Monday, September 11, 2006

I was at a beach in Southern Lebanon

I'll never forget that phone call.


Lirun said...

i was booked onto AA11 i think it was scheduled to leave boston out of logan on the monday morning but had to get an earlier flight so i was rerouted through chicago on the saturday before..

i landed in sydney on monday and lying in bed jetlagged after a full day at work i received a call that night "we're under attack!" i was like "what?"

i only realised that i was booked onto one of the flights a few days later.. a reporter from the channel 10 television network wanted to interview me but it seemed silly.. i think i remain kind of in denial..

Bad Vilbel said...

I remember that morning clear as day.
I was getting ready to go in to work, here on the West Coast, when i got the call. Turned on the TV just in time to SEE. All I remember after that is repeating "Those bastards!" over and over for hours.

Enriqueta said...

I had not commented on any of the bloggs yesterday it was a strange day around here.

I enjoy reading you so I thought I finally had somthing to contibute =)...

I was getting ready for a class when my roomate came running into our house. She was completly emotional.
She could not stop crying.
She kept saying were under attack, were under attack.
It was freaking me out.

I turned on our tv we saw the second plane hit and then totally random our power went out.

It really scared us.

We went to my car to listen on the radio.

I remember walking out of my home looking up and around noticing how silent it was.
Were 3 hours behind NY my neighborhood was not awake yet.

We just sat there in my car listening in disbelief as the commenators were trying to describe what they were hearing and seeing.

Then our other roomy came outside and told us the power was back on and everything was on TV.

I still went to class, completly numb. Many were not there and we ended up leaving early. I remember driving home and thought to call my parents. It came almost like a wave, one of my brothers was NY that week. He was to be at the exchange, he works at the BTO in chicago.
So it mattered very personally that day. My parents greatfully had spoken to him moments before I called. I remember the sense of relief.

He had still been in New Jersey getting ready to head in. He ended up driving back to Chicago

He would later tell me how insane it was to be there, how difficult the drive home was and how the days and weeks later at his job were more challenging than any one was admitting.
Security was tight they would get bomb threats and have to evacutate was insane.

He said it never seemed very safe there either for quite somtime.

I like many people went and gave blood that week.
I was working at youth center and I went to work that afternoon our kids/teens were in shock and had a lot of questions.

We didnt have very many answers.

Enriqueta "Q"

Chas said...

I think maybe you were not on that flight for a reason .. like what you are doing now for instance, working for peace and encouraging others to do the same.

I was at work, a buddy told me "hey a plane has hit the WTC!" We had no TV, the rest of the day was spent listening to radios .. not much work got done .. everyone was walking round like zombies. Conversation was sombre.
My very worst fears about what would happen after the attack did not materialize, but my "second" worst fears have mostly come to pass.
Since 9/11 civilian casualties in the affected countries are somewhere between 40,000 and 80,000. Hard to get good figures as no-one, apparently, thinks they are even worth counting.

Peace, Chas

abubalboola2 said...

It's one of those events where people will always remember where they were when they heard about it.

My thoughts then... I dont remember anything coherent other then sheer horror from what expects us all; around the world.

Regarding the figures you mentioned, I saw something yesterday on newsnight that might interest you.
Somebody added to a statement with those same numbers that into the same consideration need to remember that Saddam Hussein himself orchestrated the killings of more then 2 million people, including his own.
It's not any reply. Merely quoting because I thought you will be interested.


Chas said...
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Chas said...

Yes, thanks, I was looking for comparitve numbers from the Saddam era, but although I could find numbers related to the war on the Kurds and the suppression of the Shia uprising, (huge numbers) I was looking for numbers routinely killed or disappeared in "normal" times. I am also aware that the Taliban routinely killed and terrorized large numbers of their own people.
However neither of these governments claimed to be fighting on my behalf.
Peace, Chas

Sherri said...

