Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pierre Gemayel Shot Dead!

Update 2: All roads leading to the Baabda Palace were closed in anticipation of an angry mob heading towards there.

Tires were lit on fire in Jbeil which led to the closing of the highway leading to Tripoli.

Update: Gemayel's bodyguard, Samir Shartooni, died of his wounds.

Details: Gemayel was leaving New Jdeideh where he was paying condolences St. Anthony-Jdeideh church. He was driving his Kia, accompanied by two others. 50 meters past the church, a car stopped and three men went down from the car and sprayed him with bullets.

Angry Phalangists are burning tires in front of the Kataeb headquarters in Saifi, Beirut. The Internal Security Forces blocked the road from Doura to Saifi.

PM Seniora is heading a Cabinet meeting right now.

Pierre Gemayel was shot dead! Is it a deja-vu? Our civil war in 1975 started with the Phalangists and here we are back to square one.

He was in his Kia in Jdeideh, when a Range Rover passed by and sprayed him with bullets. He's dead now. He's gone.

I don't know what's going to happen to our country. I'm at work and I'm scared of tomorrow.

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Maybe rather than siding with hezbolla, your Lebanese geniuses should have invited the Israelis to use your highways to drive straight thru into Syria. The Lebanese should see Israel as partners in getting the Arab puppetmasters off your back, but you would rather be enlaved and manipulated by fellow Arabs than rescued by jews.

Anonymous said...

another example of israeli arrogance.

Dan Irving said...
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Dan Irving said...

All Lebanese are Arab? I bet that's news to a lot of Lebanese ...

Condolences to your loss Lebanon. Sad irony Doha - Pierre's father was at the very attack that sparked the civil war in '75 (If what I read is correct).

IMBch said...

Badf - too bad - Hope and pray that thursday will not be the end of Lebanon. Wake up guys! Stand up to these Huzbollah thugs....

Lirun said...

oh no..

i so dont want there to be another bloody reason for this blog to become famous..

wishing us all peace now..


Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

I'm not an Israeli, I am an American Christian who looks at the current self inflicted stupidy in the Middle East and thinks you all should be thrown in a cage (Israel too) until there is only one group alive. Maybe then there will be peace for the children born there.

Sad that I feel that way, but there is probably no solution to ME problems except a total victory by one party/group.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Smarterthanyou said...
I'm not an Israeli, I am an American Christian who looks at the current self inflicted stupidy in the Middle East"
oh, it is individuals like you that just boil me, yet I trust.

You have such a wonderful giving heart, NOT! Thank goodness we have more people actually living out there faith to stand up against your back woods mentality.

You and your thinking have spawned the likes of sectarion violence through out the ages.

Your just lucky enough to cover yourself in our flag.

You are a joke, an instagator of more hate.

Please, IF possible could you stop telling people your christian because you really screw it up for the rest of us.

Infact might we do a take back on your "christian card" because we do not need your care or help to be "christians" in America.

You do not know anything about living out "faith" you aspouse nothing of conscience in your comment.

What back wood bible study do you attend?

As a "christian" I totally rebuke your lack real care and respect.

They do not need your biggot comments.

As for what happened today, my hope is that friends there will not retaliate but remember forgiveness, sounds trite but it is my prayer.

Peace and wellness to Lebanon!!


Terry Crane said...

Just don't forget blame Jews for everything. Say, if they let Hezbollah to kill, say, 50,000 of them, Hezb would be busy killing Jews instead if wresling for power in Beirut. Those devil Jews.

You had such a wonderful life. Hezbollah was killing Jews from your territory, you were perfectly cool with that and enjoying your economic miracle. Why did they have to resist! Couldn't they do do it like in Germany! Now you will have to do something on your own.

Anonymous said...

Why do so many pro-zionists and their supporters appropriate the holocaust to justify immoral Israeli politics and the murdering of innocent civilians? It is disrespectful to the real victims of the holocaust.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Enriqueta, you never once contradicted anything I said, you just spent your time attacking me. Is that Christian, to just make stupid, unfounded, unrelated insults when someone says something that you don't agree with?

You are no kind of Christian that I know of, and not very smart either.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Well Jake, Because Hezbolla is on record as using the Nazi salute, they also wish to exterminate the Jews, Mein Kampf is a bestseller in the ME, and most muslim nations fought on Hitler's side.

The only difference is, if muslims try to exterminate Israel, Israel will nuke them. That's it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Enriqueta, you never once
" Is that Christian, to just make stupid, unfounded, unrelated insults when someone says something that you don't agree with?'"
E: I was not insulting I was pointing out your bigotry.
Yes, it is actually quite christian like to stand up against hate as a matter of fact. Its referred to within our body as REBUKING<<<

You are no kind of Christian that I know of, and not very smart either.

hmmm that is sorta easy to answer!!!!!!!

I am not looking to impress you, but to call you out, impress upon others that read you that we do not all think the way you do and that you do not rep for any christians worth there salt with the title.

It is most likely given your blogg you are in some fringe group that believes David Duke is a christian too.

I am just a simple gal who noticed your insanity.

You calling yourself a Christian that was insulting, disresptful and degrading to me personally as a christian.

do not rep for us, your the last person we need in our PR dept.

please do not make comments and blanket statements to put people in cages with your christian title.

Just be yourself that is revealing enough.

It is the fact you call my faith yours that is troubling and sad.

You see at some point within our body of "christian" believers we need to stand up to bullies like you period, before you do anymore damage.

What pastor or church do you belong to that santions that kind talk?

I would love to know so that they can lose their christian membership too!


5:59 PM

Sherri said...


I have had words with mr.smarterthanyou, as well. He previously expressed to me his belief that the Palestinians should be quickly wiped out and their misery ended, like putting horses with broken legs out of their misery. If you click onto his profile, you will discover other disturbing things about him. Like his view that most of the Middle East should be napalmed.
He is an embarrasment to be recognized as a fellow American and its embarassing that he considers himself as a Christian.

Christians care about other human beings and love others, they do not hate others. Christians feel empathy for other human beings who are feeling grief and sadness.

I am so sorry about this additional death in Lebanon. And I pray the country and people stay united and avoid further wars.

Inheriting Syria said...

America News media wants to make it look like an anti Christian killing by referring the killing of Lebanon Cabinet minister Pierre Gemayel as an anti Christian and anti Syrian motivated killing.

Why? Make the killing look like America has no reason to do the killing.

America and Israel have the most to gain by keeping the Middle East fighting among themselves.

Israel gains because their enemy’s can’t organize against Israel and America gains because it allows America to justify it’s staying in the Middle East thus steal more oil.

Read the book:
“Inheriting Syria: Bashar's Trial by Fire”
By Flynt Leverett
Brookings Institution Press 2005, 286pp.

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