966
First loser: Shehadeh Al-Ali 15,010 (I can see clearly that the Sha'ib list supporters crossed out his name)

Akkar, 1 Maronite seat:
Winner: Hadi Hbeish 91,568
First loser: Mikhael Daher 50,701

Akkar, 2 Greek Orthodox seats:
Riad Rahhal 94,683
Abdallah Hanna 88,509

First losers:
Joseph Shahda 50,166

Dinnieh, 2 Sunni seats:
Qassim Abdelaziz 94,760
Ahmad Fatfat 89,196

First loser:
Jihad Samad 52,889

Bsharri, 2 Maronite seats:
Sitrida Geagea 93,340
Elie Kairouz 91,161

First losers:
Gibran Tawk approx. 48,000

2nd District (Tripoli, Zgharta, Minieh, Batroun, Koura), 17 seats

Tripoli, 5 Sunni seats:
Mohammad Safadi 104,711
Mosbah Ahdab 97,137
Abdellatif Kabbara 96,922
Samir Jisr 93,903
Mostapha Alloush 92,015

Abdelmajid Rafei 74,860
Nadim Jisr 69,401
Ahmad Karami 66,914
Nawwaf Kabbara 63,482
Sfouh Yakan 61,405
Taha Naji 11,000 (The head of the Ahbash, he decided to run alone, even when Jama'a Al-Islamiyya boycotted)

Tripoli, 1 Alawite seat:
Badr Wannous 89,688

Ahmad Hbous 66,006
Ali Eid 4,565(Can you believe this?! Eid was an MP who represented overtly Syria in Tripoli for so long, he wasn't included on the second list, he decided to do it on his own, abysmal results)

Tripoli, 1 Maronite seat:
Winner: Elias Atallah 89,890
First Loser: Fayez Karam 75,408

Tripoli, 1 Greek Orthodox seat:
Winner: Maurice Fadel 99,284
First loser: Rafli Diab 65,077

Minieh, 1 Sunni seat:
Hashem Alameddine 89,060

Mahmoud Tibbo 63,484
Saleh Khair 8,077 (I also can't believe this number?! He only got 8 thousand votes and he was Minieh's rep. during the post-civil war era. This only shows how popular he is amongst the Lebanese. A member of the family who is a Khair claimed that Saleh had around 4,000 naturalized Lebanese residing in Syria cross the border yesterday to vote for him.)

Zgharta, 3 Maronite seats:
Nayla Moawwad 93,032
Jawad Boulos 91,786
Samir Franjieh 90,830

First Losers:
Sleiman Franjieh 82,670
Istfan Dwaihi 68,042
Salim Karam 65,325

Batroun, 2 Maronite seats:
Boutros Harb 95,554
Antoine Zahra 87,654

First losers:
Gibran Bassil 74,623
Nizar Younes 71,684

Koura, 3 Greek Orthodox seats:
Farid Makari 96,837
Farid Habib 93,169
Nicolas Ghosn 92,907

First losers:
Fayez Ghosn 68,888
Salim Al-Azar 67,002


Anonymous said...

It is a shame that Rafei was vetoed off the Future list by the Americans! He would have been an excellent addition, he has done great work in Tripoli in the 60s/70s providing medical services for the poor. I know that his association with the Baath is frowned upon but (Iraqi) Baath in Lebanon was mostly middle class teachers/civil servants and not the thugs governing Iraq or the Quanso gang.


Anonymous said...

.... not the thugs that governed Iraq or the Quanso gang.

Anonymous said...

Is this really true? The Americans had to OK the FM list??

hummbumm said...

Oh please, give me a break,and the french had to approve Aoun's list and the iranians hizbullah, and I had to approve my shopping list. Not everything in lebanon is due to foreign interference.

TheInnerCircle said...

hehehe... Guys... Lebanese always think there is this Huge Conspiracy! Get Out Of It!
Conspiarcy makers... are Propagandas!