Friday, September 29, 2006

the lord or the end?

"your men, my lord, will follow you to whatever end."

is that asserssion genuine? What do we long for? The end or the lord?

How do we select this lord? How does he become our lord?

What role does the lord play in defining the end that we seek?

How does kinship impact our decision?


lisoosh said...

Don't need a lord.
Don't want a lord.
Just a few guidelines for living a decent life that doesn't bother other people and which will prevent others from bother me.

turtlecurls said...

As I've read these blogs, a question comes to mind. I ask it because I'm wondering if the answer points clearly to what best needs to change in Lebanon. Also I ask because it puzzles me...

Why in the last 20 years has Lebanon not strengthened it's army so that it could choose to enforce sovernity?

It's not money since it's been a thriving country. It's not Israel because they would have encouraged it as in their best interests. It's not a direct conflict with Hizbollah's actions (since the army doesn't have to declare that it would do anything) so it's not that. It could have been Syria, but they've been gone for a year. Or maybe it is some of these. To me it's puzzling that the Lebanese people didn't push their politicians on this as being simply a neccessary part of having a country.

Also, I've seen much written about Lebanese sectarian division as the cause of trouble. What seems more clearly the trouble is the threating of some of the sects & fear from past experiences. Different groups/sect with different agendas is just a fact of life everywhere. It looks from the outside that it's the scare tactics that make everyone jump & the political process stand still. Is that so?

turtlecurls said...

Hum, I don't know if it comes across this way in my writing -- but I did mean my last comment as questions! I've seen some very thoughtful comments on this blog & was wondering what others opinions were on these topics. (I'd like to get my own knowledge base beyond the superficial stuff I see in the news all the time.)

I came across how Chavez is giving money to american poor. I'll post it with the Chavez topic... Basically Citgo was sold to Venezula (the country it sounds like, not to a business there) & is donating gas. Donating to charity is what most companies operating in the US & selling to americans do for tax write off & good-will advertising, so nothing unusual here.

Solomon2 said...

An Erev Yom Kippur Story

Lirun said...

raja - sounds to me like a strong recipe for some good old nasa group think.. ie lets not question lets not ask - the questions will all come once the spaceship crashes.. its a tragic unfolding of events..

turtlecurls i think you may have partly answered yourself when you wrote "It could have been Syria, but they've been gone for a year." do you realise how much infrastructural change is required to go from being a protege to a self-reliant indepent state? especially if done in the context of a cedar revolution rather than a gradual evolution over decades?

i find it difficult to criticise lebanon.. my message hasnt really changed much since i started commenting on this blog during the war.. sure the lebanese may have made mistakes.. god knows we have too.. but you know what? mistakes are there to be made and learned from.. so this is the grand opportunity.. now is the grand test.. for both of us.. lebanon and israel.. what do we make of this event.. how do we demonstrate that we are not just bland survivalists but that we actually have the capacity to grow with our experiences and evolve and improve..

while only time can tell.. each and every one of us has a duty to create their own butterfly affect..

wishing us all a longstanding peaceful relationship


Sherri said...

My Lord to me is Jesus, whom I follow and will follow to whatever end. I follow no man, no voted or elected leader. My Lord is not liberal or conservative or democrat or republican or of any one Nationality. I seek to find God's will daily, God's will for my life by prayer and reading God's word. I seek to follow God, who says love him and love others. I long to grow closer to God. I pray to see and know the truth, no matter how painful it is.

What I see is a world full of suffering and pain and I feel for all those who are suffering and in pain. Always, I see choices, choices of peace or war. We increasingly choose war over peace. That choice leads to more violence, more wars, more suffering, chaos, lawlessness, an increasing lack of empathy and feeling for the welfare of others, hopelessness, and pain.

I believe that the suffering and death of innocent civilians, like occurred in Lebanon (and Darfur and the Congo and Iraq), will repeat itself over and over everywhere in the world until we stop choosing war over peace. I see the suffering and death of the innocents as a sin by those causing them and also essentially punishment for sins man commits.

The enemy is not fanatical groups, like Al Queda, or a religion or imperialist countries like the US.
The enemy does not have a human face or nationality. The enemy is in our hearts and it is hate for those we view as different than us, hate that leads us to believe we must destroy those who are different, rather than accept and respect the differences and find a way to live with each other in peace. We have a choice always. We can accept and love others or hate others. We can choose war or peace.

For Lebanon, will they choose war or peace? I hope and pray it is peace, but peace requires the different groups work together, not against each other. They must come together and do what is best for the country, caring about and respecting the needs and rights of all of its people.

Praying for peace in the Middle East and everywhere, Sherri

abubalboola2 said...

your first question was easy for me to answer; is the assertion genuine? yes, it is.
However, we have no "scientific" compass to tell us if we're heading in the right way. but that is a separate discourse I'll leave for other time.

your second question was containing a distinction between two possible meanings to the answer of the first question. good observation here.

your next questions are actually discussing the nature of one's faith.

But I would actually like to refer to your last question on how does kinship impact decisions which caught my eye.
The faith we have, sheds the light towards the Many possible good ways.
Our kinship may help us see that light strongly or make us blind to it! and we make our decision with both elements; faith and kinship and more.

In to your previous post on sectarianism grip on us, you already gave some of the answer to this question.
read it for yourself, I believe you can combine your own two thoughts and see they are consistent.

