Thursday, November 23, 2006

After The Funeral...

Hizbullah supporters were asked by Nasrallah to return home after they blocked the main highway to the airport.

But the more disturbing news is that in Tripoli, again for the second night, there was an exchange of fire, but the clashes were between Internal Security Forces and armed men in the Palestinian refugee camp of Biddawi. There were sounds of gunshots and also of rocket fire.

Anyways, the speeches today at Gemayyel's funeral were extremely charged, it felt like March 14ers will be asked to head to Baabda. But later we learned that the leaders of March 14 do not want to use the streets to achieve their political goals. It remains to be seen what their strategy is other than managing to pass the tribunal resolution in the Cabinet on Saturday.

On another point, Associated Press claims that Amin Gemayyel, the father of the slain Pierre, skipped Parliament Speaker Berri as he greeted politicians and diplomats who attended his son's funeral in the St. Georges Cathedral.

However, MP Butros Harb said on LBC's Kalam Innass talk show that this piece of news is incorrect. Amin Gemayyil greeted Berri at the entrance of the Cathedral thanking him for attending and so that's why when he was shaking hands with politicians at a later point, he shook hands with Arab League President Amr Moussa, then skipped Berri (because he already greeted him) and shook hands with PM Seniora.

And...Hizbullah sent no delegation to the funeral. The question is why?

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."

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Avraham said...

OK, let me cut straight to the point. Why shouldn't Lebanon be an officially CHRISTIAN nation? The ONLY one in the middle east! The Maroni have been killed and killed again and again. Nasrallah and Shallah should have their throats slit and their supporters should be drawn and quartered. I'm so sick and tired of these shii extremist destroying beautiful Lebanon.