Friday, June 24, 2005

Maronite League says a word or two about the security apparatus.

The Maronite League has just publicly weighed in on the battle to purge/reform Lebanon's security services. In a Daily Star article published today, the league was quoted as saying the following:

...[We Call] for the creation of a central crisis management cell that would coordinate with different security forces and the Lebanese Army in order to fight terrorism and put an end to the spate of assassinations of prominent Lebanese figures.

What a brilliant use of language!!! It is simultaneously clear and vague. Clear because it clearly states the demand for new leadership in the security services. Vague because such a leadership is called on to "coordinate" with "different security forces and the Lebanese Army," whereas in reality the real duty of this new body would be to challenge, and ultimately, subordinate the leadership of the existing security institutions.

Whether or not something is going to come out of this particular proposal is not very clear - in fact, it is not the point. What is significant about the statement is that it proves that the political initiative to purge the security services is a priority, and that almost all (if not all) the political entities are on board that particular initiative.

A perfect example of what could go wrong with such a proposal: bickering over the sect of the person who will lead this new entity, and ultimately achieving nothing.

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