(btw, it was an excellent post which I didnt feel I should comment on since it was intended for Lebanese to discuss among themselves. Was fascinating to see this discourse.)

where can you see the kinship expressed? in their words on faith. the words of different groups when talking about their own faith use different idioms and templates. but there is a higher pattern in them all which is what makes them all be - words on faith.
Sadly same goes for words of hate. different idioms and templates, but same higher pattern; of hate.
Kinship is one of the causes for this split but not the only one. As I said, we make our decisions with many elements.


Lirun said...

where did everybody go?


turtlecurls said...

Hi, Where did everyone go? This is the last post & comment I've seen since September.

I saw a new post on Oct 1 or thereabouts with the photo of the hijackers. But that disappeared & hasn't reappeared.
- C

abubalboola2 said...

I guess that Raja took some time off..
He has been very "productive" in the last month :->

bloggingparis said...

Hello, are you dead guys ? no new posts any more? felling lazy huh ?

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Don't you think that Jumblatt look like Gollum?

Lirun said...

maybe if we clap enough they will come back!!

chuck said...

well, me and sherri have been comenting non stop on the other posts. we r the only ones who realy care...

turtlecurls said...

Which other posts?
- Cheri

Fares said...

Please Send this Message to Dr Salim Al Hoss

chuck said...


ther is "i'm sory, i just had to post this",

"The problem with regimes like the one ruling Syria",

"Israel's blockade, and Kofi's plan"


Sherri said...

I have a question/questions I cannot find answers to. We see wars occur, and we see ends to the wars. But we all know it is not really the end. We all know it is not the end to the fighting between Israel and Lebanon. We all know it is not the end to the conflicts between the different groups within Lebanon.

There are a lot of people out there that say they really want peace. But the different sides do not talk to each other and try to work out their differences. You do not see dialogue between governments of Israel and Lebanon. You do not see dialogue between the groups. You do not see dialogue between individuals on either sides with each other. Can there ever be peace without talking and dialogue?

I search and search for blogs where opposing sides talk to each other, Palestinians and people from Israel for example or real Hizbullah supporters speaking to other groups in Lebanon. I cannot find it. I find blogs with the Palestinian view or blogs from people in Israel sympathetic to the Palestinian view. But noone comments on posts on those blogs. Are people there afraid to speak on blogs? Do they hate each other so much? Do they feel it is hopeless? Do they not care about the future? Does anyone have any answers to my questions?

Does anyone else feel talking and dialogue and peaceful means and peaceful resolution is the only answer to truly resolving conflicts?

Sherri said...


I found a good discussion group on Israel and Palestine I thought you might be interested in at web site You register and go to discussions. You can start your own topics of discussion, as well.

abubalboola2 said...

Hi Sherri,
In shameless self promotion.. I invite you to . Have a read in posts that interest you, see where you dont agree and leave a comment if you would like to.

Personaly, this is what I try to do. I search alot for blogs which are opposite to my opinions and belief and try to get into the discussion.
Unfortunatly, I find that the extreme forums are usually being strictly moderated.
Personaly, I dont agree with alot of your opinions and from time to time, we do respond to each other, usually disagree but able to communicate very well with respect to each other (I always smile when you talk about your twin kids). So.. I assume that this shows you there IS a real discussion going on. But it is happening in sites whose virtual community comes from relatively free thinking background or country.
The challenge is to go into the extreme forums.. and calm them down.. tell them to chill abit.
If you know such site, let me know. I'll be there in no time.


Bernsteinschmuck said...

Hey you,

this is a very interest site!
I come from germany and sale Bernsteinschmuck
I will vistit these Blog soon again to look all the news.

Lirun said...

my blog's co-contributor is lebanese

its regular commentors are people from both sides and other places around the world all of whom seek peace notwithstanding the different points of view they represent..

sherri.. again you are wrong.. many people are talking and that why i believe in peace..

Sherri said...


I hope I am wrong, in my statement that peple are not talking to each other, Palestinians and Israelis, and members of Hezbullah and Christians in Lebanon, and Israelis and Lebanese.

I hope and pray these different groups are talking to each other, seeing each other as human beings, understanding each other's point of view, feeling empathy for each other's suffering and pain. I hope and pray the groups are tearing down the secretarian walls standing between each other and seeing you are all human beings and seeing an end to hurting and killing each other is good for everyone. I hope and pray you join together and demand a committment to peace from your leaders and refuse to accept anything less than that.

I believe in peace too. And I am still praying for the safe return of the Israeli soldiers.

Lirun said...

thank you for your kind wishes and thankyou for reaching out our way as well.. feel welcome to read my blog and for a view more in line with your own go to she will lap you up like custard

i think true empathy can only be held 360 degrees..


ps i thank raja and doha for pushing us to join the blog movement for inspiring us to speak out and voice our views and for a legacy of dialog they have created even if it was never intended.. i believe history will acknowledge you greatly..

shabbat shalom and ramadan kareem and happy whatever you feel like celebrating today hehe

debate said...

