Saturday, February 04, 2006

Major Development...

The IAEA has just reported Iran to the UN Security Council!

Twenty seven of thirty five board members of the IAEA voted to support the resulotion that sent Tehran to the UNSC.

Wanna know who voted against the resolution????

Booboo Bashar - Syria
Crazy Chavez - Venezuela
Senile Castro - Cuba

Need I say more?

Anyways, the ante has just been upped! Cocky Ahmedenijad responded by claiming that Uranium enrichment has been initiated within Iranian territory.

Could he ask the Lebanese Basij to do something if the pressure increases even more?

We will see.

Frankly, if this whole episode ends with the collapse of the "Islamic Republic" I'll celebrate for a week!


Anonymous said...

Raja, you know fully well that iran's leverage is not in lebanon, it's in Iraq.

The only country that can/will hit iran militarily is the USA. If so, then contrary to before, Iran can hit the USA back, where most of its army is stationed: In Iraq.

This is political posturing: the USA wouldn't dare hit iran while 150,000 of its soldiers are a spit away in iraq. Iran can simply overrun the US bases there. The 1million soldier iraqi army is not there and America cannot afford to take the casualty toll. With the oil prices where they are, the american army where it is, america has never been this weak in a while. And if they're stupid enough to go full scale to topple the regime, then the outcome will be 10 times worse than iraq: Iran is much bigger, more populous, has more ethnic minorities (who have been oppressed for ages), has a much bigger army (disbanding it is not an option). In short, toppling the regime by force is not a choice for the US.

By the way, why don't you take a hard look to the south of the US (South America) and see where it is heading before using labels such as 'Crazy Chavez' and 'Senile Castro'. The tide has turned my friend, and the neo-liberal model that the US envisioned, and you seem so enamored with is crumbling, much as the castle of sand that it is.

And the gratuitous use of 'Lebanese Basij', to imply-not so subtly- that they're not lebanese, is a typical Lebano-Orientalist phrasing that is put forth by someone has all the luxury in the world to stick labels at human beings. Having already made up your mind where you stand on things in lebanon, you no longer are in need of critical thinking or introspection: Demagogy is only a stone-throw away.

Raja said...

anon 12:01, what is the point of critical thinking?

Do you actually think you can change minds or "sway opinion" with your rhetorical skills? The fact is, my dear friend, that the overwhelming majority of people have already made up their minds. They have decided to refrain from thinking and to follow leaders in the hope of securing their own interests. There is no room for critical thinking here. There is no rationality. There is self interest and parochialism.

As for your critique of the "neo-liberal" model, please suggest an alternative. Do you want status-quo realism? More pertinently, exactly what kind of US foreign policy would satisfy your critical mind?

With regards to Iran... I couldn't give two hoots about what happens in that country, so long as the mullahs back off. Let them get a taste of civil war, so that they know what it feels like... and then maybe they'll start to think twice before exporting their "revolution" to other countries.

And finally, as for the Iranians "over-running US troops," PLEASE!!!! The entire Iranian armed forces would be wiped out by a fraction of the US troops stationed in Iraq in conventional warfare. The threat to the Americans is from IEDs my friend, not the Iranian Army (oooh, I'm scared)!

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"The tide has turned my friend, and the neo-liberal model that the US envisioned, and you seem so enamored with is crumbling, much as the castle of sand that it is. "

Crumbling? You're forgetting about India and China were half the world's population live. You're also forgetting Eastern Europe where laissez-faire and flat tax are responsible for the accelerated growth.

Now you can brag about Colombia as much as you want, it is an irrelevant country anyway. And an economic failure.

Anonymous said...

Colombia? Who mentioned Colombia? How do you explain the Argentian and Bolivian cases then?

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Sorry, I meant Venezuela

Mike's America said...

I'll celebrate too if this is the straw that breaks Ahmadiafwenoifnweo (whatever his name is)'s grip of fear over Iran.

But somehow I doubt he's too worried about the big nasty IAEA or the Security Council.

Maybe after a dozen years and 17 UN resolutions he'll get the message, but by then it will be too late.

why-discuss said...

Iran has all the rights to develop the technology of atomic energy. The USA, after their total failure on North Korea, are so glad to have convinced the IAEA board to refer Iran to the Security Council: A necessary move to show who are the masters but a complete fiasco for its application. I think Europe, India and the others will back off when they will come to sanctions, so this move is totally symbolic and has done exactly the opposite: It has rallied the iranians around their president.Any hope of causing a regime change is very remote now.. and this is another demonstration of the usual biased attitude of Europe (German chancellor comparing Iran to Nazi germany, who is talking!) and the US when it comes to deal with the ennemy and the only real danger left to their 'weak' protege: Israel

lecentre said...

anon 12:01 ... I hate it when people I don't know call me 'my friend'. Just a thought, if you do want to sway people. It comes across as patronizing and annoying.
For someone who isn't very well informed, what/who are the 'Lebanese Basij'?