Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jamal's Trip Beyond Bint Jbeil

Please read about Jamal's trip Beyond Bint Jbeil. Thank you Jamal for the coverage!

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Chas said...

Jamal's story of his trip was most interesting, especially now that news of what is happening in Leb is not so easy to find. Thanks for the link.

One point he mentioned, that drew my attention.
"Water is life and we have an abundance of water. I just wanted to rub that in."
Funny, but serious as well. I know it is way to soon to consider this, people are still hurting too much, but at some time in the future what would you think of allowing some of that water to flow to Israel again? .. perhaps even as some sort of regional irragation scheme? The Israeli's are very good at water management (they have to be)so the exchange of technology and ideas would benefit both.
Plus there is a large Arab Israeli population in the north(of Israel) who would benefit.
And Lebanon would be in the driving seat .. as it is their resource.
Anything that helped increase the vested interest of populations on both sides of the border in stability and peace would surely be a benefit.

Like I said, probably way too soon to even think about such an idea, but nevertheless, thoughts?

Peace Chas

Fearless said...

Sorry but Jamal is a Shiite, whose origins are in the South and whose point of view is myopic. Pro Nasrallah anti West. In short in line with Ahmadinajead aspirations ( the latter being the paymaster of Hizb.)
What value can be ascribed to his account?
Will he tell us how arms and rockets were hidden by Hizb. in civilain homes, schools, mosques. About the use of civilians as human shields. About the the prtraits of Khomeini and his servant Nasrallah all over the place. About a state within a state. About trampling on our sovereignty and dignity. About the destruction brought by, no one else but his Lider Maximo. Who decided by himself to start an unprovoked act of war- the rest is known.

How many Hizb were killed, maimed, how many innocent civilians behind whom they were hiding firing their silly rockets. How my brothers were prevented by Hizb from fleeing the South. About the use of civilain cars, taxis and buses by Hizb. to move their rockets, thus endangering bona fide refugees.

Doha said...


i don't know how in one account you can have all this sort of information put together. jamal is providing us with a personal account of his trip to the south, to his grandfather's destroyed house. that's what blogs are about, they're PERSONAL. i don't know why you had to say that jamal is shiite, what does that have to do with it? he's a human being writing about his trip to the south! and i thank him for taking the time to blog about it.

Jamal said...

Fearless- it looks like you can do something other than spam afterall, you can stereotype too. I'm impressed.

Doha- Thanks for linking my humble little story :o)

Lirun said...

chas - i like your idea.. i think its excellent..

and in turns of rubbing it in jamal.. it was funny but not painful..

between importation and our new desalination plants we no longer fear water shortages.. israel also enjoys a decent amount of relative rainfall for the region because of its forestation and plant preservation..

if you look at a sattelite photo of our region you can see the border with egypt.. not because of any particular geographical attribute but because we dont let goats and sheep eat our entire vegetation..

this impacts rainfall as well..

furthermore - as chas said.. we are pretty good at water management..


as i noted on your blog.. thank you for the window

wishing peace to us all..