Yesterday the deputy of Hassan Nasrallah of Hizb_Iran, Sheikh Naiim Qasim gave a threatening speech, where he accused the PM of Lebanon Mr Fouad Saniora of being the Qarazai of Lebanon i.e American puppet. In that speech he also declared with pride and determination that his militia belongs to the Iran-Syria axis. However, he forgot to remind the Lebanese populace of the following facts.
As a matter of fact, hizb_iran and its masters came to represent the perfect case of hypocrisy. They accuse fellow Lebanese of treason while they defend a traitor like Assad and his father who is well known to have served well his American and Israeli masters from 1974 until his death. While his son continued his policy with the Israelis till now and with Americans till 2004 when their relationship soured.
I would like remind Qasim and his masters that I never heard them criticize Assad when he opened his jails for terror suspects handed by the CIA to be tortured in Syrian jails, or when he recently called for instant peace talks with Israel. Also, one never hear them talking about the American occupation of Iraq, or the puppet pro-American Shiaa regime in Iraq. It seems for them Uncle Sam is a foe in Lebanon and friend in Iraq.

francois said...

dear debate,

you are talking about the HA-iranian axis, but did you forget that joumblatt, about less then 6 monthes ago declared that he think that a saudi influence would be beneficial for the lebanese? What do you think as well about the current close relations between the parlementary majority and the saudi influence? Wouldnt feel the shia being threatened by theses incentious relations? They are, simply they are and they are reacting over that by searching to be protected by Iran, equivalent to the saudi for the parlementary majority. We are having a proxy fight not only between the iranian-HA vs israƫl but also between iranian-HA axis vs saudi-futur axis, with roots into the shia vs sunnit fights and persian vs arabs fights.
For exemple, they want to disarm the hezbollah, just after the end of the latest conflict nasrallah declared that the "resistance weapons are not eternal" to take his own words, well we all agree on that. However they had to enter into a polemic on the method to disarm. Useless polemic when we all agree on the objectives. They wasted all the opportunities from 2005 till the time of the conflict to pacificaly solve this issue, as I think it was possible to do so. We might not have the equipments to disarm the hezbollah by force but we certainly have the equipments to disarm the palestinians and it would have been a way to show that the governement is restablishing its souverainty over all the lebanese territory including the palestinian camps and a prerequisit to the HA disarmement.
I am against the current majority for this reason. I am for a lebanon that is free from all foreign influences. We are inside a political game going crescendo, We need to calm the things down and not try to make them worst, we need to lebanize the issues and not internationalize them. Unfortunatly our dear failed politicians, the sames that were cooperating or even serving with the syrians during the occupation, did not achieved it and more then ever I am getting pessimistic.

dear Raja and lebanese bloggers, doha etc...,
Where are you guys? we are missing your posts.

Sherri said...

chuck, abubalboola2, and lirun,

Thinking back on my views I have expressed on this blog, I find I must back off an opinion I once had. It was that peace is always an option and always desirable. I think peace should always be strived for and every effort taken we can to achieve it and avoid conflict and wars. But sometimes there are evil forces that must be fought. I view evil as a force. I have come to believe that sometimes people are so filled with hate and evil and are actively acting to destroy others out of that evil. They must be stopped, and talk may not provide the answer, no matter how hard we try or how much we desire it. The dilemma is how to deal with these people and not harm the innocent and not turn more people into sharing their views.

I come to this view after reading comments on two websites, islamicdigest discussions and aimislamforums. These are websites with links to what I have been told is Hizbullah's official site.

I am disturbed by the hate that is evidenced in viewpoints expressed by Islamic extremists and, in particular, I found myself disturbed over comments of someone named Guardian, purportedly from Canada, predating the Lebanon war, that appeared to be discussing actual military operations of Iran within Lebanon and Iraq. I was not aware Iran had or has actual military operations in Lebanon and Iraq. This made me extremely uncomfortable and I do not know what to make of it.

I feel I have come full circle and see more clearly now both sides. This does not mean I will ever come to believe that taking the life of the innocents (ordinary civilian men, women, and children), as a defense against ones enemies and a way to wage wars against ones enemies, is ever justified. The danger is that those acting in such a fashion lose their morality and goodness and become as evil as those they seek to destroy.

chuck said...

wow !!


i'm trully surprised ! i did not expect u to ever change u'r mind. i already gave up on u.
it just shows u that there r many people who live in a bubble.
people want to believe in certain things that shape their world as an ideal world and fail to see that we do not live in such an ideal world. people sometimes do hate for no real reason, people r motivated by hatred, self rightiousness and prejudice.

my x girlfriend was a european citizen. she came to Israel 3 times and we spent a few months together each time. i took her around Israel, all over the country, from the golan hights to Eilat and even went to sinai for a few days, all by hitch hiking.

before she came here she had a verry strong opinion about Israel and the palestinians, the usual statments that u hear from europeans, "why do u kill palestinians, why don't Israel evacuate the territories", etc...

when she left Israel she had a completley different view of things. she was both amased (by the beauty of Israel, apparently everybody thinks Israel is a desert...) and shocked, because of realisation of things she didn't realy knew, about the situation here. things she realised by talking to people, palestinians and Israelies, even without me around her to influence her judgment. i let her understand things on her own.

just before she left we had a long disscusion. in the end she told me that she would rather continue living in her bubble, then to understand that there is no real legitimate solution.

people that don't understand this conflict come (with best intentions) and criticise the situation from their perspective without realy understanding or even being here and see the whole picture. they don't realise that their outsider perspective does not apply here. they have certain standards that they criticise by, but these standards apply only to the place where they stand and not beyond it.

it the same as me criticising the chechnia and russia conflict.
the way the media puts it, the chechnians r a deprived people that try to struggle for independence, and russia is the "bad guy", the opressor. this the way the media always like to show things, that the wicker one is usualy the deprived one, the underdog, and our hearts imediatly go for the underdog.
in reality i have no real idea about anything that goes out there. it could be so and it could be a totaly differnt story. i can't realy tell.

things rn't always what they seem at first glance.

