Monday, November 13, 2006

the boxing match

The boxing match continues. Except the boxers (both of whom wear shorts with the Lebanese colors) continue to shout at each other, and occasionally get beat up by supposed spectators from outside the ring. Actually, a better analogy would be a cock fight – and, again, every once-in-a-while the owner of one of the birds punches the his adversary's on the head.

As for the cocks themselves, well… as with the boxing analogy, they haven’t pecked at each other yet. Except, they stand by gleefully and watch the beating their opponent gets.

Come to think of it, the animals manifest a very Lebanese kind of behavior! Those of you who happened to be male, and who grew up in Lebanon know exactly what I mean. I’m referring to the fight between two guys or “2urtas.” I'm referring to the telephone calls, the shouting and screaming, the "hold me backs" because "I'm gonna $*%& him up" and finally, the hope of all involved that somebody else (anybody) would just come and do the beating for them.

So the elite in Lebanon – along with their hot-blooded moronic buffoons (a.k.a. followers) – posture and wait. They pray that they don’t have to fight, but desire, with equal intensity, that their adversary somehow yields.

For her part, the average Lebanese just sits, watches and tries to avoid getting hurt in the fracas. She tosses her hopes and concerns into the toilet. She watches the elite and prays to God that they don’t step beyond the threshold. And lastly, she makes preparations for the worst.


rsh said...

Ya Raja, i think you exhausted the number of times you can use the word "cock" in one day.

I do agree with your analogy... Lebanon's politicians are all a bunch of cock-knockers. Perhaps we really do need a new cock-friendly, cock-unity government.

francois said...

wlc back online guys

about the elite, we do not have an elite in lebanon, the civil war made our elite disappearing, through exile and assassination. The remaining got corrupted by frequenting the cock knockers you were talking about

Raja said...

sh, thanks for bringing the "mishap" to my attention. it's too bad i took so long to fix it.

francois, i appreciate the kind words. FYI, i attached no value judgment on the word "elite." they're the elite merely because their political decisions are consequential.

debate said...

Guys wake up!!! you are engaging in futile debates about this and that while you forgot the real deal. The Alawite regime of bashar is laughing at us day and night. hahaha

you keep on fighting and weakening the leb gov while his regime is safe, fight fight and soon he will move back into Lebanon and take us all to the Tadmour concentration camp.