Friday, February 17, 2006

Headed for the slopes, my friends

I am off to the slopes of West Virginia! Will be back on Sunday.

See you all later!Posted by Picasa


I just got back. It snowed, the temp was bellow 10 fahrenheit ( - 12.2 celsius), and it was windy. Despite those murderous conditions, I had fun!

A couple of words about the slopes. First, they are called "Timberline". For those of you who have been to Farayya in Lebanon, a good comparison would be Junction! I basically snowboarded on one hill that was maybe twice as wide as Junction and 1.5 times as high.

What I found really cool though, was that people skied and snowboarded on 6 or 7 paths that were cut through the forest which covers the hill. So I had really tall and dense forest on either side of me all the time. That experience was both new and fun.

Cool Stuff! Definitely not Lake Taho nor even Farrayya... but, cool stuff!

Now, back to the grind!


Charles Malik said...

They have slopes in West Virginia?!?!?!?!!!

I had no idea.

The picture wasn't displayed, but I assume the skiing there is probably comparable to skiing in New York or Vermont (I never skiied there either, so I wouldn't know). The Appalachians are a small range (like the Adirondacks?).

Lazarus said...

guys guys ... lake tahoe ou bas! hehe, enjoy your trip raja!

Hassan said...

Break a leg! :)

Or maybe not.