Lirun said...


your evolution is interesting.. a bit late from the perspective of the dynamics of this blog but better late than never.. especially when someone is as vocal as you seem to be..

i think what you need to keep in mind is that the very theory behind self defence as a principle is that it is designed with the mission of self-preservation.. it is NOT designed to proliferate fairness but rather to avoid imminent threats of death and destruction that are posed against you..

its never an easy right to administer and it is frought with difficulty for one very simple reason.. and that is.. it is entirely percetion based.. as such - self defence is an excuse for bad behaviour on the grounds that you truly held the perception of imminent harm being inflicted on your self.. if it did not involve bad acts - we would not require the excuse of self defence..

its a tragic reality that sometimes survival appears to opponents as a zero sum game.. however.. when you are diametrically opposed - just as you have found yourself to be with respect to your newly found extremists - then extreme solutions are generated..

bear in mind that your revelation of the unpleasant views came through a website.. in israel we dont need to read about it.. we watch it on the flesh and blood of our people who have been directly targeted.. through funerals and through tragedies.. it is not about ideas.. it is about survival..

i am sad that your realisation has been possible..

personally - and without derogating from my profound love to my country - i am also very passionate about peace..

i hope one day the notions will stand beside eachother proudly and clear for all to see..


Roy Harush said...

I will try to make as simple as possible.
This sentence was taken from Lord of the ring.
The situation was of a great uncertainty, when a great war that was about to change life of everyone on middle earth, to the better or worst..
In this situations most People go the LORDS, it doesn't mean if this lord is a person, god, or a guideline in a stupid teen newspaper...

People turn to god in most ways when they see no other choice, sometimes believing in god's "mysterious ways" takes the burden from you and put in a place you would like to think it would be consider with better values or by smarter people.

in which ever case, its good to believe in god, though you should know how to make your own decisions, of course, within the limits of your belief, and if this limits are to be broken by oneself, he should know and remember why that happened, for further self justification...

Aragorn's Soldiers would follow him to which ever end, because they are soldiers, and they are going towards the end ..

Are we ?


Lirun said...



bloggingparis said...

wow, verry interesting discussion !

abubalboola2 said...

Hi Sherri,
You made me smile again :->
It's an interesting opinion you are stating about evil seen as a force and you must fight that force while keeping the innocents of both sides, safe.
I agree with you that talk alone is not enough in such situation.
I agree with you that fights will happen and might be required.
Keeping the innocents safe on both sides might be moderated by common convention to all. However, reaching such a convention is not easy and does not guarantee its fullfilment in times of war (as happened in most wars in the recent century).
It would be naive to say that perhaps the moral and compassion of both sides should influence the taking of their own decisions.
But yes, I would choose to be naive and say that this is the most effective way I can think about.
No process can replace human compassion.

btw, could you please give the links to the extreme web sites you found?


Sherri said...


These are the websites.

shafik said...

Interesting insights. Wanna see another great insight? this time about the situation in Lebanon? take a look at my movie at

turtlecurls said...

I've been lurking, even if I haven't been writing. Some interesting thoughts posted here... I checked out some of your sites Sheri & Chuck.

When I get a little time I'll be back!

Lirun - looks like we need to keep clapping our hands! It did cross my mine that, & I hope it's not something bad that pulled away Raja.

Some interesting comments today on this ynet news article:,7340,L-3321651,00.html
"PA paper: Jews fan flames of evil"

- Cheri

abubalboola2 said...

I had just a quick visit in one the sites you gave.
quite.. "disturbing"?! is that the word I look for?
holacaust denial, jewish conspiracy of 9/11, gas prices and many other goodies of that sort.

Now, some may dismiss such sites as too silly to take seriously.
But my wife,met people who asked her if those things are true.
I work with people (highly intelligent academics or engineers) who dont buy this specific nonsense but do have other conspiracy like beliefs. I heard them describing such consirations myself and just listened, reminding meyself again and again that it is important to hear it all, to believe that indeed such opinions exist.

btw, I hope Raja is ok and will be back soon.


Sherri said...


I found those Islamic web sites, back when I was looking for the full texts of Nasarallahs speeches. I was trying to figure out what he really stood for. Was his motivation the welfare of the residents of Lebanon or the Shiite Muslim population of Lebanon? Or was his motivation resisting and fighting Israel and taking orders from the clerics in Iran? Didn't he receive training in Iran, in Quom?

I wanted to believe there was something good in Hizbullah's motivation and even Iran's involvement with the Palestinians and Hizbullah. I wanted to believe their actions arose from caring about the welfare of fellow Muslims who were suffering and/or oppressed.

But what I found mostly was just hate for Israel. I don't know who these people are on these web sites, but I think they are educated and I suspect they may be clerical. And it would not surprise me if they are representative of the thinking of the clerics in power in Iran. That's scary.

On the issue of Jews being responsible for 9/11, this is apparently a theory widely circulated in Iran. My husband says a lot of people there believe that. He was in Iran on 9/11, visiting his parents and other relatives. Isn't it bizarre how our perceptions of events can be affected by our leaders and their propoganda?

I keep thinking about a post I read about a speech of Iran's Supreme Leader, who (along with a clerical council)is the one with the power there (not Iran's President, who is just a figurehead, with no real power). He speaks and the crowd shouts "Death to Israel! Death to the United States!" over and over. And he is quoted by someone as saying "Well, isn't that what I said."

