Monday, June 27, 2005

elections are over, but democracy doesn't have to end!

all right! I've noticed an uncomfortable silence in the Lebanese blogosphere. I don't like it! Elections are over, the intrigues of alliances and electoral match-ups have come to a close. However, the democratic process does not have to stop just because votes have been cast!

In fact, a sense of normalcy can now return to our daily lives. The issues we care about and the ones that affect us can now drive our political activities rather than our preferences for one politician or political grouping. Those of us who are not politicians or cogs in the political machinery of politicians can and should act as members of civil society who hold the entire political class accountable for its actions - no one should be allowed to get off the hook. All must at least feel threatened by accountability: the accountability of the ballot box.

I hope that this Lebanese blogosphere, of which I am a small part, wil contribute to that cause, however marginally.


Doha said...

It's true! Yesterday watching the news put a smile on my face; there is a different feel to politics now...It's just different and feels more fresh.

ThinkingMan said...

"no one should be allowed to get off the hook."

Except Berri?

I still haven't gotten over Berri's re-election. How can we trust the system if it continues to produce bad compromises?

Raja said...

TM, I agree with you on Berri. I've heard some real horror stories about the corruption that he and his ministers partake in. You know the real interesting story? Berri's wife is neck deep in it too... some say that she's even worse than her husband!!!

But, I will restrain myself for now. There appears to be new rules to the game, and new players who are not gonna be "going with the flow." No system is completely immune from corruption, as I'm sure you know. But my point is: Let's think of this as a new era: Tabu la Rasa - a clean slate. Some of the people might be the same, but the rules have changed. It's a bit naive, but hey, let's hope a little bit.