Friday, February 03, 2006

How am I supposed to react to this?

Naharnet has quoted Hizballah MP Raad as saying the following:

The resistance will stay on alert as long as our people's security is threatened. Even if Israel withdraws, the resistance is an element of strength in Lebanon's hand. Why then give it up and to whom?
The arms of the resistance are not exclusively linked to an Israeli withdrawal from
They are part of an equation to protect Lebanon as long as it needs such a protection because neither a truce with the Israelis would reassure the Lebanese, nor would international resolutions shield us
The resistance is aware of the Zionist danger to Lebanon and can't relinquish its duty to defend Lebanon if it is attacked by Israel

It is now clearer than ever before: Qais's hypothesis is correct. Hizballah will never relinquish its arms (at least willingly). It seeks to create a Lebanese Basij (if in fact, it has not already done so)... It seeks perpetual war with the state of Israel to justify its armed component, which it ultimately uses to perpetuate itself.
In Iran, the Basij has been used to crush student uprisings and kill desenters. The Iranian Basij is as much an internal security force as it is a protection against external threats. I wonder what makes Lebanese (specifically Lebanese of the Shi'a sect) so sure that Hizballah will not use its own Basij in a similar fashion?
I ask myself: what is the use of having someone represent me in parliament if every time I went and complained that he was not doing a good enough job, he would retort that I was blasphemous... or not praying to god enough??? Okay now assume that this man of god has weapons! So if I decide to run against him or to support a competing candidate in the next round of elections, I may end up seeing his dead mother before he does!
Ahhhh... religion, politics and weapons! What a refreshing mix!
*Picture: A group of enthusiastic members of the Iranian Basij. Look familiar?


Anonymous said...

lokks like nazis.

Ramzi S said...

All the Hizballah coddling by the March 14 group (including Aoun) did not lead to anything. Once again Lebanon has to wait until regional problems are resolved (i.e. Iran/Syria vs the West and Palestine vs Isreal) before we can have our own peace and security.

Anonymous said...

pure Nazzis

why-discuss said...

What an easy and cheap comparison! It is so depressing to see how you follow the US in their obsessive demonization campaign of Iran and the Hezb. Iran has fought a 8 years war, with 1/2 million death, suffered chemical weapons in total isolation and the whole world was gladly supporting Saddam Hossein!!!! It is naturally expected that Iran will ignore the West who intervenes only when it is convenient for them and with their own short term agenda. Same with Hezb , they fought a 20 years war against Israel, in total indifference, both nationaly and internationaly. It is very logical that they trust only themselves and countries that had similar experiences and remain suspicious of the western countries as well as of the lebanese politicians.
If you were in their shoes, you would act exactly like that they are doing....

zwixo said...

It is good that lebanon is still not Iran (for now :)) and there is still some choices that can be made. We can fight Hezbollah with choices, not all shias want to spend their lives cursing Israel and vowing eternal blood. Then again Ramzi's point is crucial, I believe that hezbollah's doom comes with the birth of a strong lebanese government, until that happens they can keep their weapons, but when we have a government, they have their backs against the wall in my opinion. When the government does more than they're doin in the south, they'll lose it all. hopefully soon.