It's sad that an outside country can come in and arm radical groups to fight against Israel and the ones who pay the price for this are not that country, but are instead largely the civilian populations, Palestinian civilians and the Lebanese civilian population and Israeli civilians. What control do any of these civilian populations have over these events, the arming of Hamas and Hizbullah? What benefit does anyone get from the arming of Hamas and Hizbullah? Hamas keeps sending rockets into Israel. From what I have read, as far back as June, they have not killed a single person from these attacks. Yet, the attacks trigger responses by Israel and many innocent Palestinians end up injured or dead. What is Hamas accomplishing by these attacks? How are the Palestinians benefitting from this?

But while Iran arms Hamas and Hizbullah, the United States arms Israel. And arms them with the most sophisticated military equipment and weapons. And what is this new technology, they really are in the nature of chemical weapons. Weapons which contain depleted uranium, phosphorous bombs, bunker busting bombs, more cluster bombs to replenish their supply after dropping over 1 million bombs on Lebanon's Shiite Muslim civilian populations in South Lebanon.

And let us not forget about some of the newest technology, DIME, part of the new improved smart bomb technology. Used against the Palestinians in Gaza, it targets the abdomen or genital area and often results in the target having their legs amputated and completely burned bodies. If the target survives, he may have as high as a 90% chance of contracting cancer, and reportedly the weapon poses risks even to medical personnel treating the target. Drones reportedly dropped the munitions, most of them in July and August. This is reportedly an experimental weapon. If you dare, go to graphic photos at for photos of the horrendous injuries caused by these experimental weapons, which Israel and apparently the United States are experimenting on on Palestinians in Gaza. Also, see and

Where is our morality? Where is our humanity? But perhaps at least some of the what appears to be irrational hate of some radical Muslim groups for Israel and the United States may be a result of the inhumane tratment of Palestinians and Lebanese Muslims by Israel.

bloggingparis said...

Beirut Beirut Beirut Beirut is boiling !!!

Lirun said...

so many theories.. so many reasons..

yesterday i heard talk on tv about the gay pride festivities in jerusalem.. there was talk of jewish religious terror against the participants and they said "what do you expect.. you provoke us and you'll get extreme reactions.."

i thought to myself how disgusting this was.. you had one community trying to assert their righst through peaceful festivity and another through terror attack..

the very purpose of the parade is illustrated by the threat of terror.. and then suddenly people say but hang on of course the dog is wobbly.. clearly the tail is wagging it..

no - sorry - this makes no sense..

we left gaza and we have left lebanon.. we will stop flying overhead once we get our men back as promised in the accord..

we were provoked and our sovereignty was undermined.. the lines are now blurry between cause and effect - but that is a long cry away from striking a blow of blame our way..

sherri.. you read the evidence yourself.. your profess your error.. and then you come back with the same indoctrination..

im not encouraged by your evolution anymore..

and yet i maintain hope for peace..

wishing it upon us all..


Lirun said...

and yes.. i too hope that all are well on the blog's author list..

Sherri said...


You say I profess my error and then come back with the same indoctrination. Why? Because I dare to criticize what I view as immoral and inhumane actions of Israel? I hope and pray that I never stop speaking out against immorality and acts against humanity. It does not matter who does those acts or why. They are never right and deserve to be criticized. My criticism does not mean I hate those doing the acts, but I hate with all of my heart the evil acts that are being done.

I hate seeing bombs dropped on civilian populations and injuring and killing the innocent, whether Israel does it or Hamas does it or the United States does it or Hezbullah does it. It does not matter why they do it. It is wrong.
Those engaged in these acts should be criticized for those acts.

I hate seeing chemical weapons (and all weapons having the characteristics of chemical weapons, that cause cancer and increased pain and increased suffering and are a product of nuclear weapons)used against human beings. It does not matter who uses them or why. It is wrong.

Did you view the photos of the injuries caused by your government's actions in Gaza at the website I mentioned? Do you view the use of such weapons against other human beings as moral and humane?

Kalam Wa Kalimat said...

Hi. Visit me:

debate said...

The Alawite Regime in Syria is more commonly but wrongly known under the name of the Baath regime. This terminology is wrong since the idea of the Arab Baath died with its founder Michel Aflaq a long time ago. All what is left is a gang of criminals and sectarian haters.Here are the six main points against this despicable regime.This regime is guilty of high treason because:1-it sold the Golan toIsraelin exchange forLebanon2-it allied itself with the Persians in the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) against the Arabs3-it declared war on the Palestinian cause and on the Palestinian people, and it committed war crimes and massacres against them inLebanon4-it brutally occupiedLebanonfor 30 years and committed mass murder and massacres against the Lebanese population5-it leftSyriain a state of under-development and mass poverty6-and above all, it ruled the Syrian people with the armored fist for more than 35 years by filling the concentration camps of Tadmour and Mazzeh. All while committing acts of mass murder, annihilation (Hama1982), atrocity, rape, torture, and mass deportation against anyone who dared to speak up against their absolute rule.

Sherri said...

I am reading again about Israel using questionable weapons in attacks on civilians. This time in Gaza. Unknown weapons that cause fourth degree burns and wounds which X-Rays cannot diagnose. Parts of the weapons have been found and imprinted on them is "experimental, made in the United States." What are these weapons used to torture and maim and kill other human beings, often innocent women and children? These weapons that Israel and the United States carry out experiments with on the residents in Gaza? Are they DIME or phosphorous weapons or weapons with uranium? What evil minds created them? I am reading of people dying in Gaza, because medical personnel do not have knowledge about these new weapons to treat injuries and also are running out of medical supplies and medications to treat the wounded. Unarmed women gunned down. Children killed. In this 5 day siege of Gaza, over 50 people killed, many of them civilians. Over 200 wounded. Again, the world sits back and does nothing to stop the suffering and dying of innocent women and children. And does nothing to stop the genocide and ethnic cleansing and collective punishment enacted against a population, this time the Palestinians.