I was at home. My twins were just over a year old then. I had CNN on and started hearing the story as it was unfolding. I remember at first they were saying it was an accident, when the first plane hit. My husband was in Iran, the first trip he had made to see his parents and brother and sister since he came to the US. It was a while before I could even get a hold of him by phone, and I was worried he would have trouble getting back to the US. I felt bad about it, but bad things happen all over the world. And why should the US be shielded from it?

What a chance the US had to reach out and bring the world together? Everyone felt bad about it. We could have worked with countries diplomatically to crack down on terrorists, formed new and stronger alliances with other countries. We could have addressed the matter as a law enforcement problem, and focused on going after the parties responsible, Osama Bin Ladin, and Al Queda.

But instead of using what happened for good, the US set out to punish others. First, a war in Afghanistan. Then, a war in Iraq, which had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. I guess that doesn't matter. Make somebody pay for 9/11 and make them keep paying for 9/11. Then, participating in a war in Lebanon. We can't stop making people pay for 9/11. What's next? Iran? Where does it end?

I want peace, not wars. I have no desire to hate and no need to make anyone else pay for 9/11.

Sherri said...


You said since 9/11 civilian casualties in the affected countries are somewhere between 40,000 and 80,000. Hard to get good figures as no-one, apparently, thinks they are even worth counting.

They (the US government) don't want the numbers to be made known. They don't want the people to know the details of the war either, the numbers of innocent civilians killed. That explains the limited war coverage of wars the US is a party too. The reason the US public saw the coverage of the Israeli Lebanon war the way we did in the US was because they wanted to use it to make people hate more, to fuel the Bush global war on terror. It was always referred to as a fight against terrorists, the way it was covered in the US.
The people who died didn't matter.

My own mother called me the other day talking about the prisoners (allegedly involved with 9/11) the US just revealed they were holding in secret prisons and torturing. She said "I think they should be tortured. They are not human." I was so repelled by that comment, but it is what happens when people are brainwashed. I said, "How can you say that? Everyone is human, all of us, we all have rights, we were all made by God." One of the persons they were holding is somebody they claimed was going to be a hijacker, except he failed to get a visa and go to flight school here too. He never even made it into the US.

The five year anniversary of 9/11 is a sad day for me, sad because I have to face what my country has become in the past 5 years, sad because the world is moving farther and farther away from peace, and sad because it is harder and harder to look at the future with hope.

But I still will continue to hope and pray for peace and stand up and speak out against injustice,

Chas said...

What happened on 9/11 was a tragdey and an outrage.
The US and its allies were justified in the initial invasion of Afghanistan and the deposing of the Taliban and the attempt to eliminate Al-Queada. In deed they were morally obliged to do so.
But somewhere in the middle of that campaign something went horribly wrong. It may be years before we know what actually happened. But I know one thing .. it was a betrayal of the memory of those who died on 9/11 and it was the begining of a sequence of events that have made the world a much uglier place.
I join my prayers to yours.
Peace, Chas

abubalboola2 said...

I do remember my thoughts on the day the war in Iraq broke.. I was standing gazing at the news in the BBC, hearing the British commentators and thinking .. "..they have no idea what they are getting into.. they simply dont understand what is the meaning of the word 'War' ... ". The BBC projected a feeling that it's going to be quick and simple with every scenario already known and a response awaits.
Heroic scenes and heroic descriptions and I thought .. "people are dying".

The visibility that things are going wrong was apparent from the middle. But I believe those risks were known from the planning phase; sadly, they proabably were not considered as a leading optional consequence.

You have good intentions. You also put emphasis on a single side.
I choose this time, to focus on your good intentions; We should all keep praying.


Ergotelina said...

"What do the people who worked in those two (World Trade Center) towers, along with thousands of employees, women and men, have to do with war that is taking place in the Middle East? Or the war that Mr. George Bush may wage on people in the Islamic world?" he asked me. "Therefore we condemned this act - and any similar act we condemn."HASSAN NASRALLAH"
(Inside the Mind of Hezbollah)

Anonymous said...

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