Sunday, February 26, 2006

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The FPM site has this small announcement in the right-hand column.
Roughly, it translates "To our people who have sought asylum in Israel, please email for help in the return to Lebanon."


socrates said...

wat a pioneering Move.. The Goodwill created by the Months of Negotiations, dialogue and perseverance to BUILD value for lebanon manifested finally by that paper,

i hope such a feeling, such a culture and such capital can be multiplied to Encompass ALL lebanese. FPM+Hizbulla, pls dont go so fast so others can Jump in :)

the Best for Lebanon when we Integrate all of lebanon


Anonymous said...

they should put a 1-800 number.

heck, why am i complaining, im COMING HOME :D :D :D

Thankyou LEBANON..

15 years of Exile!!! i Love you Loubnahn


Hassan said...


Welcome back.

march 14th patriot said...


WE DO WANT YOU BACK. Yes we do! So we can make Justice. You think we will let you go now that you ahve accepted to go to israel the enemy. Youre a traitor. We will get all of you. Michel Aoun the clown and Hassan Nasralla the hooligan think they can bypass us! let them Dream. Lebanon is ours, the Mountain is Ours,

Long Live Walid Beyk
Long Live Sheikh Saad l Hariri

to hell with traitors

Anonymous said...

Umm, Mr 'Patriot', don't know if you noticed, but Mr. Returner said he'd been in exile for 15 years - so I'd imagine that means he's not one of the Lahadists who left in 2000 - but thanks anyway for your heart-warming and positive contribution to this particular discussion.

Oh, and while we're at it, would mind just eating shit and dying?

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

To the Patriot from the mountain,
the Syrian-controlled Lebanese judicial system, accused an 8 year old girl for treason because she was flew to Israel, with her parents when the left their town of Jezzine by fear of Hizballah s Katiochas. Now, she is in jail because people with your great Patriotic instincts have the Pavlovian reflex of saying traitor when they hear the word Israel like an automated process with no logic and no respect for humankind. To hell with your Jumblat that teaches you to think 'clearly' anytime the wind blows randomly in his face, he gets his inspiration. And to hell with your Saad hariri that pisses Saoudi arabian oil and preaches us about no foreign interference in Lebanese affairs. He is the foreign interference himself...
I am making comparison footage of their speaches a few years ago when they never forgot to praise the brotherly relations with Syria and Saudi Arabia and their 'brave' quest for the truth now... my quest for the truth starts with unmasking them first! and helping you to see clearer than what your mountain teaches you

Ramzi S said...


If you were a politician in Lebanon, how brave would you be?

Harriri turned on Syria and he got blown up along with a city block. So lets give the ones who turned on Syria a little bit more respect then the ones who are still with Syria. Jumblatt turned on Syria b4 Harriri was killed and was the first big name non-christian politician to do so. That was a big risk to his life and he should be aplauded.

Its easy to be anti-Syrian when you are living in France i.e. Aoun.

Without Harriri and Jumblat Syria would still be in Lebanon and Aoun would still be in France. Sure the Lebanese people had a lot to do with it. But without a PRE-EXISTING political opposition INSIDE Lebanon it wouldnt have worked.

Joe said...

Ramzi: "Without Harriri and Jumblat Syria would still be in Lebanon and Aoun would still be in France. Sure the Lebanese people had a lot to do with it. But without a PRE-EXISTING political opposition INSIDE Lebanon it wouldnt have worked."

A remarkable reconstruction of history.

Ramzi, please have some respect for the actual pre-existing opposition inside Lebanon that was operating since the late 1980's. Your statement implies that Hariri and Joumblat are the "pre-existing" opposition!

If it was not for Syria's mistake in extending Lahoud's term in August/September 2004, Syria's military would still be in Lebanon and both Rafic Hariri and Walid Joumblatt would still be working with the Syrians to their mutual interests. Moreover, folks like the FPM and the LF would be opposing the Syrian occupation -- getting beaten, arrested, tortured and humiliated -- as they have been continuously for the past 15 or so years (particularly the young protesters belonging to the FPM).

Although I'm not an FPM'er, I am certainly empathetic to them. I cringe when I hear members of the PSP, FM and so on claim that THEY are the "anti-Syrians", the "opposition", etc., when in fact, they were the collaborators, the supporters, and the oppressive pro-Syrian governors for the past 15 years until Syria's interests no longer coincided with theirs in 2004.

And, oh, the hypocrisy in 2005! These newly self-crowned anti-Syrians (including Qornet Shehwan) -- in order to serve their own interests -- reject any attempts to change the Kenaan-imposed 2000 electoral law, ally themselves with Hizbollah, reelect Nabih Berri, and choose Lahoud allies for their new cabinet.

Ramzi S said...


Ok. I am not trying to lessen the importance of those who were against the Syrian occupation from the beginning. They are to be highly commended and honored. And yes, Hariri and Jumblatt should have started earlier and were too comfortable under the grip of Assad the elder.

At the same time lets remember that the U.S. did not even start calling the Syrian occupation an occupation until 2002. Politics is the art of the possible. It is very likely that a premature move against the Syrians would have had Hariri and Jumblatt joining Aoun in France.

All I was trying to say was that opposition to Syrian occupation that was in the open was mostly a Christian affair. Aounist, Qornat Shahwn etc.. Something the Syrians could tolerate. But the joining of Jumblatt and Hariri to the opposition took the threat to a level the Syrians could not tolerate so Hariri was assasinated.

I don’t want to lessen the impact of Aoun and others of organizing to help in freeing Lebanon. But at the same time hearing "but Hariri and Jumblatt were buddy buddy with the Syrians for 10 years etc.. " over and over again is getting very tiring.

Hariri/Jumblatt helped get Syria out. Hariri paid with his life. And Jumblatt is in grave danger. Lets not lessen their contribution either!