Where is our humanity? Where is our morality?
When will we stop the killing?

root cause said...


with all due respect, please post your sources for this "knowledge" before you burn the U.S. and Israel to the ground.

Sherri said...

root cause,

This is some of the source information I looked at on the issue of Israel using dangerous/experimental weapons in Gaza. I know it is not everything.
Many sources are reporting nontypical injuries observed in the dead and wounded. I have researched this issue at different points in time and some articles rely on other articles for support.

Article entitled "Sakka:IOF experimenting new American weapons against Palestinians" Dated 11/5/06

Palestinian medical teams have affirmed IOF troops were experimenting previously unknown American weapons in their ongoing incursion in Beit Hanoun, that left around 50 Palestinians killed and more than 220 others wounded.

Dr. Juma Al-Sakka, the public relations manager in the Shifa hospital in Gaza city said IOF shells were inflicting un-repairable damage in human bodies, increasing the number of martyrs and leaving the wounded with no hope of healing. Palestinian medical teams managed to obtain parts of those weapons in which the following phrase in English was subsribed "experimental weapons, made in the USA." The medical official affirmed the components of those weapons included internationally-prohibited incendiary material that inflicts fourth degree burns on the human body that leads to death or leaves traces that can never be treated. He elaborated that shrapnel of those shells penetrate the human body and could not be seen in X-rays, which made Palestinian doctors unable to diagnose the injuries.

There are many prior reports dating back to about July of 2006, raising issues about unknown dangerous weapons being used by Israel in Gaza and Lebanon (including Amnesty International reports), and some suggestions this could be "DIME" or something similar to "DIME" or some type of weapon containing uranium. I have read that there may be reports issued by a United Nations organization and one other organization examining weapons and/or weapon traces and attack sites in Lebanon and/or Gaza that will be issued in November and December.

Some other web sites on dangerous weapons issue I looked at: gaza foto.asp

As reported in French national newspaper Le Monde, according to a team of journalists from the Italian State radio-television RAI, DIME-type bombs were being used in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli army, Tsahal, against Palestinian targets during July/August 2006. The investigation was performed by analyzing samples of metals found in the victim's bodies and examining the unusual wounds.,1-0@2-3218,36-822672,0.html

I will give sources on other points later tonight or tomorrow.


le maronite said...

President Bush learns tonight whether Republicans will lose control of the House, the Senate, or both. But what's a mere midterm when his administration is on the verge of losing an entire country?
That country is Lebanon. Twenty months ago, when Syrian troops were abruptly forced out in the so-called Cedar Revolution after a 29-year occupation, the Levantine state was a byword for the ascendancy of the Bush Doctrine. "It's strange for me to say this," the Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt told columnist David Ignatius in February 2005, "but this process of change has started because of the American invasion of Iraq. I was cynical about Iraq. But when I saw the Iraqi people voting three weeks ago, eight million of them, it was the start of a new Arab world."
Fast-forward to the present and then watch as the Cedar Revolution gets played in reverse. The White House issued a remarkable statement last Wednesday warning of "mounting evidence that the Syrian and Iranian governments, Hezbollah and their Lebanese allies are preparing to topple Lebanon's democratically elected government." That evidence includes recent threats on the lives of leading anti-Syrian figures, about a dozen of whom were assassinated last year. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has also promised massive demonstrations if his demand for a "national unity" government -- in which he and his allies would gain enough seats in the cabinet to exercise a veto -- is not met by the end of this week.
This could be scene-setting for another civil war, if the Lebanese have the appetite for it. Mr. Nasrallah's opponents, including the notorious Christian militiaman Samir Geagea, have put it about that if Hezbollah goes ahead with its demonstrations they will stage massive counterprotests and perhaps barricade the roads into Beirut.
What would Mr. Nasrallah do then? "He's going to push the troops of others to bring about an incident," speculates Lebanese commentator Walid Phares of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. "He'll start a massive demonstration in front of [Prime Minister Fuad Siniora's] office and demand his resignation. He'll portray himself as the opposition. What he would love most of all is to have the media broadcast the downfall of the Bush-allied government."
That's one scenario, though it probably won't come to that: Mr. Nasrallah would prefer maximum autonomy within the country than actual responsibility over it. Instead, Lebanon's political classes are likely to settle on a compromise that would sacrifice at least one of the three most cherished goals of the Cedar Revolution. The first is disarming Hezbollah, as required by the 1989 Taif Accords and demanded by U.N. Resolutions 1559 and 1701. But that latter resolution, part of the cease-fire agreement arranged by Condoleezza Rice last summer, does more to shield Hezbollah from Israel than the other way around.
Second is a successful conclusion to the U.N. investigation into the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The investigation, led by low-key Belgian prosecutor Serge Brammertz, is said to be within weeks of wrapping up, and informed U.S. diplomatic sources expect that it will indict senior figures in the Syrian regime, including relatives of President Bashar Assad. But the indictments must be followed by a trial in Lebanon, which Mr. Assad is desperate to quash. Hence the Hezbollah power play: If Mr. Nasrallah and his allies can gain a third of the cabinet's seats, they can prevent the Hariri case from ever going to trial.
Finally, the Cedar Revolution was supposed to put an end to Syria's meddling in Lebanon. But that won't happen if at the end of this week's political negotiations the Lebanese government allows President Emile Lahoud, still and forever a Syrian puppet, to remain in office even as the country moves to early elections. Nor does it help that Mr. Assad continues to prove his worth to Mr. Nasrallah by serving as his main conduit of arms.
In all this, Hezbollah has been helped by the weakness of its domestic opponents. The Cedar Revolution demonstrated that Lebanon's anti-Syrian forces were a majority in the country. But those forces are fractious and unsure of themselves, and Mr. Nasrallah was able to draw down their support by striking a deal with the opportunistic Maronite leader Michel Aoun. Israel's incompetent military campaign last summer was another boon for Mr. Nasrallah, since anything less than his complete defeat in war was bound to embolden him politically.
Then there is the forthcoming report of former Secretary of State James Baker's Iraq Study Group, which is rumored to urge the Bush administration to re-engage Damascus diplomatically. In recent days Mr. Assad has been talking a blue streak about his willingness to make peace with Israel, a signal that he might be willing to play ball on that front and maybe in Iraq if only the administration lets him have his way in Lebanon.
The term for Mr. Baker's advice is "sell-out," and it is entirely characteristic of his past Mideast diplomacy. As an alternative, Mr. Phares argues that Ms. Rice should convene a conference of Lebanese NGOs in Washington as a way of bracing them for what he calls a "second Cedar Revolution." Also noteworthy is the internal Shiite opposition to Hezbollah: "The Shiite community never gave anyone the right to wage war in its name," Sayed Ali al-Amin, the Shiite mufti of Tyre, recently told Beirut's An-Nahar newspaper. With winter approaching and Hezbollah reportedly sharply cutting back on its reconstruction funds to homeless Shiites, there's an opportunity here to discredit Mr. Nasrallah and separate his organization from its religious base.
Saving Lebanon will require focus, nerve and imagination, qualities hitherto absent from Ms. Rice's tenure at State. Maybe if her boss loses his majority in Congress, he'll be less inclined to let the remainder of his legacy go down the drain with it.

Sherri said...

le maronite,

I am hopeful the Democrats can gain power over either and/or both the Senate and the House and hopeful this will make a difference in the US foreign policy and hopeful the US will be more interested in having dialogue with those we disagree with, countries and groups and individuals. I want to see my country support peace in the world, not wars. But I suspect we won't see real shifts in policy until Bush is out of office. I don't expect Bush to change his policies, no matter what happens today. I do not think he is capable of admitting he has made mistakes. I just hope the outcome of the elections will weaken him further and discourage him from starting more wars. Does the world really need yet another war in the Middle East?

I'm praying for peace in the Middle East, in Lebanon, in Palestine, in Israel, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in Iran. I pray for God to be with those who are suffering from the effects of wars and occupation and oppression, wherever they are. I pray for those held unjustly as prisoners everywhere, Palestinians in Israeli jails, political prisoners in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, and all other US prisons holding political prisoners, and the three soldiers held by Hezbullah and Hamas. I pray we all start seeing each other as human beings and realize peace benefits us all and we strive for real and lasting peace. Sherri

solomonpal said...

Yeah right pray for peace idiot! The democrats will come to the rescue. It's only a matter of time and the shit hits the fan and the mid-east will turn into a horror of hell unknown to date to mankind. To late morons...the die is cast

Sherri said...


I'm sorry. I do not know who you are or the specific source of your anger. But, I repeat. I am sorry. I am sorry for all the pain and suffering my country has caused in the Middle East. You say the mid-east will turn into a horror of hell unknown to date to mankind. I fear that will happen too. That fear haunts me. I see Lebanon and the killing and in my mind I see it happen over and over and over again, until the rivers run red with the blood of the innocent.

I believe it will happen too, unless we stop the wars, stop the killing, and choose peace and demand peace from our leaders. You say the die is cast. I don't believe that. We all have choices. We can choose to forgive and set aside hate and fear of each other. We always have choices.

Call me an idiot. Call me a moron. I still hope and pray for peace, because the alternative is not good for anyone. Sherri

Sherri said...

chuck, lirun, abubalboola,

I just heard the news about the attacks on the residences in Gaza, in Beit Hanoun. 18 civilians killed, as they slept, including 13 members of one family. Seven children and four women were among those killed. 54 people were wounded. "It is the saddest scene and images I have ever seen. We saw legs, we saw heads, we saw hands scattered in the street," 22 year old Attaf Hamad, a witness, told Reuters. Pools of blood lay in the streets of Beit Hanoun. Pieces of flesh and the small sandals of children were strewn about. Reuters, 11/8/06

Why? Why attack defenseless women and children while they sleep? Why?

iza said...

When this will end... it seems this world is not enough....... never ending.

Cancer Type

3li- said...


your arguers will not be satisfied until you adopt their view points entirey.

That you can be critical of Hezb and Israel does not mesh with their black and white world.

I don't agree with your viewpoint all the time, but I find you a critical thinker, intelligent and sincere.

Keep speaking your mind, and the truth.

Sherri said...

I hope everyone is doing OK. It is November 9, 2006.

Desert Peace posts a heartbreaking post entitled Eighteen Funerals, about 18 funerals of Palestinians killed in their sleep in the early morning of November 8, 2006 in Beit Hanoun, Gaza by Israeli forces. Pictures are included. (desertpeace.blogspot, based upon news report of funerals by Ma'an News Agency)

Nine children, including Maysa, a one-year old infant and Malak, a two-year-old toddler, together with their deceased mothers, were taken to a cemetery on Thursday at noon. These were just some of the latest victims of the most recent Israeli massacre, committed by Israeli military forces on Wednesday in Beit Hanoun, in the north of the Gaza Strip.

The victims were carried on the arms of their relatives, and other Palestinians, who came in their thousands to participate in the funeral. Those in the caskets were mostly from one family, the Athamna family of Beit Hanoun.

Palestinians of all ages, as well as national and Muslim factions participated in the funeral.

Beit Hanoun is a small town, consisting of eight streets and is, like every other town of the Gaza Strip, very crowded. The main street in the town is now very difficult to use, because of the shell holese in the road from the recent Israeli attacks.

I cried all the way home from the library, after reading that post. The images of the babies whose lives ended and their mothers would not leave my mind. I found myself wondering how many Palestinian children's lives have been cut short over the many years of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. How many Palestinian lives have been lost?

Right before reading this post, I had participated online in a discussion with an Israeli supporter I want to share.

I said "You categorize Fatah, Hamas, and Hezbullah all as just "groups with an objective to kill as many Jews as they can." You don't view them as human beings who represent their people, the Palestinians and Shiite Muslims in Lebanon. You demonize them. Until that attitude stops, how can there ever be peace?

Response. Exactly!! Most of the world, and myself as well, don't view terrorists as human beings at all. This attitude will never change. Why should I ever give any credence or thought to a terrorist who's only goal is to kill innocent people. If you think this is what hinges on whether or not peace is possible, then don't hold your breath.

That comment is to me the essence of the mindset that keeps the Middle East in conflict and prevents peace. Hate in our hearts for others. It's not some person or group we label as terrorist that is the enemy of peace. It's hate in our hearts for others who are different then us. We need to forgive each other and get rid of this hate. We are all human beings that want to lead our lives and feel safe and secure. Wars bring pain and suffering and take away our safety and security. Peace is better for everyone.

Praying for peace in the Middle East, Sherri

Lirun said...

sherri - why not have your own blog..

i wont enter an argument with you because its pointless..

as i have said before your questions are intrinsically wrong..

for example.. "is it moral?" morality deals with the conflict of values.. it is the seam between them that defines the morality.. you may not like it.. but there is a morality of sorts underlying every action.. your view that morals are black and white demonstrates a very shallow understanding of conflict and bilateral relations.. are you acting in an immoral way everytime you disobey your husband? of course not.. are you always perfectly stetford wivish? of course not.. then there's your "is it human?" question.. well how stupid is that.. we are discussing humans interacting with humans.. that is entirely human by definition..

i suggest two things to you:

(a) apply a "but for" test as to the actions you criticise to identify causation.. you ask why like it is really significant.. well analyse it then.. stop whining and go think for yourself.. why has my government attacked gaza.. what is the single situation that has lead to these events..

ok so tracing back we have our withdrawal from gaza and then the incessant bombing of our towns.. but for the persistent bombing of our towns - my government would not have bombed gaza.. reread your sources and recall how sharon was so patient with our hamas friends - who despite that famous hudna participated in all glory in rocket attacks.. and then ask yourself oh why why why why.. gee i dont know.. cant possibly imagine why.. after attempting every other method to stop the attacks.. cant imagine why.. after having them invade our land and kidnap an 18 year old.. cant imagine why.. after having incessant attacks no matter how much we leave them alone.. cant imagine why..

so back to your strange questions.. is bombing our towns moral.. is that human? does it matter if the weapons are new or old? if you kill and injure us.. are we not entitled to do anything? are we not entitled to try and deter you?

(b) instead of being such a psycho.. who has long been sounding like a broken record.. why dont you tell us how its to be done.. how are we to stop the attacks against our towns.. we tried bilaterally.. we tried unilaterally..

personally i believe more can be done.. however.. we too are under attack.. and we have been for so long that it bores you to tears..

please dont respond to me.. just think for a change.. and seriously consider starting your own blog.. rather than only polluting others and running away with no self initiated thought..

wishing peace on all of us so that these blogs can seriously become redundant..


debate said...

Guys wake up!!! you all engaging in futile debates about this and that while you forgot the real deal. The Alawite regime of bashar is laughing at us day and night. hahaha

you keep on fighting and his regime is safe, fight fight and soon he will move back into lebanon and take us all to the tadmour concentration camp.

solomonpal said...


Praying for peace in the Middle East, Sherri

Check this out hon. Now the mess gets deeper. Only one way to end this . Deal with it once and for all before it's too late. You think the Dems can stop this? really? Nanci Pellosi, Fred Murtha? Praying will? I'm sure you are a sweet well intentioned lady and oh so sincere...but you are the naive type who in the end invites the largest of calamities. No no hate here, just seasoned skeptisim and a weary bellyfull of you do-gooders. Best wishes Lebanon but it sounds to me the picture is becoming clear to you.

from AP:

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Al-Qaida has purportedly issued a statement threatening to topple Lebanon's "corrupt" Western-backed government, according to a London-based Arabic newspaper Monday.
The Al-Hayat newspaper reported that al-Qaida issued the statement from the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr el-Bared in northern Lebanon.

"The organization has arrived in Lebanon and we will work on destroying this corrupt government that receives orders from the American administration," Al-Hayat said, quoting the statement.